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Brian Joo apologizes for his “ghetto” imitation!

Brian tweets to fans: “…you calling me old? Oh no you didn’t go there…Hehe… Just joking around^^ My ghetto side comes out from time to time :)….You can take me out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of me…hehe”

Fly To The Sky member and 3rdWaveMusic singer Brian Joo is drawn to controversy like a magnet.  First, his MV was questionable and now the Korean-American is making fun of African-American women!

In a recent appearance on KBS’s variety show “100 points out of 100, the master took to the classroom to teach his Korean classmates the true art of being “ghetto”. However, the joke was on him when this very small skit blew up in his face.

He returned to the Twittersphere to find many fans outraged by what they call “stereotypical” and  “harsh racist remarks”. I, on the other hand, am so shocked by the video I can not even speak! Although, I can STILL type. I feel his actions on the show were unnecessary and they were highly offensive. Now…what did he do to clear up his obvious mistakes?  Brian apologized.

Below are some of his twitter messages to fans:

“To any & everyone who was offended by my immature actions from 100 out of 100, I am [deeply] sorry… Won’t happen again & I’m not a racist TT… Please forgive me as I admit my faults… Never meant to hurt anyone. I hate no one and only want to share love with the world..sincerely And if my apology isn’t enough, I don’t know what else I can do~I am seriously sorry & I wasn’t trying to imitate a certain group of people, but my close friend who was a on set w/ me that day, visiting from Seattle” But that still isn’t an excuse, and I know… But please [accept] my apology for I am hurt that others are hurt… I will pray for you all actually”

Since the skit was on television, an on-air broadcast apology may have been more appropriate.….Nonetheless,do you feel his apology is enough to make up for his actions?

Sources: @Brianjoomuzik and annyeong01 (Youtube)


146 Comments on “Brian Joo apologizes for his “ghetto” imitation!”

  1. ana says:

    I’ve lived in 5 different states and I’ve encountered lots of ghetto people who were white, black, Asian, Mexican and what have you, who talk like this. I think he was imitating ghetto/street smart girls, not specifically black girls. In my experience, “ghetto” people talk like this, no matter what their race; ghetto doesn’t discriminate, so all of you who are getting all offended should just chill! It was supposed to be a joke!

  2. NotchaChingu says:

    Oh No he Di uht!

  3. Nana says:


  4. Lynn says:

    Since I don’t know what they are saying in Korean I can’t tell the entire context. However, I would say it was partly comedic and I don’t think it was racist behavior. I think they could have preface everything by saying this is an exaggeration and not exactly a true representation of Black Americans. However, I can say that there are some Black Americans that talk like this but there also other Americans that talk like this as well. I think it’s more of a formed subculture within America. I think he’s exaggeration. People on In Living Color would do skits around this material. People are way to hyper politically correct.

  5. Lynn says:

    Hell, people took Beyonce to task for doing modeling for a French magazine where she wears makeup that makes her skin darker. But it was all to pay tribute to African roots. However, she was accused of doing Blackface, a term used to describe other races, chiefly white, for putting on black makeup and making fun of black people. This is crazy form of hyper politically correct. People need to get a grip.

    • Belle_Belle says:

      You’re making yourself sound like an ass. Blackface can, and was, done by Black people. In the early days, Black people didn’t have many opportunities in America and were driven to mocking themselves for entertainment.
      As for her face being painted black, what the fuck does that have to do with Africa? Africans vary immensely! Africa’s a continent for God’s sake. The animal print, blackface, and her mouth open with a roar are classic examples of how the European High Fashion world has portrayed Africa, past and present. You seriously need to read.

      • Lynn says:

        I think that you are being very crass with me when you don’t need to be. You can make a point with out being an asshole. I felt that Beyonce wasn’t doing black face. Granted what they could have done was hired a variety of models who represented the diversity of color in Africa. However, I was merely citing the French Magazine’s objective behind. However, I probably didn’t clarify my own thoughts, I thought they were trying to be artistic and were not doing in a mocking way that I would consider doing ‘Blackface.’ However, as I will reiterate blow, it wasn’t something I found in good taste anyways.

        To further clarify, I don’t think what she did can be equated with what occurred to black entertainers of the past. However, her doing it does skirt the issue. What I wished to project from my comment is there is hypersensitivity and people are quick to blow things up. Case in point with Brian Joo. I don’t think he was being racist.

        Do I actually approve of what she did in the photo shoot? Again, No, I don’t really find in good taste.

