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Jung Yong-hwa: “Seohyun I love you!”

C.N Blue lead vocal Jung Yong-hwa made a steamy confession on “Strong Heart,” leaving fans of the good-looking singer crying.

On the April 12th episode of variety program “Strong Heart,” the preview for the next episode featured Jung Yong-hwa expressing his feelings for Girls Generation member and his “We Got Married” wife Seohyun.

In the preview, the singer rises from his chair, yells at the top of his lungs, “Seohyun! I love you!” and then is shown nervously asking, “Now what do I do?”

Netizens are buzzing on this issue, saying, “Good for Seohyun but depressing for fans,” and “Are those two doing well?” and “I already miss the Yonghwa-Seohyun couple,” while asking why the young idol made such a strong love confession.

Are you looking forward to the next episode of “Strong Heart”? It airs on the 19th on SBS.

Check out the confession below!


70 Comments on “Jung Yong-hwa: “Seohyun I love you!””

  1. marielle says:

    He is so sweet…

  2. AnAn says:

    YongSeo Couple fighting !!

  3. benny says:

    He’s cute. Now where have I seen him before?

  4. Mina says:

    0:03 Oh my what a funny voice!!!!!!! Can’t stop laughing!
    Anyway I love love love him!

  5. SayAgain says:

    Uhh….we all know how previews or teasers can be. Try not to get your hopes up YongSeo fans. Although, it would be so nice if it were true.

  6. Rita Liu says:

    Like it! I really hope they can be together!!!

  7. HUUH says:

    It is a preview, it seems weird & fake….I think it is not totally like that in the real show!=$

  8. yumi says:

    Yongseo<3333! Can't wait to see this ep!

  9. suri18may says:

    Really want to see them as REAL COUPLE !!!

  10. luvSuJu13 says:

    really? it better be true!

    • LiL Shawty says:

      i hope it’s not … I wanted Seohyun and Kyuhyun from SuJu to date , even though Kyu is older than her by 3 years … But they would be so cute :3

  11. Joy Gerona says:

    i love it!!! can’t wait to see this! olease translate in english ASAP! :))

    anu baaaa! nakakakilig!!! YAY!!!

  12. queenbqty says:

    When will you nutjobs realize, WGM, is not real! Get a grip, why would that gorgeous man love that potato face girl who has the personality of a tree? Have you heard of a script? Does anybody even watch WGM anymore, all the good couples are long gone.

    • d1968leon says:

      Seohyun has a very clear and pretty face of like an angel. What’s wrong with you?

    • d1968leon says:

      Your other statement maybe true but to say Seohyun is not pretty I beg to and many people as well will disagree. If that’s the case you really need to visit an Optometrist because you have a problem with your eyes.

      • queenbqty says:

        There is nothing wrong with my eyes or me in general, I just don’t find potato face zombie, seohyun, pretty. When is she pretty when her face is swollen or when it deflates? Since this happens every other day, which aspect is the pretty one, baked, boiled or fried? Idaho, maybe?

        • d1968leon says:

          Now i’re a jealous person. I wonder why? ^_^

        • natalie says:

          hater, no wonder.
          Seohyun is pretty, talented, smart and nice.

          • d1968leon says:

            I agree with you natalie
            and btw queenbqty is an anti of SNSD and I found out why.. she is a fan of KARA ^_^
            sorry queenbqty but the prettiest member Kim Sunghee of KARA already left the group.. kind of sad?

            • queenbqty says:

              You’re a nitwit! How old are you, 12? What does me being a fan of Kara have to do with the fact I don’t like snsd? You should stop sitting on your brain and trying to challenge someone superior to you in every way.
              I like quite a few kpop girl bands, but since snsd is talentless and plastic, don’t get mad at me because you are stupid enough to worship them. snsd is a disease that needs to be eradicated from the world, the same as cancer.

