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[Behine-the-Scenes] Victoria Stretches for Smoothie King

For f(x)‘s endorsement for Smoothie King, a fan released some photos of flexible Victoria’s role.

Doing some difficult stretching, Victoria will be featured for Smoothie King’s latest endorsements. And, yes, she’s doing that in heels.

Fans are impressed and in awe of Victoria’s bodyline, and are congratulating her on staying in good shape, “Victoria is really dae-bak,” and “You can really tell that Victoria is preparing a lot for their comeback. She looks great!”

Are you ready for the f(x) comeback?


16 Comments on “[Behine-the-Scenes] Victoria Stretches for Smoothie King”

  1. kpopfollower says:

    Yay! I love Victoria, she’s the coolest! I’m very amazed by how far she can strech also in heels!? *o*

  2. NotchaChingu says:


  3. johyn says:

    after i cleaned up i was,…….feels good man

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  5. blaznist says:

    This is what i want in my woman…hardworking and can stretch for me in the evening…god…almighty..if i could…have.. that…not these fat chicks here, sorry. lol

  6. ara says:

    loving her. but not the outfit. she’s revealing too much. -_-

    • Aya says:

      naahh, i think it’s ok, it gives the feeling of an active athletic chic :). I like it better than the covered but really tights with black latex

  7. cdnpoint says:

    When is Victoria going to get a special to showcase her dancing? It seems she is being made to do stretches as a one-trick wonder on a regular basis. That does not give her credit for her dancing training. Hey, I know-Victoria can use her Korean to showcase various dance schools in South Korea and maybe join in their sessions for the special.

  8. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    wow….she’s amazing

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      By the way, you spelt “Behine” wrong. it’s supposed to end with a “d”.

  9. peace & love for jay! says:

    Victoria = LOVE..

  10. gokuma says:

    i love smoothie king ~:)


  11. R-love says:

    Wow! amazing girl!

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