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Idol Focus: The Pretty Member vs. the Member Guys Like

This may or may not come as a surprise, but in Korea’s idol world, the member sent out in the front as the “prettiest” isn’t always the one Korean guys dig. Let’s see what the netizens say about this…

Although slightly unfair and against the age-old saying that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” often times, the entertainment management or even the idol girls themselves designate one girl as “the prettiest of them all.” But, as a part of the formula of girl idol groups, each member is given their own style so that every guy (in the world?!) can have at least one member that suits their fancy.

In Korea, it’s quite normal for everyday people to have an “ideal type” of guy or girl they would like to date or marry. When they choose their ideal, they actually choose a famous actor, model, or singer that fits their type and then give reasons, be it looks or personality.

Attentive netizens started noticing that a lot of idol fans don’t tend to choose the designated “pretty member” but lean towards a different member.

The most obvious example of this idea can be found in the members of Girls Generation (SNSD). Not only does Yoona think she’s the prettiest, no one seems to disagree with her either. In terms of raw talent, Yoona, unfortunately, is on the lacking side, in relation to her fellow members. It is said that SM left Yoona in the group because of her prettiness. Yet, in the general (male Korean) opinion, lead vocal Taeyeon is more “ideal” than Yoona. Why? Some guys like her voice. Some guys like that she’s cute and innocent-looking. Other guys liked how sweet she was in “We Got Married,” even though her husband wasn’t exactly handsome.

Another example is in the members of After School, the girl group created from a dance team, suggesting that talent is the definitive factor for joining the group. Except one famous ulzzang (best face) managed to get in the group without a hitch. Ju-yeon first entered the popularity sphere as an Internet ulzzang, but now she is one of the many members of After School. However, she seems to not get too much love from the guys. During UEE‘s heyday with “You’re Beautiful” and some Cheom-cheoreom Cool soju commercials, the “honey thighs” idol got all the love. These days, other members, such as Nana, seem to be getting more and more attention from the guys. Either way, the “pretty member” isn’t getting the votes.

Also, in KARA, the ulzzang “pretty member” is doe-eyed Gu Hara, but guys find themselves liking the carefree, not-full-of-herself cuteness of Han Seung-yeon. The list goes on… In Secret, the pretty face is Han Sun-hwa, but guys tend to dig glamorous Jun Hyo-sung. In 4Minute, leader Jihyun is thought to be the prettiest, but guys usually choose popular Hyuna.

Maybe the entertainment companies should re-think the forceful injection of the designated “pretty member.”

Do you agree with the netizens that just because a girl is designated as the “pretty member” doesn’t mean she’ll get the guys?


60 Comments on “Idol Focus: The Pretty Member vs. the Member Guys Like”

  1. (^o^) says:

    well, i guess it depend on the personality. How about the “pretty member ain’t their face but their personality. except doing the ulzzang , do the best personality…

  2. Kim says:

    The girls are pretty in their own right but the designated “pretty” member only loses out in popularity after the groups is further established. In the beginning, Yoona and Gu Hara was also considered the prettiest and most popular member that’s why they were continually put in the forefront.

  3. Gtl says:

    It’s better that way since they are looking at personality. Go Hara is gorgeous but is sooooo boring. And as far as I know Hyuna is the prettiest.

  4. queenbqty says:

    Although Taeyeon looks like a retarded rat, she’s still prettier than yoona. At least six other members of snsd are prettier than yoona, she looks like a lizard and she is the only member of the group who is completely talentless, so I guess that’s why she is hyped as the prettiest so no one will notice how totally useless she is. Maybe she is best at going down, down, down on the Ahjusshis at sm ent.
    Every Kara member is pretty and they should have been pictured first.
    Popseoul get your writers eyes checked, even though this is just another excuse to talk about snsd. Did you recruit writers from Allkpop? How much did sm ent pay for this?

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      yet, yoona is very pretty for a natural beauty.

      • xmhmu5slove says:


      • queenbqty says:

        Puhlease! A plastic trash bag is more natural than yoona. The trash bag is better looking and 10 times as talented than that lizard looking chick. All that practice catching flies with her tongue is the reason that lizard is so popular with horny ahjusshis everywhere!

