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IU Wanted Woo-young for His Cash

Still riding on rumors of dating IU, 2PM member Wooyoung reminisced about paying for her dinner on a recent broadcast of “Night After Night.”

When talking about their time together for “Dream High,” the 2PM comedian confessed, “IU is really shy, so it was hard to get close to her. In order to get closer to her, I wanted to have a meal together, but it wasn’t easy.”

Fellow member Taekyeon confirmed, “Because it seemed hard for them to get along at first, it was suddenly that they went off to have a meal together, just the two of them.”

Wooyoung continued to explain, “It’s true we were eating together, but we were at different tables. This wasn’t really it, so we made plans to eat together again. So, then we went with the staff to eat sirloin [beef, expensive]. I felt really burdened, but then IU says to me, ‘If [you] pay for this meal, [you’d] really be a cool guy,’ and after thinking about it, in the end, I paid for it.”

After hearing this, the other male guests laughed, “IU really means business,” and “IU is scary,” and “That’s getting struck by IU.” Now these guys know what it would be like to go on a date with the popular singer. Although before it seemed like Wooyoung just paid without letting IU know (in previous reports), now it seems like the truth is that IU charmed him into paying.

The episode was a special idol actors episode, with guests Seulong (2AM), Dong-wan (Shinhwa), Alex (Clazziquai), along with Taekyeon and Wooyoung.

What do you think of IU’s expensive taste?


36 Comments on “IU Wanted Woo-young for His Cash”

  1. kdream says:

    THE TOPIC IS TOTALLY MISTRANSLATION !!!!!!!! and totally wrong !!!
    Sorry to tell about it you have to look in ALLKPOP, to check the real story !!!
    Second point, I see you you are in lack of imagination because you are creating a sensationalist title “IU Wanted Woo-young for His Cash” It Mean that you insult IU, a girl who have only 17 years old is a bitch because she wanted woo young for the money !!!
    Shame on you…

      • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

        나 빼고, 여기있는 사람들이 어떻게 한국어를 알겠냐?
        그건 한국사이트 자나…..

        • eris2 says:

          그냥 뭐죠… mistranslation이라니 그분이 직접 변역하겠지요. 그리구요 제목만 translate하면 “played”이나 “hooked”라는 단어나 날 걸요. 생각보다 팝서울 시청 분들이 한국어에 관심있어도 많은 분이 정확히 못하니까 팝서울에서 영어로 읽는 거죠. 근데 allkpop 변역은 paraphrase랑 틀린 것도 많고요… 저희 팝서울 더 자세히 하는 걸… 열심히 하겠습니다.

    • DIA says:

      No because they pretty much said the same thing. And yes, the way she goes through guys, tries to make Seulong pick a fight with her mom for her pretty much makes her a huge ass plastic fake bitch

      • martina says:

        So just because shes an artist she’s not allowed to admire different guys? she’s just a teenybooper —-> who like you- is just another fangirl. duh.


        uh…so have you’ve GONE TO THE PLASTIC SURGERY TO DO YOUR ASS? How did you know that her ass was big? Also rhetorically speaking, IU is small in size so I don’t think her ass is that big..unless that is…YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT YOUR’S???(a friendly question) Also, isn’t that what love is? LIFE IS SO BORING…I ALSO GOES THROUGH GUYS…I JUST WANT TO FIND SOMEONE TO LOVE…WHY COULDN’T I DATE TO SEE IF THEY’RE MY TASTE…marriage isn’t just about money nor reputation…believe it or not, ALL GIRLS HAVE LOTS OF CRUSHES(they may work out, they may not)

  2. kdream says:

    Long time ago, there is POPSEOUL and ALLKPOP who talk about the kpop….. I understand right now why ALLKPOP is trend more than you…

  3. kdream says:

    This is the real story !!!!! and u can see the difference !!!!!

    On April 11th, 2PM’s Wooyoung guested on SBS’s “Night by Night” and shared some stories about himself and his “Dream High” co-star, IU.

