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Luna’s “Legally Blonde” look takes over “Pinocchio”

The f(x) member and stage performer,Luna,….

wore cute buns and ancient retro sunglasses to exclude her fun that is full of energy concept.

The singer’s bejeweled eyes,however, should be the real show stopper. Who would use the bejeweled machine on your eyes for that long! ┬áPain could join her on f(x)‘s comeback stage of deception.

“Pinocchio” releases on April 20th and the girls take to KBS’s Music Bank stage on April 22nd.

Sources: OSEN, Nate and f(x)’s official website (Image)


4 Comments on “Luna’s “Legally Blonde” look takes over “Pinocchio””

  1. Mee Eun says:

    she looks really different with blond hair…
    but she’s my favorite member i love her voice!!

  2. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I never liked her with blonde hair… I liked it when she had black hair. or dark brown…

  3. HUUH says:

    She is so cute….but I think her photo teaser is not as good as the others!!

  4. Chicken says:

    With that look on her face, Luna begins to look like Yuri Andropov.

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