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Jay Park Prepares for Music Program Comebacks

Finally, Jay Park will be making his big comeback and has announced appearances on the big three music programs: “Music Bank,” “Music Core,” and “Inkigayo.”

It’s be a long one year and eight months for the former 2PM leader Jay Park (Jaebum). His entertainment company Sidus HQ has announced his filming schedule, revealing the singer’s big comeback on music programs.

On May 6th, Jay will be filming for KBS Music Bank,” on the 7th, he’ll be filming for MBCMusic Core,” and finally on May 8th, he’s set for recording on SBS Inkigayo.” In addition to the big three programs, on April 27th, the returned singer will be filming for KBS JOY channel’s  “Lee Sora’s Second Propose.”

Jay’s album “Take a Deeper Look” will be released on April 27th, containing seven tracks, including the title song “Abandoned.” He is also in the middle of filming for the idol film “Mr. Idol.”

Look forward to seeing Jay Park back in full swing on the K-pop scene!


18 Comments on “Jay Park Prepares for Music Program Comebacks”

  1. arleen says:

    can’t wait for jay park album.

  2. arya says:

    woooowww.. he looks more mature now… =]

    it’s really happy to hear he will comeback with his new album…
    good luck jay….

  3. benny says:

    good luck to him can’t wait to see new videos nd songs. I’m guessing the tattoo means he will be targeting an older audience. wtf does that mean anyway . walkerz is that the name of his new album. Now if he called it haterz then we’ll be talking

  4. dd says:

    Why do skinny little guys think they have muscles?

  5. johyn says:

    what was it that got jay “kicked out” or banned from JYP? other than the myspace shinanigans, “The company claimed a moral, but not illegal, personal “mistake” he did in December of the previous year.” I think he got it on with one of the girls from girls generation.

    oh snap!

  6. seongdong girls says:

    I think his tattoo is sexy.

  7. cdnpoint says:

    Song title-Abandoneded. What does that mean?

    I wonder why Jay Park is so keen to get his part of the Korean entertainment scene. It is not like he’s become a household name in North America after he was let go from the group he was in.

  8. OOOOOKAY!!! says:

    jay is going to perform on music shows again!? let me pack my bags im goin to korea!!! lolz! i wish him nothing but the best! I LOVE JAEBUMMIE!!! ❤

  9. boiicee says:

    I can’t waiittt for this sexy man to come out!!
    JWALKERZ let’s support this man and show ’em ppl that he can be as successful as before

  10. Mi says:

    Okay. First, that tattoo is real. Second, “JWalkerz” is the name of the people that are in his fanclub, which is called “Jay-Effect”. And third, “JWalkerz” is referring to those who stayed alongside him, not those who abandoned him.

  11. karajjang says:

    this album is gonna be so good! he’s collaborating with really awesome artists and i love his voice and dance!!! i can’t wait for him to start promoting his songs

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