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Go Ah-ra is the next Han Chae-young

Korea’s youngest Barbie is sharing her Spring style.

The “Pacemaker” actress is greeting her fans and uploading images of her getting dolled up and photographed for an upcoming May 2011 release style spread.

While she films her latest movie, netizens are comparing her new images to their official living Barbie, Han Chae-young.

This isn’t the first time I have heard the “doll” reference associated with Ah-ra….but do you honestly think the “Heading To The Ground” beauty resembles plastic?

Sources: @floARA211 and NTN


26 Comments on “Go Ah-ra is the next Han Chae-young”

  1. yeah, I am says:

    100%! something, and I guess it’s not just one thing, is definitly plastic!!

    • .. says:

      i think its her left knee… definitely got something done there. it was different from her past photos and we all know knees dont change.

    • bd2 says:

      Please, the only thing that GAR got done was to have her eyelid crease touched up, which is why she can look a bit “off” on some pics.

      Han Chae-young, imo, is not attractive at all, looking way too “plasticky”, but surprisingly, she looks very much like herself as a kid.

  2. NotchaChingu says:

    Hmm she looks very pretty (white) to me. She doesn’t look plastic at all? Either it’s her natural look or excellent plastic surgery.

    • .. says:

      what does ‘white’ have to do with plastic surgery? this isnt a michael jackson situation. people dont get plastic surgery to go from black to white. :S

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      her being “white” is a natural thing.
      Most koreans are just very light and white. Such as myself, i have very light skin

      But why surgery, people are saying that she did her eyes and ears.
      Which is true….

      • ashley says:

        ears? I though it was her noes?

        • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

          no, i don’t think so…. but i know she did her ears.
          and yes, there is surgery for ears too.

          my friend got surgery on her ears too, when she was about….10-ish….. cuz her mom said that she had really big ears that stick out a lot, so her mom made her get it done…

  3. .. says:

    “But why surgery, people are saying that she did her eyes and ears.
    Which is true….”
    that made no sense. none.

  4. gtl says:

    Han Chea Young is really fake (sad cause she was gorgeous in Delightful girl and was natural) but she is still on the best drama actors but Go Hara is cute but CAN’T ACT to save her life.

    She should just get none speaking roles lol or try to marry really rich.

    • gtl says:

      on Han Chae Young its sad her and Lee Dahe are so plasits nowadays when the used such natural beauties

      its weird cuz they got famous before looking like mannequins must be the pressure

      • lollipop says:

        actually, in delightful girl she already had her eyes done( she was also in autumn in my heart drama which was wayy back in the days which you could tell the difference in her eyes) but yeah she did more later of course.

    • ashley says:

      yeah, shes kinda like Dara very charming and nice but not that talented, hopefully she will get better and Not have to depend on a guy to support her.

  5. LOOMZ says:


  6. TaijiGirl says:

    FYI, I hate people who see anybody pretty and automatically assume that they’re plastic. She ALREADY had double eyelids before but SM made her get them thickened so they were more noticeable. She had big ears but she got them pinned back. If you wanted to see her natural beauty you should see Banolim 1. She was a wonderful child actress.

    I do admit that Heading to the Ground was pretty awful but I’m hoping that she will make it up with Pacemaker. She’s not a horrible actress; in fact, I think she is quite talented but people see her in Heading to the Ground and label her as a bad actress. You guys should see some of her other dramas!!

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