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[POPSelca] Min-ho supports f(x)……

by becoming “Pinocchio”!

SHINee’s Min-ho uploaded a photo on his M2day account promoting f(x) latest album release. He called the five singers his pretty and sweet juniors and congratulated them on their new project. He ended his uplifting message with a “Go Pinocchio”! and stressed that everyone shouldn’t lie. Just like Min-ho stated….he is “Pinocchio” too!

This is the first time I saw something close to the original version of the tale. SHINee knows their children’s’ stories! Of Course, it wasn’t that long ago when they actually were babies! It’s hard to forgot a story you enjoyed yesterday…

With all jokes aside….Go f(x)!

Sources: ETO and Nate


5 Comments on “[POPSelca] Min-ho supports f(x)……”

  1. 0330 says:

    ofcourse he will support krystal and fx.
    i love krystal and minho.
    they are so sweet when they are filming King of idols.

  2. ashley says:

    F(x) is like the female version of SHINee,……. it’s a good thing : )

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      haha yes it is.
      and snsd is the female ver of super junior
      and csjh is the female ver of tvxq

      but then people say TVXQ was like HOT
      and Super Junior was like shinhwa

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