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[Poll] What is the most amazing “Fanclub name” ?

POLL ENDED !!!!   😦  

Recently there hasn’t been any fun polls in POPSEOUL!, but now there is. It took me awhile to figure out a poll for you guys, and I apologize.

The last couple of days I have been exploring the official websites for kpop bands, and I saw some really funny but fun fanclub names.

By the end of 14th of May, the voting will END! You have time to vote for your favourite fanclub name, so spread the word (Facebook, Twitter, etc)  and let your favourite fanclub win!

*NOTE: if you have any other ideas for polls, comment in the section below and you don’t know, maybe the next poll is presented by you.

See you soon POPSEOULers  🙂


67 Comments on “[Poll] What is the most amazing “Fanclub name” ?”

  1. kapollo says:

    lol if you put in elf or sone, youd have definite top 2s lolol

  2. s@ssy says:


  3. kimi says:

    i thought it would be a battle among VIPs, blackjacks, elfs and sone.

  4. Svang0001 says:

    VIPs. Blackjacks. Hottests. ELFs.

  5. lian95 says:

    Everyone would have picked them, but I wanted to try the new groups, give them a chance u know?

  6. Koro says:


  7. Puppylova says:


  8. aisuzieya says:

    wth is FTIsland’s Primadonna?

    • lian95 says:

      if u mean by the name then the meaning behind it becoz of their first album name, and if u r asking why isn’t that in the poll then becuase this poll is only for the new bands…. =)

  9. kumiko~ says:

    VIPsssss all the wayyyyy~~~

  10. NicoleCLove1 says:

    you should definitely do this same poll but with older bands. 😀

  11. psyrynskye says:

    shawol 😀

  12. kumiko~ says:

    how ’bout blackjacks

  13. Dood says:

    Most of these are so corny and lame.

  14. 0330 says:

    no sone? vip? shinee world?

  15. (: says:

    ELFs! if it’s on that poll, it’s surely gonna be the first! 😀

  16. fandom says:

    A+ (MBLAQ) & B2uty (B2ST)

    better yett…
    VIPs(BIG BANG),Blackjacks (2NE1), & JAYWALKERZ

  17. Kim says:

    Cassiopeia! Huge fan club and great name.

  18. Nutssie says:


  19. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    POPSEOUL, you forgot all the important ones…..

    But, out of all the names, i would have to choose Kiss Me of U-KISS because i love U-KISS and the name fits well with the group’s name.

    • ashley says:

      no she did that on purpose because we already know who will win if she uses older and more popular groups, so this poll is 4 newer groups.

      • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

        well, yeah i know that… but they are pretty much the best bands…

        • ashley says:

          if u did know that why did u say “Hey Popseoul u forgot…..” so yeah…. u should have just said what other people said and asked her to do one with the best of the best bands, but whatever…

        • Kid, I’m an ELF, and a Cassie and a VIP but…
          If we’re gonna put it there, BB, we all know they’re gonna win. Where’s the thrill in that???

  20. freakyshane13 says:

    Where are ELF’s, Blackjacks, hottests. Why didn’t you include them.

  21. Kttn says:

    Nice poll. Next poll might be… hmm, who’s had the most interesting hairstyle? Male and female separately. Because as we know, some has had some really cool hairstyles for their concepts… 🙂

  22. heenim95 says:

    ELF n___n

  23. nyooung says:

    so hard to pick

  24. she says:


  25. It would be nice of people could actually choose the fanclub name they find the most inspired and not the fanclub of their favourite artist.. Seriously, What’s the link betwen Super Junior & EverLasting Friends ? (and don’t get me wrong, I’m an ELF since 2005 :x).

    I really like when there is a strong link between the band name and the fanclub name (like 2ne1 & Black Jack). That’s why I think, amongst this list, B2uty is the b2st :p.. and yes I’m a B2uty too but… B2uty & the Beast is classy~~

  26. Bisu-Fan says:


  27. rellalove says:

    from the list … DALMATE

  28. blacky says:

    cassiopeia AKTF

  29. Manu says:

    Shawol, ELF, Cassie, and Triple S

  30. hana says:

    well… i pick ELF, SONE, and SHAWOL… kekekeke

  31. zian says:

    BLACKJACKS and VIPSwould rock this poll
    The ones on the polls are rather lame and some are just geeky.

  32. zian says:

    BLACKJACKS and VIPSwould rock this poll
    The ones on the poll are rather lame and some are just geeky.

  33. Ricola says:


  34. Cutiepie says:

    Wow what a bunch of ignorant fools on popseoul ( well exclude the few people that actually understood what this poll is asking) O___O. Where the hell in the poll do you guys see Sone,ELF,Cassiopeia,VIP or even Blackjack? Damn learn how to fuckin read!!!!!!

  35. Mark says:

    Kamilia for life

  36. pooja says:

    kiss me

  37. ara says:

    Kiss me and B2uty has *imho* the most related name to their idols. i mean :

    ” U Kiss Me”


    “B2uty and the B2st”

    is like… nice to hear in the most common phrases. I’m not a fan of U Kiss nor B2st (I do love F.Cuz), so i hope this is fairly spoken.

    anyhow, great fans they are all.

  38. Hello says:

    Yo, I don’t hate any of the fanclubs or the artists they’re supporting, but I’m sorry. These names…suck ass.

  39. loony says:

    B2uty and the B2st! b2st’s fanclub name makes the most sense to me. but b2st also happens to have a lot of male fans, they’re b2uties too i guess lol.

  40. misijusbb says:

    guess it is for new groups…or wud hav loved to vote for VIPs & BlackJacks!!!!

  41. mbdd14 says:


  42. lol! says:

    I honestly think majority of the voters would vote because they are fans of the said group, not because the fanclub name is amazing or interesting. :/

  43. Aya says:

    what’s with voting and writing the idol you like? do they realized they’re not in the list. just pick 1 in the list.

    not a fan of them…but, i just knew that u-kiss called their fan kiss me? …………kinda cute though..haha

  44. _sarangheyo_hyunjoong_06_ says:….triple S..blackjack…VIPs…elf…boice…….

  45. daisychain says:

    First, when will people start picking a name from the list instead of always complaining about the ones that aren’t on there?
    If anything there could be a second poll with all the popular older bands’ fanclub names compeating against each other, mixing them with newer clubs doesn’t make sense, it would be too predictable. And I think the point should be to chose the best name – not the group you like the most.

    Personally I think some of the names here are a bit lame. I like MBLAQ’s fanclub name, cause it has it’s name from the fact that all the band members have the bloodtype A+, so at least it kind of makes sense and I heard they call them MY + (as in plus) or something, I dunno. And I like Beast/B2st, cause it’s funny and references the band cleverly as in the beauty and the beast.

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