    Wooyoung began, “At the time of ‘Dream High’, I worked really hard to get closer with IU. People said that she was shy, so before the drama began, I asked Seulong, who’s close with IU, to send a text message to her for me. However, IU sent a text back to Seulong saying, ‘I probably won’t get close with Wooyoung even until the last episode.’ I was really hurt at the time.”

    Afterwards, the two eventually met away from the film set in order to get closer. Wooyoung revealed, “For our first meal, we sat at separate tables and just concentrated on eating because we weren’t that close at the time. For our second meal, we went to eat rib eye, which as you know, is very expensive. I suggested that we go eat something else like samgyupsal, but IU insisted on buying.”

    Unfortunately, including the staff members, the total bill came out to $600 USD. “IU told me, ‘If oppa pays for this while I go to the bathroom, you’ll be an amazing person to me.’ I felt that I had finally gotten close with her, and maybe this was my chance to be that ‘amazing person.’ I was a bit worried, though, because it was so expensive.”

    While IU went to the bathroom, Wooyoung continued, “My manager poked me and said that this was too much for her to foot, and for us to just pay for her. I said no, let’s just let her pay. I said, ‘Hyung, you should respect the person’s decision if they want to pay!’ Eventually, we ended up splitting the bill between the agency and me, which IU had no idea about. IU later told me that she was actually joking about that statement and that she hadn’t meant it.

    Wooyoung concluded, “I later received 10 texts from IU after that, all of which said, ‘Unfair, unfair, unfair, unfair, unfair! I was going to pay the bill!’” With a laugh, he added, “I felt like I had been played! But through that, we became a lot closer and were able to conclude the drama on a friendly note.”

  4. Nicepeterfan says:

    A snot just like I knew all along. Anyone hear how that brat tried to get seulong involved with a fight with her mother? F**k IU!

    • ashley says:

      yeah she does seem to be faking the whole cute and innocent thing. I think her and Suzy are the same ……

      • DIA says:

        Hmm I don’t pay enough attention to Suzy, she seems okay-plus she can actually sing, the whole three octave claim by IU is horseshit since she has zero vocal skills

        • Janey says:

          IU have no vocal skills? Then what on earth do you consider to be vocal skills? O_O

        • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

          what? how are her vocal skills zero?!?

        • ZZZ says:

          lol I love Suzy but did you just say that she can sing?? BETTER than IU?? Have you been living in some sort of cave?? Have you not listened to Suzy’s live performance & IU’s?? Cuz if you actually did, you would know that Suzy is not good live, while IU can actually sing. Ppl did overrate her about the 3 octave thing cuz it’s not really 3 octaves, but r you sure Suzy can sing that part?? I don’t think she can hit any of those notes & hold them long enough, let alone singing better than IU.


      you call her a snot? look at you…disgraceful girl..a proper girl wouldn’t try to harm people with their words. Learn how to use words properly okay? I find it funny how MOST men look down on women and instead of understanding each women decision…other cruel women just hurt each other…Life is so FUNNY

    • zack says:

      the bitch is you…huh..

    • nat says:

      shut up :L

  5. nyhyun says:

    Is this true?

  6. Yen says:

    They really look good together! Anyway, Wooyoung likes younger girls. Hehe IU is a joker! 🙂

  7. seongdong girls says:

    She’s cute. She’s talented.

  8. peachy says:

    Wooyoung Night by Night (ENG Subs)

    Check the video in english subs before you bash IU okay. And “popseoul” the title IU wanted wooyoung for his cash is a bit too much, don’t you think??? I mean she earns more than him.

  9. hello7 says:

    LOL, It’s the new people to KPOP that don’t really like IU(Since she’s a girl and she interacts with boy band)… I notices this alot… alot of new people who are into kpop through a boy group tend to hate the girl groups! get a grip people, it’s a common thing that the boy pays! though it’s not required, it somewhat became a trend… just like a big diamond ring for an engagement…. 🙂

    • ashley says:

      your wrong, some people like her some don’t it has nothing to do with who is new to kpop, but u are right about how the guy should pay though.

