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Super Junior’s Hee-chul is “tired”

While the singer expressed his fatigue on twitter…..What did fans think about their online “dictator”?

Hee-chul tweeted about his current lack of energy on April 20th and his ELFs ran to the rescue! Hee Hee‘s little helpers tweeted messages like the following to their favorite idol:

“look at ur eyes ….sleep plz ~

u have black circle Mr.Kim Haechul

aww, nae oppa, i see.. u should take a long rest for now.. u should always be healthy.. :33 
btw, oppa i can see u are getting much thinner nowadays.. (bcoz of stress??) that’s bad.. :((“

There is nothing like fans to  make you feel worse brighten your day!

Source: @Heedictator


16 Comments on “Super Junior’s Hee-chul is “tired””

  1. pat says:

    More sleep deprivation!!!!!! curse SM

  2. Gtl says:

    SMbot number 24562 will die if SM doesn’t give it a rest since are sleep deprived it’s easier to get to ill or make serous mistakes like falling asleep behind the wheel.

  3. Micklane88 says:

    not too tired, not to Hee-chul oppa hurt!

  4. lanwookie says:

    what can we say…..his eyes doesnt show that he is tired lol..he just make some drama..haha dramaking..heechul

  5. ara says:

    will they ever going to get bored of the idol life ?

  6. Dood says:

    He’s tired of living in the closet. Just come out! It’s safe! Nothing will surprise us anymore, seriously!

  7. halymah says:

    heechul sshi i think you need more rest .look at you …… the sm have to know that you also human .and if something will happen to you we as you fan will be more sad than sm .so take care your health nothing more important than that .when u happy we will be more happy but when u sad its so pain 4 us .we are waiting you in jakarta on june so stay healthy

  8. DIA says:

    Why is he tired? It’s not like he has actual musical talent. Maybe that’s his cue to exit stage left from the industry

  9. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Please get some rest~

  10. LiL Shawty says:

    Naawwwssss :/ Heechul oppa~ Get well soon, get some rest && SuJu FIGHTING~ ❤

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