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Heo Young-saeng preps for his comeback!

“Let It Go”, Heo Young-saeng!

Literally, “Let it Go” is the first single to be released from the third SS501 solo artist this year. April 28th is the day his album will drop and right now the singer is in dance and (beautifying) mode for his debut.

The Shy Prince’s agency, B2M Entertainment, uploaded photos of their talent practicing choreographer, getting his hair done, and becoming the prettiest man-idol possible for fans.

Source: @b2ment


15 Comments on “Heo Young-saeng preps for his comeback!”

  1. dee;) says:

    love him so much!
    can’t wait..having difficulty to breath thinking about it!=)
    All the best!!

  2. o0o_tripleS_o0o says:

    love u so much saengie! ❤

  3. lanwookie says:

    erkk pretty?

  4. lollipop says:

    my shy prince ^^
    cant wait!!!!

  5. ara says:

    so that’s what’s behind idols…. hard work dancing, smoky dark dressing room, tiring make up session…. -_-” it must’ve been hard.

    good luck !!!!! all the best !!

  6. CaCa says:

    yeay u comeback!!!!!!!!!

  7. meirav says:

    i can’t wait:)

  8. dan says:

    korean guys are so feminine even more so than girls. notice no one objects to a guy being called pretty.

  9. Kasey says:

    I am happy for him, can’t wait for all of them to come back as one again. I just hope they didnt do a funky hair cut for him.

  10. GoHome says:

    They spend WAYtoo much time in the makeup chair.

  11. Janice says:

    WOW. ^^ Can’t wait! Young Saeng’s my bias…<3

  12. cherry says:

    fighting opa , we always pray to u. good luck. god will pray to you.

  13. nikolena100 says:

    good luck my YS. Cnt wait to release your album and buy more and more to be ur album a #1.

    We love you!

  14. sarah sui says:

    i’m soooooo happy that he will come but what about his other members?!!

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