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The Wonder Girls “Tweet” America….again!

Paper Mag returns!

On April 20th, the JYPE globetrotters tweeted the following detailed information about their latest USA interaction:

“Remember the Wonder Girls were featured in Papermag? More photos and their interview were released!!!

The “Girls” talked about fame, debuting in a foreign country, and what it takes to be a true “Wonder Girl” (and….no, it has nothing to do with the comic Wonder Woman). It is just as member Yenny stated:  “It’s not like we have super powers….we have passion and we believe in ourselves.” 

Source: @followWG and Paper Magazine


35 Comments on “The Wonder Girls “Tweet” America….again!”

  1. BlunderGirls says:

    I guess the WG are the only ones that believe in themselves. I don’t think anybody cares anymore. They’re a 2 -3 Hit Wonder. Thanks for opening up the doors for more successful Girl K-Pop Groups. The WG’s are the ajuma’s of the Girl Groups of K POP.

    • missy says:

      i think the new member should have never joined…
      they should have ditched the disco
      they should have stayed in korea..

      now i see why one of the members left

    • ashley says:

      how are the ajuma’s? they only debuted in 2007 it’s not like they been around forever like Baby VOX at least wait until they are in their 30’s before u call them the ajuma’s of girl groups.

    • Angel says:

      agree with this, i think they can’t gain much more fame like before…so old-school, they should change their image already as well as their type of songs!

  2. sup says:

    they need serious help on their PR image because the only impression they leave anyone with is their overused and over-worn disco nobody dresses. it makes them look so lazy and UN-passionate because if they truly were, they’ll be making music that reflects them and not singing songs of the past “remix” versions.

  3. OOOOOOKay!!! says:

    I think they can make it! They should! Wondergirls are awesome and they got this far so wuts the point of them turning back now!? they should come out with new music though becuase ,i mean, come on, you cant stick with the same old same old in America! and we need their talent too. the only good singers i know in music for my generation is pink, christina aguilera, lady gaga, jason derulo and yeah. thats it! so i have alot of faith in them and i hope they make it big here! Wondergirls! Fighting!!!

  4. ashley says:

    Sohee looks very different and pretty in the picture.

  5. blaznist says:

    um honestly, no black, even the white washed asians here (ok well one didn’t know), and the white people don’t even know who the heck they are, and im not gonna explain to them lol. I like WG but just can’t work if all they just stick to korean town gotta get localll in the country towns.

  6. lanwookie says:

    OMG.. whats wrong with their hair, make up, clothes and etc.. classy enough? or beuty enough..please change to other something on what you wearing,the hair style its like a witch..

  7. Gaby says:

    I love the wonder girls, they were the first kpop girl group I was introduced to and my favorite tlll today. Their awesome with amazing personalities.


  8. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Well, at least this is better than the VOGUE….

  9. Dood says:

    They should just crawl back into their shells until they get some NEW ass music. They are just shaming themselves.

  10. this blog have a lot of news and fresh k-pop news thanks for share and fighting

  11. lex says:

    so proud of the Wonder Girls~ i know some are upset because they are popular in KOrea then suddenly they go to America~ But for me, it made them more of WONDER GIRLS~ they started all over again~ they are so brave to take that risk~ and let’s be honest~ They are somehow known in America! Kpop should thank them~ because of the risk that the Wonder Girls are taking~ Kpop is spread all over the World! I love the Wonder Girls because they are strong enough to take risk, they are talented~ They have humble hearts~ and they are not afraid to risk their popularity~ It’s not the POPULARITY that they love much BUT they LOVE MUSIC and want to spread that PASSION for music! Wonder Girls fighting!

  12. WONDERGIRLS are awesome…not so girly but they ROCK my world…sarahnganda WONDERGIRLS….♥♥♥

  13. mq says:

    they seriously need to stop wasting their time in America. Why be some one-note wonder in the US when they can be stars in Korea? Return to korea already and turn out some new songs. I thought the way they only promoted Two Different Tears (which wasn’t really that good) for only like a few weeks in Korea and then headed back out to the US was pretty ungrateful to their loyal fans who have been waiting so long. Return to korea and do it right! These girls talk about passion, but we need to see that passion back on the stage, working week after week to prove that they deserve to stay on top.

  14. GoHome says:

    If US born Asians who are actually fluent in the English language have a hard enough time breaking into mainstream music in their own country, what makes these kpop groups think they have a chance in the American market? Most, if not all, of the kpop groups are all about image not even trying to improve on vocals. They’d be eaten alive by the American mainstream crowd. Kpop fans based in the US sure ain’t enough for them to be considered a success in the USA.

    Keep it Korea, at least there they are considered superstars. Just try and come up with new better songs and concepts. The retro thing is so over.

  15. benny says:

    what they need to do is release some new songs or or change their careers to fashion models

    • jamshin says:

      aggree 100%……….they should not bet in america if they not incredible (super) talented……..only miracle can help them……mybe jyp have strong connection ove there………..

    • Aya says:

      new song and concept…seriously jyp…..enough with retro pattern dress with hairspray hair already, 2 different tears wasn’t helping at all either

      but i love that the girls not look like a bunch of skeletons

  16. jamshin says:

    it is jz me………in this pic at leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeast they have little fat…….which is they not sucks with the super duper skinny skinny body………………

  17. pat says:

    If JYP is so smart why does he bother bringing them to the US. They came, they tanked,now go back to Asia and restart . WG in AMERICA is OVERRRRRRRRR.

    • jamshin says:

      what can we do….kpop desprately one 2 debut in america (the greatest US) hahahah… not a fan of WG…but their music quite good 2 hear….i jz want are super popular in asia region…..that they decide to debut in america, there are thousands of talented singer in US…..yet they still struggling to become celebrity not included the celebrity who struggling to be popular………

  18. tiaramgl says:

    WG in America is such a silly idea. They never become Idol of America. Because their personality and talent weak. They never can’t following or same as Jay Park. JYP’s only one good&bad choice is Jay Park. Now he is more popular than all of the JYP artists. Jay’s talent and any other thing improving so fast in whole world. His moves and shows just perfect. But WG see them what a hell? never shining again like a zombie or something else.

  19. reeceyy says:

    Looks like only media coverage they’re getting is from Papermag and it’s not even main stream magazine…sad. I think JYP paid Papermag to write something about WG.

  20. Wonder girl is wonder k-pop girl group and international girl group

  21. […] July 1st, JYPE tweeted the news that the Wonder Girls are scheduled as one of the performers at the 2011 Special Olympics. The following excerpt is […]

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