              • d1968leon says:

                You are superior than me? I don’t think so..What achievement do you have in life for you to call yourself supeior than I am? I don’t hate any KPOP group than you do I even like KARA song (but only one and it’s IF YOU WANNA) For me you are just a bitter and it seems to me that when SMENT held an auditioned for this group SNSD you tried to performed on that auditioned and you just kinda failed and YoonA and the other girls chose by SMENT over than you that’s why you hate them ahahahha peace ^_^V

                • queenbqty says:

                  The fact that I can spell and am not illiterate makes me superior to you. Although you may be too stupid to understand, education is an achievement, too. Go get some, Duh!

                  • d1968leon says:

                    Just beacuse you know how to spell you already call it an achievement? As far as I know I am much more intelligent compared to you ^_^

              • d1968leon says:

                Hi Miss grammarist, do you missed me? So about your statement, “What does me being a fan of Kara have to do with the fact I don’t like snsd?” So is this what you call a correct grammar? ^_^V peace

                • d1968leon says:

                  And by the way even some Americans made mistakes with their grammar. If you will only try to learn the correct grammar. But for me what you are trying to copy is how those black american way of talking that’s why you talked like trash well enjoy it.. ^_^V 😛

              • LiL Shawty says:

                Uhh excuse me? SNSD is more popular than Kara. They have more talent than you’ll ever think.

              • deniset88 says:

                wei.. u are one rude person. They are not plastic. ANd they are beautiful and no one in the kpop is as pure as seohyun. so go back to your own suck-up world and pretend that u are prettier thab seohyun and snsd.. I pity cnblue that they had ungrateful fan like u.

        • deniset88 says:

          Are you born in a trash bin? Just curious. Because You talk like you have been educated inside a big ass trash bin for your life. No wonder your grammar and education level is lower than down syndrome people. So, you better get some basic education on life. Then come back here to argue. Because everything you say here is equals to NO BRAIN / ZERO IQ!

      • queenbqty says:

        I was finished with you because you are really too dumb to realize how stupid you are, and keep commenting to make yourself look more retarded. But one last thing, Einstein, you are ignorant and racist, so I understand now, why you are a fan of snsd. I’m Black and American, nitwit, so give it up, ok, you are just defeated in every argument and flailing around trying to find some way to make me look as stupid as you and that’s impossible, give it up!
        Tell racist taeyeon, I said Hi, enjoy your sushiworld of ignorance, illiteracy, talentlessness and plastic surgery. You can say what you want, but I’m done, find someone on your level, so you won’t have to consult the dictionary every time you reply. There are plenty of other racist sone morons, so stop straining your neck above the other bottomfeeders, simpleton! Peace!

        • d1968leon says:

          Really? goodbye bitter 😛

        • d1968leon says:

          And to tell you the truth I hate Black Americans, why? Because you are the most boastful person on earth. And you are one of the very good example. Black Americans who do you think you are huh?

        • deniset88 says:

          You know what. You are a very stuck-up fellow. Amazingly stupid! Ignorant! Self-praised! And the kind that -AM-THE-KING!!! i LIKE SNSD and KARA as well! Ans I don’t bash KARA!! But you do childish things like this. You are just disgrareful to ur own race. BLACK indeed!!! Nw the world know BLACK is a stuck-up race. Thanks to you, bro!!! DISGRACEFUL CHILD!!!

          • tammy says:

            How about we leave race out of this. It’s not nice to go dissing coloured people or any type of people for that matter. Can’t we all just be mature and civilised?

    • basketsfruit89 says:

      What’s wrong with you, jealous so much with angel Seo Joo Hyun? LOL

      • queenbqty says:

        Boy, sones are stupid, no wonder snsd has so many antis! Especially you, fruitbasket (more like fruitcake), why would I be jealous of that potato face wench, she’s ugly! I don’t even like snsd, but a few of the members are attractive, zombie seowhat is just not one of them. Sorry, dear, try something else, that jealousy crap is old and immature. Grow up and grow a brain while you’re at it!