        • jazzy says:

          someone sounds a bit unreasonable. let’s keep the comments tasteful or you’ll be the one who’ll be labeled the lizard looking chick

          • huh says:

            She does look like a lizard looking chick that’s why her comments are always so bitter!

            • Andres Avalos says:

              My best friend calls her “Skeletor”, I call her average-girl.

            • d1968leon says:

              yes, it seems that she is a bitter person every time i read her comments always sounds of bitterness. She is always saying bad things about YoonA while YoonA is not doing anything wrong at her. Why you’re so harsh with YoonA? She is like a playful child. If you don’t like her it’s fine nobody will try to please you to like her.

          • queenbqty says:

            What do I care what a bunch of random netizens call me, if you don’t like my comments don’t read them. If you are looking for tasteful commentary, try another site, cause I’m not here to please you or the other delusionoid lizard woman defenders. You and your cohorts can kick rocks! yoona sucks literally and figuratively, ask the ahjusshis about her tongue action!

            • ashley says:

              true, everyone is allowed to state there opinion and if their fans don’t like your opinion they should just injure it instead of saying your a lizard….? Really how the hell can they see u to make a judgment like that. don’t reply to their comments because most Sones are shallow……

            • d1968leon says:

              Hey queenbitter go get some life ^_^V 😛

          • d1968leon says:

            Ahahaha now I can laugh out loud at them. It’s only now I get it why they hate YoonA, because they are fans of another group whahahahaha

        • LON says:

          I love you (L) .

      • d1968leon says:

        agree also ^_^

    • casey says:

      Yoona to me is below average. If I woke up with her face, I’d be devastated. I don’t consider myself pretty, but I’m definitely prettier than her, even the Korea lady next door says so.

    • 0330 says:

      u just jealous. pshh

    • gayatri says:

      hahahahhahaa… damn right!!!!! hahahhaha!!!!

    • d1968leon says:

      Now I get it, you are a KARA fan that’s why ahahahha ^_^V… to tell you the truth, for me, the prettiest member in KARA is the one who left the group, I am not a Korean so I’m not sure of her name, but I think her name is Kim Sunghee? I like KARA also and their song “IF YOU WANNA” (used in video of SUNYEON moment) aside from Kim Sunghee, there is another one, but I forget her name they are the only two members I find pretty, HARA is not so pretty, I’m just logical I saw many girls that kind of face already I can say she is not the type of lady that guys will turn their head to give a second look, and I don’t find them prettier compared to SNSD members YoonA Yuri Seohyun Jessica Tiffany. Sorry only saying the truth.

  5. Geoff's nightmare says:

    sandara and that other chick too!..although this doesn’t really matter, let’;s face it. i mean, c’moooon

  6. 0330 says:

    i think yoona is the prettiest.

    • d1968leon says:

      Maybe they will say no but for me I will choose YoonA than western beauties like Taylor Swift, Hannah Montana, or even the beauty of Alicia Silverstone (during her younger years) for me noone can replace YoonA.

  7. chaimoon says:

    Girls’ choice of prettiest usually, are not the guys choice. Girls admire those who have pretty face while boys prefer those who are carefree and those who are hot! Given a choice, most likely their choices differ.

  8. purple245 says:

    i ermm yoona? i dont think she’s that pretty.. taeyon is cute… so he cute.. but the attention goes to sunye…yeah.. so this article is right!

  9. iceprincess says:

    TaeYeon is the cutest, I totally agree, and she has a wonderful voice! As a singer, she is the best! I agree that Yoona looks like a lizard, ha ha ha.. so true. I hate her in Cinderella Man, she totally tarnished that drama, totally talentless. Natural or not, she is definitely not a beauty!!

  10. MLIA says:

    What about the girls of f(x)? Or 2NE1? Or Miss A?

  11. OOOOOKAY!!! says:

    all the guys like my fave members from all those groups! im so happy!!!

  12. badshultz says:

    uhm….i think seohyun is prettier than yoona…something like that….

    • d1968leon says:

      Yes maybe, for me they are all pretty, YoonA Yuri Seohyun Tiffany Jessica, but all of them have distinct features when it comes to prettiness. Seohyun is very pretty and she has a clear face, it seems she has a so bright face when looking at her. YoonA might look so simple, but there is something in her that catches most of guys attention, and honestly she is the one who catches my attention when I first saw this group. Maybe her simple smile and with her innocent face looks, but really her cuteness is really different.

