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Zin and “Typhoon” introduce themselves as X-5 members!

Recently, Open World Entertainment released photos and trivia of X-5 members Zin and Tae-Fung.

Male Model 17-year-old Zin is very mature for his age and he stands at a 189 cm tall. Open World‘s ultra masculine member Tae-fung (aka Typhoon)  is a soccer lover who is striving to become the best (and unique) new talent in K-pop.

X-5’s fan base is growing and they are highly anticipating the remaining 2 members official introductions.

Keep them coming OWE….netizens are intrigued by the new band, while I can’t wait for their first stage performance. What can they possibly do to set themselves apart from other boy bands….include a female? It’s a little “You’re Beautiful” oriented, but that could be an option!

Source: TV Daily


8 Comments on “Zin and “Typhoon” introduce themselves as X-5 members!”

  1. o0o_tripleS_o0o says:

    😀 quite cute!

  2. arya says:

    i think the one in the right picture really look a like leeteuk from suju… hihihi… just my opinion…

  3. ashley says:

    189? Daum!

  4. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    189cm??? WOW
    When is their MV coming out??

  5. chelai xoo says:

    a cute typhoon 😀

  6. Toyobi says:

    :O SOOO CUTE!!!!

  7. hehe9 says:

    the one on the right is really cute

  8. […] boy band has finally made their debut! After the music showcase[for the press] featuring members Tae-fung, Zin, Gun, Sul-hu, and Hae-won, promoting their first album “Zenos” this week, their agency […]

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