  10. R-love says:

    Is she a golddigger or what want them for their cash!!!


    SERIOUSLY, EVERYONE IS A GOLD DIGGER. IF YOU WERE IN HER SHOES AND IT WAS TOO EXPENSIVE FOR YOU, WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE(no you can’t use credit card). IU IS UNDERAGE, I DOUBT HER MOM LET HER SPEND THAT MUCH. MAYBE SHE’S NOT USED TO EAT OUT MUCH SINCE IT’S ODD TO SEE HER AT A RESTAURANT WITHOUT PAPARAZZIS…JEALOUS GIRLS, YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO THE GIRLS POPULATION…I’ve always dream of girls being tough and won’t be move by boys and that they will be the “prince” to protect other girls…like in one of those dramas where the girl is stubborn and headstrong…doesn’t hurt other girls…I NEVER THOUGHT THAT SOME GIRLS OR GUYS MAYBE THIS low….disgrace

  12. sonzang says:

    i want iu and woo young back …. dey really make cute couple ……. love u dreamhigh

  13. daniel says:

    iu did say “oppa, if you pay for all of this while i’m in the restroom, you’re a really cool oppa.”

    then she actually went to the restroom and wooyoung was contemplating whether or not to pay; he said on the show: “i was thinking ‘if i pay, i’ll finally be a cool guy! but the price is so expensive!’”

    and then after a while, his manager said to him, “wooyoung ah, let’s just pay for this.” and wooyoung kept saying, “no. let iu pay. she said she was going to treat us anyway!” but his manager kept saying, “no. let’s just pay.” so wooyoung finally gave in and he said “fine, let’s split it.” so they split the bill.

    but iu didn’t know that and she said she was really only joking when she said ”oppa, if you pay for all of this while i’m in the restroom, you’re a really cool oppa.” so after she found out, she sent wooyoung ten text messages saying “oppa! you’re so petty! i was going to buy! why did you buy! i really was going to buy! oppaa!!”

    so, that’s the real translation.

    I’m really sick of people bashing on IU for this.

  14. nat says:

    What is this? Are you guys stupid or just crazed fan of Wooyoung. Stop mother fucking defending the guy. This isn’t even the real story. She didn’t played him, my gawd -.- This is really unfair to IU. Don’t you think maybe Wooyoung shouldn’t have gone of with these shit words saying she played him ndat? The truth is she was just joking around, seeing these hate against Iu really is pissing me off. I respect both artist and actually really admire WOOU but i can’t defend Wooyoung atm, his being a real dick to Iu saying all these gossip behind and then giving everyone the image that Iu’s a bitch. I’m no korean fan. So don’t think i’m shit talking bout Woo and trying to protect Iu. You guys she really find out the truth before being so judgemental on Iu. Maybe Woo is the bad person here, you can’t always defend the guy. Just admit he is being a real ass in that show. I know maybe he does like Iu but cmon think about it, what does Iu feel about this shit? What would you feel if someone decides to put shit up and haven’t heard the real story. I’m fucking pissed knowing that Iu’s image is being fucked becz of a mistake of ordering expensive food for Woo to eat. She just said he would be cool person ndat if he did paid for it but come on give the girl some slack, she was just mother fucking JOKING. Judgemental asses -.- And why did Woo paid for it, who is that stupid to actually listen to a sarcasm that is so stupid to believe? Maybe Woo did want to pay for it. He paid for it because he wanted to he wasn’t even forced or threatened. Don’t blame this on Iu, tbh i think we should aim this on Woo and ask why he would even mentioned things like this on tv shows or even saying he was paid. The real question here is why did he paid for the meal if he knew Iu was joking. Think about it, don’t jump to conclusions -.-

    • CrazyfansneedtostoP says:

      Read the full details in the comments before you start bashing anyone. Right now you’re acting the exact same as the people you’re ranting about.

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