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[Drama review] Can you hear my heart?

Starting from today, I will be reviewing the most recent Korean Dramas. And the ones I think will be worth watching.

Today’s drama is “Can you hear my heart”.

This drama is a love story between Cha  Dong Joo (acted by Kim Jae Won) and Bong Woo Ri (acted by Hwang Jung Eum) and the problem between them is that Cha Dong Joo (by the way, he is rich too) becomes deaf after a car accident. On the other hand, Bong Woo Ri is really smart, but she acts like she is stupid to protect her mental step dad who marries her deaf mother. The love between the main characters is really complicated, but at the same time romantic.

*there is a love triangle btw 🙂

This drama started in April 2nd and will end in July 10th.  (There is only 4 episodes out w/English subtitles)

Total episode: 30

Genre: romantic, comedy, & drama

Broadcast network: MBC; this will air in Saturdays & Sundays

Script writer: Moon Hee Jung   Director: Kim Sang Ho    Producer: Im Hwa Min

Wanna watch the trailer? Here you go:

Here are some cool pictures of the drama for you guys 😉

Are you guys going to watch this?


28 Comments on “[Drama review] Can you hear my heart?”

  1. lian95 says:

    I am watching this drama and it is AWESOME btw =)

  2. hangyeibnida says:

    Awww….I’ll search for this drama, I’m really want see this!
    seems a great drama! *-*

  3. ifat3 says:

    it’s sound good

  4. benny says:

    It sounds good I mite watch it . but…. for some reason watching that girl, Hwang Jung Eum just grates my nerves she is always overly dressed in any drama she is in (i.e over the top) plus are her lips always that red?. It looks like somebody scrubbed it raw and red. either that or she is not that great an actress… Just sayin

  5. Kasey says:

    I will go check it out. It looks good.

  6. Pink Rocket says:

    i think i lost my appetite…

  7. fandom says:

    looks like a good drama

  8. hejjin says:

    awesomee , love this drama ;DD

  9. Kttn says:

    Of course, I will be watching it! I’ve been impatiently waiting for kim jae won, missed him so much, so glad he’s coming back so soon after returning from the army. I really like his acting, yay! (:

  10. sam says:

    CDY became deaf not because of car accident.

  11. Konstance says:

    Is this drama really really worth watching??? I haven’t got the time to browse.

  12. chelsea says:

    Why is it that in a lot of dramas, the girl always have a really stupid hairstyle? in boys over flowers, geum jan di looked like ms.swan. and dont get me started on personal taste.this one looks like the mushroom in super mario :[

  13. missy says:

    i watched the first 2 episode and it looks like a drama with a lot of crying. i wonder how hwang jung eum going to pull it off, but hey kim jae won is here!

  14. tiff says:

    this and 49 days is my favorite dramas right now. getting so good and intense

  15. American Girl says:

    dammit! i dont even have time to watch dramas im pissed now. stop coming with dramas til i have time.lolz. thats stupid.

  16. lollipop says:

    not car accident.. fell off a laddar and hit his head on a rock..ouch!

  17. Stephanie says:

    I loved her pixie cut. The drama looks interesting.
    Me encanto su pixie cut. El drama se ve interesante.

  18. hyorae says:

    i love kim jae won :p

  19. kss says:

    I’m sorry but that was a really bad uhh review of the drama, I got rather lost in trying to read the first few sentences (how did they connect? made no relevance in my head)

    and the female lead…oh god her hair is horrible- a mushroom bowl cut? really???? why cant they make her pretty

  20. mrs moon says:

    post new news, please. I’ve been seeing this same page for days.

  21. love3333 says:

    official reports have said otherwise…

    “there will be 50 episodes total with the last episode being broadcast on 2011-09-18”

  22. techromance says:

    im really confused who the love triangle is between, does anyone know?
    ive already watched all the episodes, and i kind of wish maroo falls for her too even though theyr stepsiblings! please tell me he does!

    btw, this only started watching this drama because i was bored, not because it looked good BUT ITS TURNED OUT AMAZING! *so if your wondering, watch it, and stick it out!

  23. Cute says: totaly agree with you.. techromance
    i wish ma roo will falls for woo ri too..
    so far.. i really like this drama..can’t wait for next episode..

  24. k-drama lover says:

    guys… you really have to watch this drama. it will make you cry, laugh and smile at the same time. don’t just look at the actress’s hair style. she is doing a great job in playing her part as Bong Woori. i really love it and i’m totally addicted to it.. but by the way, the total episodes are 50 or 30???

  25. Ellie says:

    Loving this SERIES!!!
    Love watching the sweet sparks between Cha Dong Joo and Bong Roo Wi.

    Such a mystery as to where the story will lead.


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