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[MV] Big Bang hates this “Love Song”

But I love it!

Big Bang continues to brighten up the music scene with their latest music video of “Love Song” off the special edition of their recent new mini-album.

Big Bang came back with a bang in theirTonight” music video, which featured really amazing cinematography. The music video for “Love Song” is no different, but this time upping the ante by being an entirely one-shot sequence.

The chorus of “I hate this love song” is a little too much, but this video ain’t. A pleasure for the ears and the eyes~

Here are the other new songs from the EP.

“Stupid Liar”

Dae-sang‘s solo “Babys Don’t Cry”


16 Comments on “[MV] Big Bang hates this “Love Song””

  1. superfine says:

    it’s “baby don’t cry”, not “boys don’t cry”.

  2. Bigbang Forever! says:

    Can’t get enough and can’t get over TOP’s sexy and husky voice.. ewwww!

  3. Gtl says:

    G dargon is line whore and is really trying to become the focus of the group someone should remind him is a rapper.The two song are kinda meh with stupid liar being better

  4. jliv says:


  5. SayAgain says:

    Yeah the line “IHTLS” is said a little too much lol. But luvin’ BB.

  6. HUUH says:

    I am in love with their music but in the mv I don’t understand why the car is falling down at the end but anyway it is a amazing mv….<3

  7. valo says:

    love the MV so much!
    the song is about a girl who die in a car accident, is it true?

  8. omg says:

    Luv the song stupid liar, for a moment there i thought gd’s voice sounded a bit like a whining child. Cute! And daesung’s voice, sooo in luv with it 🙂

  9. seongdong girls says:

    They’re stylish

  10. psyrynskye says:

    i love both of big bang new songs i have both of them on my ipod on repeat for several days now i love them so much

  11. taeyang fan says:

    big bang fan for 4 years now C:

  12. badshultz says:

    loving bigbang…they have this brand of music that is uniquely BB….

  13. miley says:

    love it

  14. […] YG band’s Adeiu stage and V.I.Ps made sure their favorite band ended on top! Big Bang‘s latest single “Love Song” was M Countdown’s Song of the Week today. Tae-yang and Dae-sung performed the number in their […]

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