  13. v says:

    yoona is pretty plain. i never thought she was pretty until after into the new world whne she was constantley being put in my face. i feel like im brainwashed into believing she is pretty. yep she is useless i dont hate her but she is useless. besides i dont think she would have been the image if it were not for her acting. taeyeon, fany, and yuri are the prettiest to me. i think go hara is the prettiest in kara, hyunah looks weird, i like the girl with short hair in 4minute

  14. fandom says:

    more than looks
    it’s the beauty within that person

  15. Chicken says:

    Sooyoung should have been there instead of Yoona.

  16. meme says:

    i think some ppl are more photogenic than others. they might not look pretty on screen but off screen they might be really pretty. and we can’t really judge these girls b/c we’ve only seen pics. i thought wg was average but when i met them they were all beautiful girls. i was stunned. and 2pm!! omgeee. they were all handsome. you really do need looks to be a kpop idol.

    • d1968leon says:

      I agree with you, sometimes pix and onscreen cannot be a basis of what actually the person look like because most of the times they are even more handsome/prettier in person.

  17. angel says:

    What you guys talking about…each person had own natural,we can’t compare each other.that’s so unfair..i thing hara so gergouse.but,i don’t like to say other girls not preety.each guys had own ideal,that’s not the big issue.anyone agree with me????

  18. KPOPlover says:

    I realised my favourites are the ones that are considered the ullzang… Jooyeon, Jihyun, Hara, Sunhwa… Haha lol. But i like them not because they’re pretty but they also have a very unique character… Love Jooyeon!! 🙂

  19. Taengoo77 says:

    Do you guys are comparing beauty here?
    Me personally love Taeng unnie very much..
    about Yoona, I just don’t get any antenttion on her..
    prefer Fany or Yuri..
    lizard? hm, that’s kinda harsh, but I think so too 😦
    some ppls are fotogenic these days../
    wonder girls maybe not to pretty to seen on screen,.but when I saw them rightfully in front of my eyes, I was shocked. they’re all totallt pretty..
    everyone has it;s own beauty…

  20. YOONA IS UGLY says:

    Seriously, I’ve never seen a Kpop star as overrated as Yoona. She’s soooo fucking ugly and hideous! I’d rather eat dog shit than look at that thing! She’s sooo talentless too! I mean, she’s been ranked (BY SME THEMSELVES) as the worst singer in SNSD, she’s also not the best dancer because everyone knows Hyoyeon is the best dacer in the group, with Sooyoung and Yuri tied for second because they’re known for their sexiness appeal. Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, and Seohyun are all the best singers in the group with the other 3 being the best dancers. WTF is Yoona? She’s just an extra member. I’m so confused about how she even made it into the group. Maybe because SM thinks she’s the “prettiest” aka SUCKING DICK! << Her ONLY talent. There was another girl who should have been in SNSD, she was Seohyun's best friend and her name was Hwanhee, aka Fwany. SHE should have been a member of SNSD, but I guess they chose Yoona because she's a great dick sucker! Hahahaha like seriously, Fwany would have been better in SNSD. She's a waaay better singer and she can dance better too. Yoona = OVERRATED PIECE OF TRASH, LOOKS LIKE SOME DISGUSTING DRUGGED OUT WHORE WITH A DONKEY FACE!


    • XarethTitan says:

      Yoona dick sucker? Watch your words kid. Or rather please go to another place. No one wants to see your shit comments. Thanks. From a fellow YoonAddict

    • XarethTitan says:

      And if she’s extra or like whatever you said she is. Then you’re wrong. She’s more into acting you blind piece of shit. And don’t worry I’ve already saved what you did. Since you want more attention? And FYI donkey face? What are you? A guy with a face of a dog’s anus?

  21. XarethTitan says:

    I still love Yoona!!! Mostly because of her character and personality

  22. XarethTitan says:

    Can all those anti sones get lost? Not anti-Yoona but anti-Sones. You guys don’t deserve to be a sone. The point of this is that each member of the group have their own beauty. And since you can’t accept Yoona? Well you’re just not a Sone then.

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