        I think you need to talk to people in a civil manner. You don’t need to be rude. Don’t assumption you know fully about what I know , what I don’t know, and what I am thinking.

        • Lynn says:

          I also would like to point why I don’t think this ‘blackface’ in you the sense you illustrated. Beyonce is in a financial place that she didn’t have to agree to do the photo shoot at all, and I think that if their intentions were malicious or mocking – I think Beyonce is a smart enough young woman to have backed out of doing the project.

          Also, her face was darknened and she certainly don the typical minstrel blackface.

          I am more upset with Beyonce and her husband having twice aken large sums of money from the family of a dictator (i.e. Libya) who is currently killing off protesters in his country.

          • Lynn says:

            Since I can’t edit my post, I fixed some errors in what I said:

            I also would like to point out further why I don’t think this is ‘blackface’ in the sense you illustrated. Beyonce is in a financial and social place that she didn’t have to agree to do the photo shoot at all, and I think that if their intentions were malicious or mocking – I think Beyonce is a smart enough young woman to have backed out of doing the project.

            Also, her face was darknened and she certainly DID NOT don the typical minstrel blackface.

            I am more upset with Beyonce and her husband having twice taken large sums of money from the family of a dictator (i.e. Libya) who is currently killing off protesters in his country.

            • Belle_Belle says:

              I didn’t mean to come off as crass, I apologize. Also, I only brought up the history around Blackface so you could realize it was not only worn by non-Black people, as you previously mentioned. That was my only point. In no way was I saying that I believed that was the intention behind the photo shoot. However, I do believe that it was done in very poor taste.

              • Lynn says:

                No problem. I just wanted to clarify what I was thinking. Thank you for your apology. Again, I too agree it was in poor taste. 🙂

  6. ANGEL says:

    This was funny!! I’m a black woman and I laughed so hard!! And as many times as black and white people make fun of Asian people, we need to take this lightly and just laugh at it!!! I actually know black, white, and spanish people who act like that for rea!!

  7. Mon says:

    There isnt really anything big. i guess some people are offended but im asain and i grew up around many “ghetto” people and i do say those words and i know many other people, whether they be asian black mexicans etc…, that act the same. jeez calm down

  8. Monique says:

    I find it funny..i mean he did it for laughs and come one when make people do “ghetto impressions” they always do that
    Im black and i dont find it racist
    he even like black girls
    but at least he said sorry
    Ki kwang did much worse then him ><

    • lol says:

      what the hell gikwang did? from what i know he’s a shy boy and hardly even make himself visible. even his bro yoseob is more ‘visible’ than he is.

  9. Monique says:

    i go to a school and there are white ghetto girls asian ghetto girls and black ghetto girls he was doing “ghetto” overall he did not say “this is my black side” that would have been to much
    he said he gota ghetto side…my white friends even say they have a ghetto side and i find it funny 🙂 if you act like that…maybe you then should be offended

    • asum66 says:

      well….if you watched the show…he DID say he was imitating “young african american women”.

  10. j3shika says:

    Yea, it’s stereotypical because not all black women talk like that, but many do talk like that because of the neighborhood they live and grow up in. African-Americans are one of the largest ethnic/racial groups that are categorized under “financial minority”. Not to mention, all…ALL my black friends (females) talk like that. Maybe no perfectly, but we make fun of each other about that. We laugh about it because it’s partially true and partially a stereotype. It’s like when people say “Are you gonna eat rice again?!”. We laugh, because we asians do eat rice, maybe no EVERYDAY of the year, but pretty much everyday. Pretty much the same applies to Brian’s imitation of black women. So I dont’ know why people, including the writer for this article, is bitching, especially when a writer is supposed to be writing on a non-biased view…no matter if you really are biased, you should write thinking from a non-biased view. That makes a great writer, and obviously, you, Popseoul, are nonprofessionals. I’ve seen better on blogs and what not.

  11. orange_fun says:

    I just hope that if Brian decides to do it again, he makes sure that the people know that it is a joke and not to take a literily. I am just worried sometimes that Koreans would actually mistake Brian’s imitation of ghetto people for an actual example of how Black women behave and not realize it was just an exageration and its not just Black people that can be like that.

  12. Jay says:

    I do not know why people are trippin’ about this.
    I go to a school in Milwaukee and there is quite a big population of African Americans here, and there are people who actually talk like that. Not everyone, but I do see people like that. My friends work at the cafeteria at the school and some of those ladies who work there have that type of tone or voice.
    This is not even that bad. He’s trying to be funny. Face it, racism or stereotyping will never go away. There are comedians who make fun of Asians, Mexicans, Africans, Caucasians, religions, etc. It’s part of the entertainment.
    He said sorry. What more do you guys want? Just move along in your life.

