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BoA heads in the opposite direction of SMTOWN…..

and Paris takes over!

SM Entertainment announced the following news on April 20th,

“…On June 10th, we are planning to meet our French music fans at the ‘Le Zenith de Paris’ venue in Paris, France.”

2010’s mega K-pop concert took the Asia and the USA by storm and now the Poppy artists are heading to Europe. The SM Town Live World Tour [ Super Junior, DBSK,SNSDSHINee, and f(x)] will make one last stop (until they add another date) in the city full of romance. They will tread on Ne-Yo and the Jonas Brothers’ former stage. The Le Zenith de Paris  has hosted many international stars and now the Hallyu wave is pouring in. BoA, however, does not need any more love in life! She is parting ways with her resident town to continue dancing with Derrick Hough. Here is the tweet to prove it:

“I’m not going to “SM town in Paris”.. I will be in Toronto shooting the movie[Cobu 3D].. ;(“

Will you be buying your ticket to love and K-pop?

Sources: @BoA_1105 and Joy News 24


25 Comments on “BoA heads in the opposite direction of SMTOWN…..”

  1. nhan vo says:

    i like her songs and music videos.

  2. SAEJUNG says:

    Rather flat boobs I’d say.

  3. bjzed says:

    No BoA, no concert for me.
    Le Zenith of Paris isn’t a big deal, many singers known or unknown can perform here. Bercy is the best concert place for internation stars, much bigger place too.

  4. tiaramgl says:

    Boa is daebak but now i don’t wanna this ticket anymore

  5. HUUH says:

    I will buy this ticket for f(x) but not for SNSD (useless band -_-“)
    Anyway => I’ll be there !!!!! =DDDD

  6. Gtl says:

    Boa is not going like anyone cared she hasn’t been SM biggest star since 2006 she is too busy flopping everywhere.

    • ashley says:

      she may not be that popular in korea anymore but she is still popular in other countries.

      • Chuchu says:

        Like where? She’s not popular anywhere but Japan and even there her record sales have gone way down. I agree with the flopping statement.

  7. reeceyy says:

    “2010′s Mega K-pop concert took the Asia and the USA by storm”, I don’t get this part about USA by storm. SM had 1 concert in LA and they needed every SM artists to appear to sell out Staples Center. JYJ, they couldn’t sell out 3000 seat venues in LA and NYC, several cities were cancelled. Wonder Girls, they performed in small 3000 venues in only 9 cities and some cities were cancelled.
    What other 2010 KPOP concerts in US?

    • ashley says:

      well I ‘m not sure about the other concerts but the JYJ concert in LA and New York have over 7000 people show up but the places they were performing at could only hold 3000 so I think they did pretty good even though SM tried to stop them from performing.

      • reeceyy says:

        first, JYJ didn’t sell out 3000 seat venues in NYC and LA. Then 6000 to 7000 people showed up because JYJ decided to make the LA and NYC concert FREE.

        • ashley says:

          well it was actually a fire hazard to actually take the 3000 so they couldn’t but they still did good, and they are coming Back in May to perform in a few major cities again but it’s Not free this time so hopefully they will do good again. I would go but it’s only 3 of them and not the full packaged so I’ll pass.

  8. Isabella says:

    Why in France??!! I want them in Poland!!! ㅠ.ㅠ

  9. Dovey says:

    Her in another one of those dance-flick movies, eh? It’s gonna blow, I already know. =/

  10. gokuma says:

    why does the photo that they selected looked like a mug shot? did she get caught for DUI?

  11. blaznist says:

    Great photo? not, what did you do to my BoA! She looks tired…oh well she dominated Asia and she can do movies hehe, go BoA! Those other kpopers aren’t on her level, they haven’t sweated in a hot warehouse at 12 years old. SM hell back then, but she made it through, still the best baby! fofoo haters lol.

  12. WingedVoice says:

    shes coming to toronto!??!?!?!?
    i want to see herrr!!!

  13. Dood says:

    Any kpop artist who touches upon America starts to look like trash.

  14. cdnpoint says:

    See what you can of Toronto, Boa! Maybe you can see Luminato too when you wrap the movie.

    (We’d love it if you could bring a concert to Toronto later this year–with SM Town if possible just to share the musical love for all the K-pop fans here.)

  15. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I wish i can see them at the concert… 😦
    Since Super Junior, SHINee, SNSD, F(X), DBSK, BOA, etc are in it!

  16. cdnpoint says:

    BOA’s had about three packed years of making albums (English, Japanese x2, Korean), doing photo shoots, promos and concerts. The movie shoot will sort of be a break from the studio/talk shows/music shows/concerts routine.

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