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Is Suzy Failing Her Diet?

Fans just won’t let Suzy take a break…

On Korean portal sites, some pesky netizens are aiming at Suzy, comparing her selca photos (left photo) to news reports. Netizens are saying, “A different Suzy from her selcas, did she not lose weight?”

The Miss A mangnae was praised for her V-line after dieting, but on April 13th, the young singer was present at the opening of the film “The World’s Most Beautiful Parting.” News reports from that event (right photo) show a Suzy that has about the same body weight as when she was filming for the school drama “Dream High.”

So what? Suzy still looks pretty, even if she’s not stick thin. We hope Suzy focuses on being healthy rather than super skinny.

Let’s hope Suzy doesn’t let the netizens get too her too much.


42 Comments on “Is Suzy Failing Her Diet?”

  1. SayAgain says:

    I swear these netizens must be truly bored. If they were a true fan, they wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) judge you on their looks….yah I know, looks can make or break a career in Korea.
    But first chance they get, they freakin’ turn on their so-called fave.

    A fan supports you no matter what but these knets

  2. Florence says:

    She’s still cute…

  3. khina says:

    oh gosh! too skinny is not beauty. she need some fat, that way she can look like a human.
    Her look now is more compatible than before.

  4. moonylove says:

    They don`t like the fact that she looks like a human, not like a stick???!!!!! That`s just sick.

  5. Vivi Lee says:

    Netizens…Sigh…Drowned in the false standard of thin equates to beautiful. Suzy-ssi looks cute, no matter what body size she is. And she sings good. 🙂

  6. Kergy says:

    Well she’s indeed gotten bigger… at this rate she could become JulyZerg’s wife, LOL.

  7. gokuma says:

    and they would prefer her to be malnourished twig like cibophobic? bunch of retards…

  8. Melissa H says:

    blame wooyoung LOL
    Anyway she still looks pretty.

  9. […] wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) judge you on their looks….yah I know, looks can make … diet – Google Blog Search This entry was posted in Lose Weight and tagged Diet, Failing, Suzy. Bookmark the permalink. […]

  10. daracanela says:

    I think this is going to affect her, because she’s too young and very sensitive, plus a suju member also made a bad comment about her weight, I think this would affect her, poor girl.

  11. […] See the article here: Is Suzy Failing Her Diet? | […]

  12. lol says:

    It’s not so much that she gained weight it just looks like her face is bloated. It doesn’t help that she’s smiling and puffing up her cheeks at the same time.

    • mingqi says:

      that’s what I thought too! And her face probably looks a bit bloated because she ate ramen late at night or because she was on her period (you get bloated when you’re on your period). Furthermore, both pics were taken by different types of cameras. I can have a v-line with huge eyes too when using my cell phone or web cam to take pic and then be a bit round with quinty eyes with a normal camera.

      • Andres Avalos says:

        Damn! And I thought that the net trolls were line crossers, I am aware of females menstruation, but please don’t be gross and start mentioning periods. You’re shattering my delusions of grandeur! You kill-joy!

  13. blaznist says:

    They sound like some of the Korean girls who ask me annoying questions. Really must be boring to sit and nit pick at facial and weight features of your favorite star. How fun? Suzy looks cute, they all don’t gotta be skinny like those snsd whatevers, only group i liked was CSJH and those ladies are thick legged, need more Korean stars like that ,off with the skinny fad lol.

  14. Fup12 says:

    I prefer her body over the usually nasty dancing twigs kpop usually serves up. I think her body is better than any SNSD member that’s for damn sure. And the netizens shouldn’t be talking with their fat asses sitting on the computer judging teenage girls. Disgusting….

  15. Kasey says:

    Seriously, its part of life, you win some you lose some, what’s wrong with a little of meat. I rather be meaty then bone. Lay off her will you. There is nothing wrong with having a little meat, it makes her look more healthier then sick.

  16. Stephanie says:

    I didn’t know she had weight issues. She seems very pretty to me.

    No sabĂ­a que tenĂ­a problemas de peso. Me parece muy bonita.

  17. aisuzieya says:

    she looks just fine in Dream High and still pretty after the diet, but i think her Dream High days are her best.

    and for the uneducated netizens who made the comments; human beings come in different shapes & sizes. learn to accept the fact & start to embrace urself, b4 screaming @ others.

    p/s: and get a life. hw cud someone notice such small changes in such short time.>>

  18. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    UGH!! OH MAH GOSH!!!
    She does look different now!! Her face isn’t a v-line anymore!!

  19. Title: | says:

    […] Is Suzy Failing Her Diet? | […]

  20. maria says:

    i don’t get why this is even an issue! geez, let it go, nets

  21. isha says:

    face oedema.

  22. woo says:

    still looks good to me

  23. Andres Avalos says:

    And my friend said that Raina from afterschool/orange caramel is a porker/slob, I think “sujy” is ador-ab-le, as well.

  24. Ruben Ibarra says:

    This is an Issue issue HOT!!!! Issue HA!!!

  25. das nig says:

    Daaaaaamn that some retarded nig shit yo. Would you pork that porker? And that dimb nig with purple monkey can shove it straight up that porker lovers cornhole… hate hate hate

  26. Ruben Ibarra says:

    Next Poker??

  27. snsd says:

    you ;re very cute pretty
    i like it

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