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Seo Tai-ji and Lee Ji-ah: The divorce of a couple

Did you know they were married?

They were married in 1997, they have two children together, and Ji-ah is dating Jung Woo-sung. Am I missing something?

The children are not involved in their struggled for alimony in the court. Lee Ji-ah is suing her alleged ex-husband for money and property,while her husband pleads that the law is on his side and that three years have passed [ he claims they divorced in 2006/she says 2009] and she can’t sue him for anything.

“Athena” actress Lee Ji-ah lost a marriage and she may lose boyfriend ,Woo-sung…but her daughters will remain by her side.

What does this editor think? Apparently, fans and many co-workers were unaware of the two being married for 14 years. This news came as a shock to many in the entertainment industry. However, I say….. leave them alone! If I were a celebrity, I would probably not tell my private business to the world either. Netizens are way too nosy. This pair has a right to their privacy. The issues that are surrounding them now are none of our business. As long as we are entertained and happy with their work, let them deal with their personal matters privately.

What is your opinion of the marriage of Seo and Lee?

Source: MTStarnews


51 Comments on “Seo Tai-ji and Lee Ji-ah: The divorce of a couple”

  1. ifat3 says:

    i’m agreeing with the author of this article 🙂

  2. Min says:

    i am just worried about the impact on woo sung.

  3. dee;) says:

    i’m just shocked..shocked..

  4. dee;) says:

    i’m just shocked..shocked..
    hope they settle this quickly,

  5. anna from Philippines says:

    I’m on lee ji-ah’s side…
    go girl… FIGHTING!

  6. dan says:

    these koreans want to embody everything american and gangster. american celebs get divorces as often as one changes underwear. koreans have achieved this. what’s next on the list of things to copy? they’ve obviously mastered the art of being and talking like a black gangster from the hood. they surely surpass the amount of plastic surgery one gets.

    • dwilliams says:

      what in the world are you talking about.

    • kunsang says:

      yeah what are you talking about?
      are you missing something in life?
      I have read some of your comments, i thought you were weird, but now i am kind of sorry for you. get a girlfriend/boyfriend, if that is impossible for someone like you then get a sex doll or a shrink. I am not being mean, but I think there is something wrong with you. If you really mean what you are saying then there is too much negativity in your comments, if you are doing this because it is fun for you then you are seriously sick. either way, get help. i hope you don’t stalk me or kill me or kill yourself or anything like that because i think you are sick.

      • ashley says:

        Just the same old troll that left a few weeks ago but is now back to act like a total dumb ass once again. smh…..

    • Judyannlou says:

      You are out of topic. I think the purpose of your comment is you want to attract attention to the viewers/bloggers. I believe you are somewhat a loner type of person and a narrow minded with no direct thinking. Don’t you know that people do get divorce for various reasons, not only in Korea but also in various countries who allowed/recognized Divorced Proceedings. Here in the Philippines, only legal separation is allowed.

  7. kim kim says:

    good bye transgender rumor~~

    • hannah says:

      are you talking about lee ji ah? because I swear when I saw that photo above that she was a man. but only women can give birth…

  8. what.. says:

    what the heck is Dan saying? O.o
    I hate how everyone has this stereotype
    of Korea and plastic surgery…
    Do people even realize how small S. Korea is?
    It’s like half the size of CA..gosh this
    would take forever if I start the statistics.. whatever..
    And don’t start bashing’s called globalization…it’s spreads..
    stop living such an ignorant life~

    anywho back to the original intent of my post
    Everyone has the right to keep
    their life private..this one just got out of hand. . .

  9. yimnara says:

    NO KIDS!!!! at least investigate something before you write it up

  10. Andrew says:

    Just seems that she is too young to have been married for 14 years.

  11. cdnpoint says:

    Some logic is missing here.

    Lee Ji-ah has been working since the Legend in 2007, Beethoven Virus right afterwards (violin practice, cold water shooting that put her in hospital) and then CFs and now Athena.

    I was going to say that the actress would have been quite young to have married, had kids then had time to debut into acting. She had had a birth date in the 1980s.

    Now I see that Wikipedia’s entry has updated to reflect the revelation.

    If this is the truth of the relationship, let the adults figure out their lives and those of their children in relative privacy.

    I’ll admit I could not have been the only one wondering about her then-young age in playing a major storyline as friend/possible spouse to the main actor in the Legend. I thought it was wrong for a first role for a young actor. She was convincing as a loyal friend and archer. Props for pulling those parts of the role well as Sujini.

    The man of the marriage-I’ve seen his name here before. Wonder what the kids have to contend with in regards to his reputation.

  12. Yunhee says:

    ….. Did I just read this right? The lady has KIDS. The main focus of this article is a divorce, but I’m still WTF-ing over the fact that they have kids.

  13. syrikim says:

    They have children??
    I heard that that wasn’t true…however, if it is……no one better be talking about the children….this is about the divorce and the money….and, what the hell do the children have anything to do with this??

    And, I hope this doesn’t hurt her relationship with Jung Woo Sung..The divorced awhile ago…..honestly, why should the past have anything to do with the future??….Seo and Lee are over~~~~~~~~~

    JIAH UNNIE!!!!! HWAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’M ON YOUR SIDE!!!!!

    • dwilliams says:

      it”s already hurt the relationship as jung is about to drop her as he doesn’t want to be the third wheel. she shouldve been upfront with him so he would not be taken by surprise.

