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Wondergirls, Is That You?

Wondergirls made it into the May issue of Teen Vogue in America, with a short description and a colorful spread.

But, as the news spread into Korea, Korean fans are surprised by the Wondergirls new look in the American magazine, saying, “The eye makeup and the colors seem a little awkward,” but still fans support the girls, “Such a long time seeing them. Ah, so pretty.”

What do you think of the fashion the girls put on for Teen Vogue?


55 Comments on “Wondergirls, Is That You?”

  1. gtl says:

    They don’t how to make up Asians!!! lol

    but I guess this shows how racist Vogue pretty sure Wondergirl are the only Asians in this Issue.

  2. Melissa H says:

    God they look old….

  3. MLIA says:

    As an American Kpop fan, I’m glad that the Wondergirls seem to be making Korean artists more acceptable here in the US. Their makeup in this magazine, however, is absolutely horrid. I never could get into their music, though.

  4. mira :) says:

    OMG , SOHEE ! O_______o

  5. valo says:

    OMG they look so old and ugly…

  6. sweetgirl1990 says:

    Wow…they look like they’re on drugs!! The only one that looks a little okay is that new girl!. Who knows maybe this is how they actually look…I doubt thats their actual skin color..if they were in a Korean magazine they’d be paled out…..I love the dresses though.

  7. sweetgirl1990 says:

    must’ve been an amateur vogue writer and editor. “Beliebers” instead of “Believers”

  8. ChuuChuu says:

    UGH they look rancid!!
    What the hell are those American make-up artists thinking?!
    These are some of the most beautiful girls in Korea and these make-up artists made them look old and gross! Sohee looks disgusting!
    What the hell people, learn to do makeup.

  9. orange_fun says:

    This picture looks like a hot mess, definitly not the best from Teen Vogue.

  10. benny says:

    I like it. It makes them look like Japanese punk rock stars. At least they are not in jeans or just a simple dress and you know that somebody reading this will stop at the page to find out who they are. they look like they do have something to say or they have opinions in their songs which judging from their songs is obviously far from the truth. how they managed to get in this magazine is beyond me.

  11. Dood says:

    Their clothes cost more than what the girls are worth. Are you sure it’s Teen Vogue and not the “Available Asian Teen Girls in your Area” newspaper?

  12. huh says:

    These girls are turing into ugly americans! lol

  13. ashley says:

    only the two girls in the middle look ok the rest look bad….

  14. thebest says:

    Man they look f**king horrible. Sohee and Ye Eun look the worst.

    • in young says:

      yup! sohee looks so weird and ye eun.. goodness, the eyecolour and the hair colour isnt gg well. actually they all look old and tired and/or on drugs. the only person who looked ok was hyelim. and all that stuff in their hair isnt helping.. =/ ew

  15. lol says:

    YeEun & Sohee, the makeup, horrid just horrid. The rest look fine though.

  16. seongdong girls says:

    I think it’s ugly.

  17. Their make up is atrocious. However, are you so sure the makeup artist is American? I would verify that first. But that’s besides the point. Bad makeup is bad makeup. I would find out who the makeup artist is and tell them they need to re-evaluate their work.

  18. lanwookie says:

    If someone siad they are pretty and likes their outfit and everything for this picture..Omg..they are so wrong..totally had a bad taste in fashion sense..wake up guys..for those who like it..go to fashion school or take some make up class ..then u will know..

    • benny says:

      I would disagree with you what the wondergirls need is attention or for people to notice them. bad fashion does kinda help if it will make them stand out;(lady gaga) the last thing they need is to blend anyone can do high fashion all the magazine has to do is hire models. talent does help though; now that they need.

  19. truesay says:

    They look like piƱatas, or what falls out of one =_= And I think Sohee looks hideous because she IS hideous (just throwin’ it out there…) I think the other 4 look cool, especially the 3 in the middle look ‘urban model class’. I think they ‘orange-washed’/TANGOED them just to match the colour scheme of the outfits?!??! I like it, though. Colourful, dynamic spread! But, yeah, I agree that it looks so ‘Japanese’ somehow -_-

  20. julie says:

    that’s their real face. i’ve seen their faces without make and that’s them in that mag.

  21. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:


  22. 0330 says:

    hate it when asian want to look more like americans.
    i think asian are more cuter and prettier.
    i miss the old kpop where they love to be cute.
    and only the divas and seniors like hyori and seo in young do the sexy.

    • orange_fun says:

      I’m sorry, but they do not look American. With their funky outfits they look a bit more Japanese inspired, not that it’s a bad thing, i actually like their outfits for a photoshoot, and besides their makeup would be considered terrible in any part of the world, I have never seen Americans look like that.

  23. Really?!? says:

    Oompa-Loompas + Ganguro= this fashion pictorial

  24. Aya says:

    seriously fail vogue team

  25. Nicepeterfan says:

    Short article haha. I thought they said they were gonna do a massive takeover of the American music industry not get some one paragraph small clip that most would skip over. Suck on that wonder cunts us Americans know you suck ass at singing!

  26. Suzy says:

    They made them look horrible! I honestly thought this was someone’s cruel joke

  27. psyrynskye says:

    this was more or less not what i wanted to see…what happened to them? they used to look so pretty and now they just look really weird and actually kinda ugly and now i feel bad for saying it thanks a alot america this is why im moving out of here as soon as possible

    • Really?!? says:

      your a special kind of idiot blaming a country because attention craving stars will agree to anything ha place the blame where it needs to be WG management & the Mag they ok this idea


    • ana says:

      Yes, please leave if that’s what you think!

      And don’t let the airplane door hit your @ss on your way out!

      Seriously? You’re blaming an entire country for what a make-up artist and a writer did to them for a magazine article? o_O

  28. badshultz says:

    JYP should probably start thinking about letting the girls go back to korea… there is no sense remaining in the US if you’re not actually making it BIG in there,….as in like BIG like the VMA or something really visible to the US crowd….the glory days of NOBODY are over….its either they come up with a song really catchy they’ll make it to the Billboard or just go back to korea and start afresh..they’re tiring themselves being sooo pushy in trying to get into the international scene…
    im not a hater…just a realist…

  29. MocoCoco says:

    My god… They turned Sohee into a clown! Poor girl!
    Vogue needs to up their make up artists abilities… T.T

  30. sooomy says:

    I love how they make asian girls look like skanks in the US.

  31. boiicee says:

    yeahh the make-up and the pic effects makes them look rather odd

  32. nyooung says:

    yenny looks like junho from 2pm derssed up like a girl

  33. Bisu-Fan says:

    wow they look terribad…
    especially sohee… goodness hope they are fixed whenever they debut~

  34. Jwoww says:

    Oh Em Gee, there’s no limit to their fuglyness.

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