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JYJ accepts the role of Honorary Ambassadors

The Overseas Korean Trade Association (World OKTA) honored JYJ at their 30th Anniversary celebration at the Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel on April 18th.

The three young men were honored in front of the President of South Korea [ Mr. Lee Myung-bak], as well as, one thousand people in attendance. OKTA believes that JYJ are true leaders in the Hallyu Wave and that they are the best fit for the role of Honorary Ambassadors.

Here is a little excerpt of the band’s response after receiving their title:

“….With World OKTA, JYJ will continue to share the Korean culture and help our country advance globally.”

Congratulations to JYJ!

Source: Osen


15 Comments on “JYJ accepts the role of Honorary Ambassadors”

  1. missy says:

    finally popaeoul is covering JYJ again..
    but why can’t the government take care of SM.
    we all know they are still harrassing JYJ through AVEX..

    jyj announce june 7 japanese charity concert..
    avex says they can’t
    then sm announces on june 7th homin will participate in an charity concert for japan..

    even a idiot can connect the dots

  2. leeMa says:

    Thanks for the coverage of JYJ. Please let someone take care of how SM is still interfering/ harassing JYJ.

  3. ara says:

    jaejong looks stunning. and yoochun is so much adorable. but imho junsu need to stop the a symmetrical bangs… he’s cute when his hair is simpler and neat.

    loving jyj !

  4. dan says:

    some random BS title made up so they can feel special.

    • hyan says:

      That is the title OKTA and other organizations give the artists that accept to represent them. Seohyun from SNSD was given an ambassador position for a fitness/health organization. It seems that you don’t like them much. Why waste your time commenting?

  5. Spring says:

    Congratulations to JYJ! They are being finally recognised and rewarded. Your hard work is paying off. Keep up the good work and it will be a beginning to a great journey ahead. We can now see some real smiles coming from the trios.

  6. freakyshane13 says:

    JYJ congratulations. Keep spreading the Hallyu Wave!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. roxyisferox says:

    Hahahah! JYJ should feel vindicated then, after all the shenanigans created by SM Entertainment… Congrats JYJ!

  8. pat says:

    The Korean govt needs to get them on TV in Korea and Japan. THAT would be vindication.
    The courts are being wishy washy about SM.

    • roxyisferox says:

      oh! thanks for mentioning that! we could even add to the fact that courts and other institution could be that corrupt enough to be paid by SM. I am hoping they ARE FIRM ENOUGH against SM. JYJ has been through a lot of shenanigans thrown by SM.

  9. Manu says:

    Yay, I’m so happy for them!! And I get to see them next month too! ^_^

  10. shweyilinn says:

    hello micky yu chun
    i am one of your fans. i love tvxq so much. i also love jyj. i always trust you forever.
    i also thank you for standing in front of us. i want to see you.
    i hope we will meet in one place at one time. bye

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