  13. M415 says:

    Question: Why was Brian doing an impression of a GAY GUY?
    Because he wasn’t doing an impression of any black woman/person I know!
    I know quite a few GAY MEN who like that than any black women/people.
    Somewhere in the world the gays are in an uproar! LOL!
    And as a Black woman, I wasn’t offended, because to me Brian was doing
    an impression of a gay man. A very flaming, flambount, totally out there gay guy.
    That’s my take on what I saw…

  14. heavendansu says:

    I’m African American and I live in the getto and I don’t act like that, but when is see people act like that I laugh with them because it is funny, exp when i don’t act like that.

  15. Kiarah says:

    To me he sounds more like a stereotypical gay man than a black woman

  16. teriyaking says:

    i dont like the fact brian had to apologize for letting his ghetto side show. in america, this is nothing compared to the actions and remarks by other celebrities. i understand korea’s customs are way more traditional and conservative but if youre gonna let brian entertain you and you laugh along with him then dont blow it up to something its not.

    • lol says:

      bravo (Y)
      he did NOT even need to fucking apologize.
      and i HATE it when people are obviously rolling on the floor laughing after seeing what he did, can actually turn on him saying things like, “oh brian, you darned racist”.
      this is damn retarded.
      if you laughed your freaking as off, then don’t act like you’re offended just too please the crowd, dumfuck.

  17. Jazminn says:

    Well actually, I’ve seen TONS of different races act “ghetto”.
    He did apologize, too, and he wasn’t trying to affend anyone.
    So, I forgive him. 🙂

  18. slicka says:

    I completely agree with ana, ghetto has no race, and besides.. whenever anyone dances hip hop, aren’t they imitating black people? I mean, weren’t they the ones who invented this kind of dance? If I get crump or shake my booty, does that make me racist? It depends on the sincerity.

    Brian Joo wasn’t making fun of ghetto, he does it so well, it’s practically an homage.

  19. igotthatsupaglove says:

    He was imitating ghetto/street people, he didn’t say “black people” at all. Besides, not all ghetto people are black, I thought this was HILARIOUS and people need to calm down.

    • asum66 says:

      he did lol. i find it funny how you guys are writing comments about what he said and what he didnt when you haven’t even watched the show. please, watch the show- listen (or read) what he actually said before writing a comment.

  20. OOOOOOKay!!! says:

    *sigh* this is the world we live in, but still this is still unappropriate in any situation. u cant just call one race ghetto. its sick.

  21. ohmygwash says:


  22. Dalia says:

    come on he was just having fun
    he wasn’t being racist or making nobody less but jet if some people have an inferiority complex that’s not his problem

  23. Mee says:

    Oh get over yourself – it was a generalised impression – you’re just so caught up in your own insecurity and paranoia that you assume he’s being racist. I hope you don’t do any impressions of anyone or anything as you wouldn’t want to have to come down off your high horse and be named as a hypocrite.

    Pathetic – get a sense of humour.

  24. saejung says:

    I don’t even think he needed a fucking apology in the first place. It’s more than typical for this to happen in Western countries. No doubt he’s in Asia now but seriously… So what? If you are so narrow-minded to the extent that such little imitations offends you, perhaps you must make yourself mentally-prepared for a much harsher world out there.

    This isn’t the first time Korea “attacks” celebrities for something as minor as a harmless comedy-imitation-skit. Lee Da-hae was also made to apologize once for imitating Filipinos when the damn skit took her less than 5 freaking seconds?

    I’m a chinese here and Jo-kwon too imitates chinese from time to time in a joking manner. Now does that means that I (and the many chinese around) have to be offended too? NO. I find it hilarious and I just laugh it off.

    So stop making celebrities apologize when they are entertaining the viewers, and if you who belong to the minorities that have some very sensitive and shallow mindset, stop having a TV in your house. Eat plain bread and drink plain water on a daily basis and don’t even laugh at the tiniest racist remark because only that way can you be called “holy”. Else, you’re just a typical ‘POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK’ dude.

    So shut the fuck up and enjoy the damn comedy catered to you at your very own TV.

