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Kim Kyu-jong remembers the “good ole days”..

…when Kim Hyun-joong was the band’s court jester!

On April 10th, SS501’s Kim Kyu-jong uploaded images of his band over the years on his Twitter. He recounted how time has flown since their debut in 2005. Now that it’s spring 2011, he encouraged everyone to enjoy themselves and become even stronger.

Eternal Pretty Face really knows how to evoke a cryfest! After you have put away the tissues, which SS501 photo is your favorite?

Source: @2kjdream


21 Comments on “Kim Kyu-jong remembers the “good ole days”..”

  1. Kergy says:

    He’s always been my favorite esse.

  2. crazyMAL says:

    super miss them so much… When will be your comeback , guys?!

    Btw chukahaeyo Jongie oppa our newly prince ^^
    do your best as what you always do..

    ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. dee;) says:

    wah!miss them so much, when are they going to have a smashing comeback?
    love all the picture but totally love the last one!

  4. Samdongfanatic says:

    Wahhh.. I miss Ss501 sooo much! Hope they will make an album by the end of this year!! I love the 2nd and 3rd pic.. It shows brotherly love of course…

  5. Steffi says:

    all are my favorites!

  6. Grace says:


  7. benny says:

    awww so cute.

  8. Mia says:

    Awwww…. They’re absolutely adorable. Miss their interactions and relationships. Kyu must has missed them all, especially his leader brother

  9. queenbqty says:

    SS501 is the best! Can’t wait for them to record together again! This pics just makes me miss them more! Thanks to my fav, Kyu Jong sweetness for the lovely pics!
    SS501 4EVA FIGHTING!!!!

  10. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    cute pics ❤

  11. Glamorous Sky says:

    all super talented & good looking handsome guys! but the most im always remember is how this 5 guys always bringing the happiness, joys, smiles, laughs & tears also strengthness into my life. SS501 is my miracle!

  12. Kasey says:

    I love them all, if I have to choose it would be the last one. I miss them so much.

  13. o0o_tripleS_o0o says:

    miss u so much ss501 :m

  14. lisa says:

    I love all the pictures. It showed how far they have come as artists and as friends. Love ss501 forever!!!

  15. Konstance says:

    Those were the good old days of SS501. Now they are on separate path in building their own career. Wish them all the BEST! : )

  16. ifat3 says:

    such old picture, miss them all, love it

  17. ifat3 says:

    such old pictures, miss them all, love it

  18. Wazzup says:

    I never thought i’d become a fan myself. But these guys just makes me go gaga.

  19. […] Kim Kyu-jong remembers the “good ole days”.. ( […]

  20. myaw says:

    I love kim kyu jong the most.

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