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Park Bom Vs Jay Park ……

“Don’t Cry”, “Take A Deeper Look”!

2Ne1’s Park Bom released the first solo MV for her digital single “Don’t Cry” today. This is her first musical project without the YG ladies members. She has parted ways with her girls and her man in this MV.

Watch her in the land of secret, spooky, fantasy love below:

Jay Park‘s new music hits stores on April 27th and he is urging you to “Take A Deeper Look” at him after his 2pm days. Like Bom, this will also be his all new project without his band. However, there is one thing Bom and Jay do not have in common….she will return to 2NE1, while Jay will keep treading the K-pop trail alone with the Jaywalkers.

I love Bom‘s voice, but her music video scenery is a little too creepy for my taste. Jay‘s teaser is something to anticipate. Although, he could have left something up to the imagination on his album teaser photo.

What do you think about their comebacks/debuts? Who is your favorite?

Sources: Sidus HQ ,YG Entertainment, and @JAYBUMAOM


48 Comments on “Park Bom Vs Jay Park ……”

  1. Cocoa says:

    Isn’t this Bommie’s second time going solo? She did “You and I” too!!
    I love her she is amazing!

  2. tiaramgl says:

    Of course Jay Park because he is always big bomb on the music area. He’s super talented and nature born crazy energetic guy. His all moves and everything best quality and strong.But this MV of Bom sorry guys it’s not cool at all. Screen layout same as Taeyang’s I’ll be there.

    • Dood says:

      The only thing you’re participating is him taking off his shirt. That’s the only thing 2PM members are capable of doing and Jay didn’t leave that trait behind.

      • ashley says:

        lol that’s true but I’m not going to complain because they look good.

      • tiaramgl says:

        So Who can dance prefer than Jay from 2pm also from Kpop? Can you answer this question? Maybe you’ll say someone else. But everybody know that haters and hottests all people know that He’s not only take off shirt guy. He is good dancer and singer. His voice and live stage more than them. Only thing his talent not match the band. Cos he could do everything.Be honest buddy

  3. I love ? says:


  4. dan says:

    oh great another wannabe black gangster from da hood. why did he have to come back?

    • lol says:

      Kind of have to agree. What’s the with dark chocolate spray paint?

    • JP says:

      Omgosh how mean !

    • Taesu says:

      @dan, I know what you mean, upper or upper middle class Korean Americans acting, talking and dressing black gangsta, I don’t get it. I wonder Jay talks gangsta when he attends Korean church with his parents, probably not, so he’s pretending to be a gangsta. I call this “A Phony”. Crown J is the worst Phony Gangsta wanna be.

  5. cherry_o says:

    Park Bom’s first solo single is “You and I.” This is her second solo single.

  6. cindy_kwon says:

    i really luv bom !
    more power ..

    ds s her second solo MV.
    you nd i mv made me cry!

    go 2ne1 !

  7. yeahme says:

    Loving both. But i go for Jay Park since i want to see what he has on his plates. Lmao, funny how people getting butthurt about his comeback. Keep on hating bitchezz cos Jay Park is coming back to haunt ya!

  8. tiaramgl says:

    yea all the haters dead to him

  9. Bom&jay!~ says:

    i gotta say love them both! i love bom for her music,voice and personality! and jay park for his dancing and how he has courage to move on about the part~ 3

  10. Pisey says:

    I like them both, what can i do?

  11. nhan. vo says:

    bom music video is very beautiful

  12. Taesu says:

    I thought Jay Park said his goal is to make in the states, why is he in Korea? He should be in the states and really try to make it, like Far East Movement. No confidence in himself?

    • Dood says:

      They all run back to Korea when they fail.

      • tiaramgl says:

        maybe not 😀 When i was Seattle everybody knows him and following his dancing moves.
        In my view he’s not fail It’s just his agency SIDUS HQ planning this comeback or something cos Sidus Hq got a only one singer.

        • Dood says:

          You are exaggerating. Not EVERYONE knows him, just the people you know, know him.