    • jenn says:

      exactly ! he dont need to apologize cos i’ve seen things 100 worse than this, well, coming from other countries of course ! korea’s more conservative in their beloefs so maybe thats why but sometimes we all want entertainments dont we ? and who can deny we were clearly entertained by brian joo’s gags ? even the set itself was a sea of laughter ! hmm we must view it from a bigger perspective that this is very common… furthermore, we can’t exactly blame brian cos he grew up in the US where such imitations are more than common (though sometimes racism in the States get extremely violent). i hope for korea and all asian countries to be more open minded… if not, when asian stars stop doing these imitations, variety shows are gonna be plain boring ! and certainly someone like brian has livened the set’s atmosphere… surely we wouldnt want oh! my school to be like a real school consisting of a quiet and boring classroom, right ?
      p/s: asia NEEDS to be more open minded ! seriously…

    • luceed says:

      (Y) bravo

  25. erin giron says:

    this is sooo funny im black and i found it hilarious! get over yourselves! brian is awesome

  26. erin giron says:

    this was so funny. im black and i thought it was soo funny get over yourselves this was by no means racist and not just blacks speak this way alll types of people do soo brian didnt have to apologize!!

  27. Christine says:

    I’m black. I didn’t find it offensive. It was actually a good impression!

  28. keke says:

    The only thing i want to yell at brian for is apologizing. I’m haitian and i died laughing at his impersonation. He is freakin hilarious. How could he be racists when his first love was a black girl?? Yeah, so all you haters and complainers sound dumb right now. Matter fact i’ma go on his twitter and tell him that i’ll be pissed if he stops doing his impersonation for some brats with no sense of humor!

  29. Mangoes says:

    I honestly don’t know why people are getting so worked up over this.
    I found this hilarious, I love this man.
    As if you could accuse him of being racist, anyway. There has been so much worse than this, especially from America. I don’t understand why he was made to apologise when he obviously had on ill-intentions. Seriously… people these days

  30. Nia Choi says:

    I dont see why people are making a big deal of what he did. He was joking and being entertaining. Clearly if he was racist he wouldn’t be comfortable doing those kinds of imitations. I’m part African American and Korean and I didn’t see anything wrong with what he was doing. I thought that it was funny, it hurts to see the media jumping down his throat because they have a negative out look. If there were people who are or were upset about it, sorry you feelings were hurt, but Brian didn’t mean anything he said in that type of manor. Brian’s “Ghetto” imitation was not based off one specific race. Yes African Americans have a bad history of being “Ghetto” but not all are like that, and I have meet people of other nationality’s that are far worse.

  31. Beasly says:

    What people have to realize is… a lot of people that said it was stereotypical aren’t black. •^• I’m black and I don’t really care about it! I think it’s reall funny and it really is how some black people act. I don’t, but a lot of other people do. And he grew up in La didn’t he? He can do that. Suck it up, people are wayyy to sensitive.

  32. haemteun16 says:

    I am perhaps a bit young but i would love to share my thoughts. When i first saw Brian on the show he looked kind and respective. I didn’t know he was capable of doing such things until the mixed bag expression xP
    The second Brian was like “I saw you last night” I was like o.O “Wow, he acts more black than me and i am black.” I don’t know about any one else but i thought this was the most funny episode yet. It’s not like he said anything racist, he was only imitating. I actually want to thank Brian because i felt that he schooled me on being Ghetto. Did anyone get offended by Tony? No, because they were having fun. Everyone should laugh at themselves every once in a while. Like previous people had said, Brian’s first love was a black woman. When i saw this, i became upset that he had to apologize. Unlike many of you unconsiderate people who were offended by this, at least he had the good heart to Apologize. If more than anything, i think you owe him an apology for bombing on the poor guy.

  33. Drea says:

    He wasn’t being racist.

    But you know what is racist? Thinking that only Black people are like this.

    So check yourself before you wreck yourself.

  34. eboy07 says:

    This was not even funny to begin whit. These korean variety shows are cheesy to watch. Japenese variety shows thats a different story.

  35. ashley says:

    i mean 1st of all, why is everyone assuming that it’s offensive?? and 2nd, if you not black, then your opinion on this matter isn’t needed on whether he offended black people or not. hell, us black people make fun of ghetto black women. and you know what! i laugh my ass off because it is goddamn funny. yes there are some people in this world who are racially biased and can only see skin deep, but there are more people who embrace themselves and their culture and skin for what they are and look beyond such trivial matters such as this. as i viewed the comments i see that many blacks who commented on here are in agreement that Brian had not in any way shape or form offended black women. end of story,

  36. […] pero es probable que sea porque no soy negro. A los negros no les hacen ninguna gracia y, de hecho, Joo tuvo que disculparse después de intervenir en ‘Oh My […]

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