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X-5 “Don’t Put On An Act”

Open World Entertainment‘s newest boy band has finally made their debut! After the music showcase[for the press] featuring members Tae-fung, Zin, Gun, Sul-hu, and Hae-won, promoting their first album “Zenos” this week, their agency uploaded the full-length music video for “Don’ Put On An Act”. In the MV, Noona seems to be attracting and just plain infuriating some of the young members in X-5.

How much power can an older woman have over young boys?

You decide her level of control in “Don’t Put On An Act”.

Source: Open World Entertainment


5 Comments on “X-5 “Don’t Put On An Act””

  1. aeyoung says:


  2. aeyoung says:

    OMG! the MV is soo dramatic!! LOVIN THE SONG!!!

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  4. deniselee says:

    the girl’s eyes is kinda freakin’ me
    she’s not that pretty at all…

  5. k-pop luver! says:

    omg that was so intense!! i even got nervous when they were sitting at the tabel eating !!

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