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Park Jung-min + Makeup = Girl

SS501’s Park Jung-min attended the recent launching party for Puma‘s spring/summer collection, but some fans were stunned by his makeup. Is it a girl? Is it a guy?!

Maybe the makeup artist went a little too far with the “bejeweled” concept, because it sent Park Jung-min straight into being mistaken for doing drag. Fans are saying, “The makeup is way too much,” and “His face is a different color than his neck.”

Some fans were saddened by the look, “I usually like Jung-min oppa, but I had a hard time enduring this makeup,” and “He looks like a transgender.”

Don’t you think this makeup has to go?

(For reference, Park Jung-min with different makeup concepts.)


118 Comments on “Park Jung-min + Makeup = Girl”

  1. Micklane88 says:

    kakakakakakakaka jelek banget

  2. Chuchu says:

    He has always looked gay to me.

  3. R-love says:

    It actually depends on how usually Jung Min looks like but it’s kinda true!

  4. aszr says:

    i don’t think he looks like a girl….i think he look handsome and cute
    maybe have a lot of make up but looks fine

  5. yem says:

    whatever….. but he really is awesome…!!!

  6. zin cho cho paing says:

    In my eye he is so cute

  7. yuk yuen says:

    Jung Min looks great, with, or without makeup. Please leave him alone.

  8. krystal says:

    He is too cute.

  9. Jessé94 says:

    I don’t really care much about the make up, because overall he is a great guy

  10. triningsih says:

    whatever everyone said
    for me he always look perfect in my eyes
    and him always will be the best for me

  11. nina says:

    i think he has a feeling for park gyuri KARA~~cos she fulfil the terms of his ideal girl..

  12. nina says:

    i think he has a feeling for park gyuri KARA..cos she fulfill the terms of his ideal girl,,

  13. fernand says:

    he is gay???

  14. sahel says:

    it s not his first time with a girlish make up maybe he thinks girls like pretty boys or he wants to be attractive for other guys lol

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