  14. xox says:

    I was shocked when I heard this from my friend – cause given her age 1981 as claimed on most website…she married when she was 16?! something doesn’t add up.
    Oh well it was a shock, but too bad. They aren’t going to get any privacy which is sad to say. People are too interested now…

  15. jess says:

    this is just too crazy but I definitely agree that if they kept it a secret all this time was so that no one would be in their business and it should stay that way….

  16. Anne says:

    With her situation, how could you do?! These is one way for her at that time. You couldnt talk that “Iam ex wife of STJ – king of Kpop and i want to become an actress” no way. And Do you think STJ could give her the chance to release this information.

    Half of her life was spent in his shadows, being married, without being recognized as a wife. The think about being left alone for that many years is also unbelievable. Is there any woman out there who wouldn’t divorce a man who left her by herself in another country for so long? Since she only became an entertainer much later (and after divorce papers were filed from what I understand), she kept her marriage secret for husband’s sake during that time – CDSeoul

    And why dont you think that, how everything was posted at that time. Maybe because of Korean President’ scandal – he want to use this news to change narrow to other person.

    Or maybe have you ever thought that, why everything happened like a trap for Jung woo Sung and Lee Ji Ah. They had a big fighting in 19/01 after that early of Mar the pictures in Paris was found, and now everything is in the light. This is real trap to destroy Lee Ji Ah and Jung Woo Sung ‘s career.

    Who could make plan, is so so so curve and bad person

  17. zhia_aala says:

    lets them settle their own problem…..we ourselves have our own to handle, don’t be to nosy about them……wish they can keep it their good performance in entertaining world.

  18. Steffi says:

    Lee Ji Ah is very private from what I heard no one know’s alot about her, where she lives, past photos of her things of that nature and like this marriage it was all kept in the shadows

  19. lanwookie says:

    there must be an impact…just wait nad see..either good or bad for both parties

  20. Lynn says:

    I waiting for more concrete information. The reports are flying. I am not jumping the gun in saying anything about this other than if this is all true… poor Jung Woo-sung for being caught up in it.

  21. I care says:

    OH NO! poor Woo Sung!

  22. comet says:

    It doesn’t matter when they divorced – she should still be legally entitled to alimony.

  23. daisy says:

    Yeahhh, back off from personal life other peopl
    e, just take the GOOD and LEFT the worst

  24. Jing says:

    This is a family matter..Let them solve their own problems.They don’t need outsiders to butt in,and maybe it will be greatly appreciated by the ones concerned if people won’t make assumptions and conclusions on their present situation.

  25. Hanah says:

    Is the author of this article kidding? This website, plus the reason why it is popular in the first place, is entirely based on being nosy. It would be nice to leave these celebrities alone and maybe tone down the obsessive and negative behavior and attitudes towards them and their actions but honestly, don’t be a hypocrite. We all come here because we’re curious.

    • kunsang says:

      what i think the writer is trying to say is that be civil. talking is not a crime. seo taiji is a legend and lee ji ah is a very successful actress, talking about them is not a bad thing but as sensitive human beings, we should refrain ourselves from saying nasty things. netizens can get pretty nasty, if you haven’t realized by now.

  26. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I still shocked about this…. I can’t believe they were married and no one knew!!

  27. […] Seo Tai-ji and Lee Ji-ah: The divorce of a couple […]

  28. kunsang says:

    her marriage with seo tai ji explains her debut. I always suspected her of having some amazing connections up her sleeve but i thought it was going to bae yong joon, seo taiji came out of nowhere. anyways she is pretty and very talented and deserves her success. she probably wouldn’t be as successful as she is now if it weren’t for seo taiji but she deserves her success nonetheless. i just hope this nasty divorce goes away soon and everything gets better for her. I am not saying this because i am her fan but because i feel sorry for the kids. their parents didn’t acknowledge them until now, that’s got to be painful for the kids.

  29. babyluv says:

    they dont have kids that what keyeast had said

  30. jieun says:

    where did the rumor about her having 2 kids come up from? also she married in 1997 when she was 19 or 20. 10 years later she makes her debut. this is nuts.

  31. Judyannlou says:

    If she would be married for 14 years already, then she married young at the age of 16. The source of the news is quiet nonsense and impossible. I think this news is not true. If i were LJA, I would sue the reporter.

    • hapacalgirl says:

      The news is true, the only thing that is definitely false is the thing about the kids. They didn’t have any kids but they were married and they have already divorced, reps for LJA/KeyEast have already made a statement stating that the marriage/divorce/ and alimony court hearings are true but stated that the kids rumor is false as the two did not have children. Also k-ent people lie about their age all the time. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is really born in 1977 (making her 20 at the age of her marriage) and not 1980.

      Seo TaiJi is notoriously reclusive and extremely private in regards to his life outside entertainment as is Lee Jia so the fact that they hid it isn’t surprising but the fact that they were able to keep it a secret for as long as they did is shocking.

  32. No more old bitch says:

    I disagree with the writer ….. since you are celebrity you should disclose your martial status to the public !! Even a normal citizen needs to fill up the marital info when applying for jobs / filing tax return etc.

    Plus the advertisers, sponsors have the right to know correct info before hiring those entertainers !!

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  34. Kasey says:

    Good for her, nobody needs to know anybodies business anyway.

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  36. […] If you are curious about my thoughts on this issue, click here […]

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