        • cloria says:

          queenbqty i think seohyun is beautiful, smart and kind girl so to say that she is ugly is rude and unkind i mean would u like it if people said that ur ugly especially people u dont know its just mean and d1968leon it is simply mean and racists of u to say that u hate black people cause of one person who is rude to u both of u need to say sorry to eachother and get over it but i do agree with u d1968leon seohyun is beautiful and u will never find someone like her in a kpop artist u could never cuz she is unique

          • CamelHasNoFriends says:

            (I think i’m a bit late)
            I think that all races are awesome, but then there are some people that disgrace other races for example “queenbqty”. if you don’t like them then don’t comment. Your just like “eboy07” and “Dan”.
            A LOSER!!!!

  13. .... says:

    That’s soo cuteeee =) ❤

  14. HappyLyn says:

    Wow! I really love Yonghwa for shouting those beautiful words for Seohyun witnessed by the public. I really admired and respected him more for being a brave guy in releasing his suppressed true feelings for Seohyun in one burst. I have watched the complete episodes of WGM of the couple & I have studied their every move & action & I can say that the gesture made by Yonghwa in Strong heart was for real & from the heart. Yongseo couple forever!!!!!!!!!

  15. boiicee says:

    aawww that’s sooo cute of him
    his virtual love goes on

  16. star says:

    i hope they can really love each .

  17. mamabear says:

    I miss my goguma couple so much.

  18. Micklane88 says:

    😥 stupid stupid stupid!!

  19. Fup12 says:

    But Seohyun is incredibly unattractive; her face just constantly looks swollen… She must have a beaming personality :l…

    • d1968leon says:

      be reasonable when making a comment, see the comment of queenbqty it’s so unreasonable right? beauty is in the eye of the beholder..well maybe for you and queenbqty seohyun is not attractive, but why Yong-wha like Seohyun if she’s not attractive? make sense right?

    • basketsfruit89 says:

      Who are you talking about? She the most charming girl & great personality. Just the inconsiderate person like you don’t get it

  20. syrikim says:

    WHY AM I SO~~ JEALOUS??????


  21. DD: says:

    =.= Jung yong hwa deserves better… Seo is like… Ugly

  22. malaysian says:

    i love to watch them together. ignore others, you have made the right choice jung yonghwa. seohyun very kind and soft hearted girl. just grab her. i wish you goodluck. LOVE CN BLUE 4EVER!!!!

  23. shortcakesweets says:

    but somepeople said that the show was scripted, and he had to say that….;___;

    • deniset88 says:

      Dude. Emotion can’t be scripted. Look at their eyes. It is real emotion. Being with each other for one year is not a a short time. They bound to get attracted. Even if the script bound them to some places. They react to the script in natural aka feelings.

  24. vee says:

    ǐ think beauty is relative, it depends on who sees it. What we might find attractive, might seem unattractive to other. But just because we find someone unattractive, we don’t have αll d rights to bad mouth them. Saying someone ugly doesn’t make us prettier.

    ǐ like yongseo couple, yong hwa is α humorous person while seohyun is α unique girl. They’ll make α great match.

  25. Chicken says:

    Seohyun must not fall in love with him. She still has a job to do.


    Have you heard another news? Russia is banning emo music!! So it means if I can go to a European country, I go for Russia!!

  26. […] about SNSD’s Seo-hyun? “We Got Married” is over and now the divorcee [Yong-hwa] is reuniting with a former […]

  27. guia says:

    yeah seoyun isnt that pretty. but at least she has a face to face others lol! i like some snsd but not toltally like them. they are obviously talentless. yong hwa he is okay. i like him but still he is not that talented as well. so what’s the point making such a fuss over this damn topic hyahahahaa

  28. OMG
    I love this couple so much .
    I Hope You Live A Long Happy Life! ..

    sarnhy eo ..

  29. Rafs says:

    brother yong…
    you are the best!!!

  30. luv says:

    aaah cute, I love him
    but why Seohyun? lol she does not fit to him 🙂
    Shin Hye is ways better ❤

  31. superbpito says:

    I love seo hyun.her ways to be natural and all her kindness.
    But I firmly wishing that Yong Hwa could be in real love together with Shin Hye..

    °\(• ˆ⌣ˆ •)/°

  32. Declan says:

    So do links from StumpleUpon and Tumblr now count as search engine optimisation?
    I read they help because of the Penguin algorithm update
    Added this to my Facebook, very good!

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