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F(x) is in “Danger” of loving a “Gangsta Boy”

K-pop’s female “SHINee” has returned to the stage with two new questionable hits in the making!

F(x) has lost their hearts to a “Gangsta Boy“….what should they do now? Sing about it! The singles “Danger” and “Gangsta Boy” were two tracks off of their first full-length studio album (Pinocchio) that they performed on KBS Music Bank on April 22nd.

How did they show love blossoming between them and their men and “Pinocchio” doll making? Check out the performances below

Sources: SPN and Unknowncarrot170


31 Comments on “F(x) is in “Danger” of loving a “Gangsta Boy””

  1. Nigar says:

    i love f(x) so much
    today i am so happy
    girls please i want to see My Style too
    sing this song too
    Amber i love you but i am a girl

  2. 0330 says:

    i dont get it why ppl dont like Danger?
    its awesome.
    Victoria reminds me of Shin Ae.
    victoria and krystal is so pretty.
    amber is so handsome.
    luna and sulli is so cute.

  3. janey says:

    Lovin’ Danger! I’m so happy to see all 5 girls on stage again!

  4. HUUH says:

    I love them but I am still not a fan of Gangsta boy but the others tracks of the album are very nice ❤ ❤

  5. Kergy says:

    Luna is butt ugly.

  6. xiaraqis says:

    i have downloaded the full album~~ and i’m addicted to Amber’s rap 0_0
    Luckily i’m girl!

  7. Liv says:

    Amber makes every girl in the world question her sexuality xD

  8. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:


  9. ashley says:

    oh I just realized that Amber is waring Key’s jacket cool : )

  10. cdnpoint says:

    Gangsta Boy sounds very cutesy-pop for song using the word “gangsta”. I almost thought it would be a rap song but not really. It will take a few listens to get used to it.

    I noticed in the Danger video that Amber, Luna and Sulli all have items featuring the pink lips on blue fabric. Did enjoy hearing the live version of the song.

    I feel that Amber and Luna’s voices anchor the higher voices of Sulli, Victoria and Krystal.
    I concur with the other poster about seeing all 5 f(x) members on stage together again-finally. The French fans are going to have the privilege of seeing them in concert soon!!

    • kylie says:

      i suppose it’s more about girls singing about a gangster boy rather than them actually being gangsters, hence it not being compulsory to have them sing or behave like gangsters.

  11. nad says:

    still dont like this group

  12. queenbqty says:

    I’m sorry, but that is just pitiful! Now they are biting 2NE1! Bunny rabbits are more “gangsta”!
    Why doesn’t sm ent. get some decent songs for these poor girls? It is really sad.

  13. eboy07 says:

    I whonder how long kpop whill last actually whit all these groups.

  14. winwoot says:

    hate their outfit . especially in gansta boy . is this what they called fashion ??
    and their songs this time totally shit !

  15. SME #1 ANTIFAN!!!!! says:

    F(x) and the rest of the SME SUCKS!!!! copycats…..!!!! Do theyu have any thing to wear and copy other groups clothes….. i dont like the way they’re dancing its like shinee dancing GAY stuff…… They also have attitude problems! like krystal and sulli….. they really sucks……. krystal bitching around like her noona jessica who is a plastic magic and all of the SNSD girls…….

  16. […] dry season is over! The girls are raking in the awards for their “Danger” single from their first full length studio album, “Pinocchio“. Victoria, Krystal, Luna, and […]

  17. Andrew says:

    I liked your post check out for more.7 ways to keep them in love

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