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United Asia Entertainment engulfs Bae Yong-joon,Hyun Bin, and 2pm!

Say bye bye to KEYEAST, AM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment,SM Entertainment, Star J Entertainment, and YG Entertainment!

The entertainment companies above are joining forces to make United Asia Entertainment [aka United Asia Management] ! At the end of the month, Star J will lead the way for the new company to plant international roots for K-entertainment. In addition to cultivating talent (actors,models,singers) at home, UAM plans to take each company’s talent, business ability, and overall mass appeal and bring it to the masses.

Hallyu stars like Jang Dong-gun, Kim Hyun-joong, Super Junior, 2NE1, The Wonder Girls, and Soo Ae will all be represented by the same agency as they continue to promote them all over the world.

I have one question for UAM, When will my favorite star tour the USA?

Source: Nate (Star News)


33 Comments on “United Asia Entertainment engulfs Bae Yong-joon,Hyun Bin, and 2pm!”

  1. Mee Eun says:

    FIRST 😀 i’m on a roll today!

    But dude that’s cool. They all need more publicity! ALso, JYP needs to stop making cameo appearances in wonder girls mvs and just making everything ridiculous. (Green eyeshadow and blond hair? WHAT.)

    • Mee Eun says:

      p.s. I don’t like Hyun Bin’s new face. I liked his cheekbones… best part of A Millionaire’s First Love T_T

  2. mayer says:

    nice outfits of 2PM!

  3. gtl says:

    Countdown until this company meltdown do to infighting

    I really feel that Kpop nowadays overestimates its power and appeal and really focuses too much on expanding when their music is really shaky and weak

    Like MissA and MBLAQ are so new but they are already expanding when their music isn’t that strong

    Also Kpop time is running short in Japan as people get tired of the same repetitive song and catchy chorus

    Also Jpn singers are doing tours in Europe and America (X Japan and Miyavi)
    Also their actors are getting Hollywood roles (Thor,Inception)

    But they don’t rub in your face and make it seem like some great accomplishment Korea’s government should stop rubbing their Hallyu Wave in everyone’s face when it isn’t that great.

    • ashley says:

      I agree 100%

    • Ah Sa says:

      Agreed !!! Too many former ex-bosses will have different ideas and agendas + groups of artises from former management company… just matter of time before this company break-up and revert back to old management…

  4. hale luana says:

    I thought SJ and W Girls were under SM. Does this mean that SM doesn’t have anything to do w/ this “new” corporation? How did SM let these groups go? I find this hard to believe….

    Or, is UAE a renamed SM? Especially since SM’s name and reputation is down in the pits now? Hopefully, none of the “bigs” in SM have nothing to do w/ this “new” company. If that’s the case, there may be a ray of hope for these performers.

    I won’t purchase ANYTHING that SM or AVEX releases…..

  5. blaznist says:

    SM and YG artists coming together haha..interesting. And BoA is the veteran her shows are spectacular since she has been touring in Japan since her young debut in Korean, therefore she deserves a bigger American tour than any of these rookies…until than neither of these are worthy of trying another attempt at US market, give up lol.

    • lay says:

      huh? being a veteran does not necessarily equate to being the greatest or being worthier than others. why should others give up on their dreams and ambitions … to give way for her? LOL.

  6. mikaela says:

    Im still really confused with this WHOLE thing…can someone explain it to me??

    • pat says:

      Not a merger but an association to do better promoting and property protection like copyrights. More Clout and the ability to represent other asian promoters if they want to join. The companies are STILL separate.

  7. lanwookie says:

    its hard to attempt USA market..but nothing impossible..uhh my Hyun Bin..he always be my cheeky crispy guy..muahahahaha

  8. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    SUPER JUNIOR!!!!!!! ❤

  9. SayAgain says:

    Ok, so is YG, SM, JYP and KEYWEST still their individual companies, but when promoting their idols in places other than east Asia they all go under the umbrella they call UAC???

    Someone explain.

  10. johyn says:

    one guy is going to own all of them? who is this man???! sure, there are probably 20 or so people who will work “together” and own this, but there is always the alpha male of the group, the shot caller. I want names!

  11. sinbb2011 says:

    i don’t get it either…but watever it be gr8 if BIG BANG cud get the World Tour they deserve!!!

  12. maria says:

    i don’t know about this,man….. this looks… erm, like a NOT GOOD idea. hehehe. in-fighting? jealousy? special treatment? i dunno, i dunno.

  13. arya says:

    is that really will happen??

  14. yeah it was wonder to me…to all other juniors ……

  15. Cee el says:

    Sum1 explain 2 me,is uae a new entertainment company?all yg artist joining?

  16. Bisu-Fan says:

    wow… this is crazy… wonder if it’ll actually work though… o.O

  17. Ka 'imi says:

    I believe closer to what gtl sez about “the joining” in relation to the music side. The market for Kpop “kinda cute flava” may not be as expected, overestimated and unsustainable for the US or Japanese markets. Only the top contenders will have a chance to “break”, past Asian markets. On the other hand, quality acting talent, who can break boundaries via content/movies/dramas will be interesting to watch, IF management can discipline itself to truly promoting the best.

    This mega-company move can be seen as courageous, or simply a way to derive more capital from its talent base and its customers. Something interesting to watch….

  18. nyhyun says:

    I hope they stayin the same company they are in rite now

  19. sucka says:

    this is bad. a monopoly basically that means the stars themselves will have less power and less control over their lives and careers. sadness.

  20. NotchaChingu says:

    Are they making a single company? OMG WHEN IS THE IPO!!!!???

  21. cdnpoint says:

    At first I thought this news was some late April Fool’s Day joke. But in reading the other posts, it seems that the companies, which are still separate, are pooling their marketing money for one company to promote them in Asia. So basically they are agreeing to having one company doing the marketing for them all. Does this mean that all companies’ marketing staff are being put into the new company to help brainstorm “Hallyu Brand” for the Asian and international markets? I cannot see an entirely new company keeping all of the bands and singers straight without some exp’d staff who know most of them.

  22. Wazzup says:

    Hope they learn English fast…

  23. Linda says:

    With a pool of money to promote the artists overseas, inevitably the biggest artists or groups with the biggest clout will get most of that fund and leave the smaller groups high and dry.

    Still sounds like a mess to me.

  24. cdnpoint says:

    Hey, JYPE audition will be coming to North America in May and June!! Toronto’s included–yes!!

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