          • Kelly says:

            Are u hating this guy that much? WHY? huh Tiaramgl’s right many people know him right here Seattle. But why r you talking that shit. Actually u don’t know Seattle’s people. Have u ever been talked all seattle’s citizen? Sounds so funny and jealously man. Right now u looking like bare

            • Taesu says:

              Please, stop making things up. Yes, I’ve been Seattle, mostly Koreans in Seattle and some hip hop dance community from Seattle knows Jay Park, rest of the country, no idea who he is. It’s like saying KPOP is popular in US, yeah right, no US media covers KPOP, no US radio stations play KPOP, no US TV stations play KPOP videos and people say KPOP is popular in US. Whatever.

              If you live in the states, how do you follow KPOP? only option, internet, maybe you might get some Korean channels, if it’s available in your area, and if you do get it, all the shows/programs/dramas are like 2 months old, right.

    • wade3 says:

      LMFAO youre obviously a retard dude saying when all else fails he goes to korea?? and same with that dood kid who has no life nor a girlfriend and spends his time hating on other ppl behind a computer screen while he wouldnt dare say that in person hahaha. well you guys are calling it sooo easy to make it in korea and that jay has no confident in himself and thats why hes not going big in the states YET but if its that easy why dont you guys try it? its so easy you say so go ahead and try to be bigger than not only him, but any other idol. seriously just stfu guys and stop hating like sloppy annoying b*tches cuz you guys all envy him. and especially you dood, just gtfo and stop listening to korean music cuz youre obv not korean and you dont deserve to. ‘They all run back to Korea when they fail.” hahaha go dont something with your life

  13. huh says:

    Bom looks more and more plastic with every comeback. I don’t know if it’s the makeup…..or just more plastic.

    • lay says:

      aren’t you tired of saying that over and over again?

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      i know right?! I mean, i love her and her beautiful voice…
      but her face looks so messed up that it just looks scary and weird!!

      • ashley says:

        lol the only thing that freaks me out is her puffy checks……

        • zian says:

          wow, you guys dont go out that much dont you?
          EVERYBODY’S DIFFERENT. So stop criticizing on her appearance and just appreciate the courage and talent she has, if not, then don’t bother even commenting at all. She has a pair eyes 1 nose and 1 mouth, WHATS SO MESSED UP WITH THAT!?!? Now IF she had 2 pairs of eyes and 3 noses and 2 mouths THEN that would be considered MESSED UP.

          • lay says:

            THIS. i love it. it’s funny how people love to pick on how others look when they could have looked worst than those they picked on.

          • ashley says:

            First of all I really like Park Bom she’s from my home town and she is really nice and I don’t hate her. All I was saying is a long time ago her cheeks didn’t look like that and ever since she was in 2NE1 her face looked different. So shut up and stop trying to act like your some nice little defender by saying “leave her alone blah blah blah…”. Everyone can state their opinion. I think she was very pretty before, but oh well it’s her choice. SO I just want to let u know that I’m not hating on her I was just saying her face looks different.

  14. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I love Park Bom. I think she has an amazing voice!
    but her face is sooo…… weird….
    seriously, her eyelids bother me sooooo much! it’s so fake!! ugh!!
    and that nose too!!!
    everything’s big on her face. she has big eyes, tall nose, big lips!

  15. cdnpoint says:

    That may be Park Bom singing, but the person in the video is CL. This is the second time recently that something tagged about Park Bom shows CL. I don’t understand why.

  16. cdnpoint says:

    My mistake-I did think the taller 2NE1 singer was CL for the longest time, not Bom. So I have mixed them both up until now. Oops.

  17. Kelly says:

    Park Bom’s plastic surgery updated. It look so weird and same as lady gaga. She always making plastic on her face. But Bom it’s not fitting her style. 2ne1 is great band also their image is cute and strong powerful. Big eyes, LONG NOSE, bug lips, everything big that’s Big problem

  18. karajjang says:

    i love 2ne1… but i’m really looking forward to jay park. the teasers for his mini-album sounds really great and he’s working with some very talented people. and his dancing is truly epic!

  19. loveGod says:

    i think Bom is ungrateful about her face..God already give a nice face but she’s really unsattisfied with her face over and over…i hope it’s enough.plastic surgery is dangerous for our body…

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