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X-5 is the “Fantasy” boy band

Netizens “can’t take their eyes off them”, “loved their debut song and music video”, and they consider them  “Anticipated debut Idols”.…What do you think?

Open World Entertainment’s new boy band, X-5, are [popular] signature mimes! On the April 22nd episode of KBS Music Bank, the five boys performed an interpretive “Fantasy” dance, while their second number resembled K-pop moves with a little more expression.

X-5‘s  “Xenos” debut is out and now its time for you to examine their musical heartbreak and illusion.

Source: Kmomnews and UnknownCarrot170


57 Comments on “X-5 is the “Fantasy” boy band”

  1. Cocoa says:

    Nothing special, dancing is ordinary, songs lack orginality, looks – average. Why are they even there? There’s enough groups like that already

  2. HUUH says:

    I like songs but the boys seem too perfect, so odd, so weird…..So much plastic surgery!!

    • obviously says:

      for your information americans have more plastic surgery then koreans guy.

      • missy says:

        for your information, korean guys have more plastic surgery than american guys. besides micheal jackson start naming guys with noticeable plastic surgery in america. not look in korea, most get their eyes done..nose done, and the some the chin, cheeck..

        yes american girls are more than korean girls, but then again, again a millions more people than korea. korea is plastic world of asia, and koreans know it.

        oh and don’t say botox, that’s not plastic surgery

        • obviously says:

          japanese has more plastic surgeries done then koreans and if u look at statistics america ranks number 1 in plastic surgeries.

          • olivia says:

            what does this have to do with japan? anyway, missy is saying that a bigger percentage of people in korea get plastic surgery than americans. there is a larger number of american getting plastic surgery. true. korea is like the size of idaho so therefore there are less people and out of those people, there is a bigger proportion of them getting plastic surgery than the PROPORTION in america. do you get it now?

        • icon says:

          i don’t seem why plastic surgery is such a big deal! most people want to boost up their confident a little… yes… koreans does do surgery…. but what asiaons are perfect… it’s mostly the eyes…. i don’t seem why most people seems to care…. like girls puting on make ups….wigs/extensions…. and heels….. if plastic surgery is so bad… then make up and heels must be bad too then.

  3. Nicole says:

    I think they are good. Just good. Nothing about them catches my eye.

  4. Hmm says:

    well, their songs are very normal, nothing special at all. and their looks… well, is not bad, but compared to other popular korean boy bands.. their looks are ordinary too…

    their style is very simple too… not special enough.. hope they’ll become better one day..

  5. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    WOW~ I actually like them!
    Looks are good, singing is good, dance is good! I like it!

  6. cdnpoint says:

    I thought the guitar intro at the start of the clip would be part of their music but it is the show intro. Darn, thought I was about to hear a rock band.

    X-5 resembles Rain and MBLAQ in looks when they are in the sunglasses and leather-look jackets. Have to give their music some time to get used to.

  7. dan says:

    great another group of fem guys thinking they’re black hardcore gangsters from da hood.

  8. sky says:

    well done, but not yet enough!! Need to try more. . . Fighting. . ^^

  9. up says:

    they’re just ordinary…they don’t have any x-factor like any other group..
    they need more time to become good

  10. Mary says:

    What the heck went wrong with the first routine? LOL It’s like ‘My arms ache. Now my legs ache. Now my back aches. My whole body aches. I’m old”
    Also, who told them they could pull the Rain look? XD

  11. ifat3 says:

    nice songs, wishing them the best if luck

  12. MAVU says:

    mmmmmmmmmmm i´m sorry but i don´t like them they re ordinary

  13. bunny starr says:

    needs more awesomeness. fighting! 😀

  14. valo says:

    i’m sorry guys, u r just another average boy band, no one can touch BigBang…

    • icon says:

      so true…….. i love big bang…. x-5 should at least try harder… they look weak and girly…. no offense…

  15. fromb2utywithlove says:

    BRB. Having a fangirl moment. ♥

  16. Jenne says:

    eh, yea they’re all right. nothing too too special. we’ll see what else they come out with …

  17. shinjoh says:

    “Netizen can’t take thier eyes off them”? wth? pfftttt…
    it was a nah…. :/ suck!
    auto tune voices? and the dance OMG they shouldn’t have their debut yet..
    All i can see is their not ready to have a debut yet….

    • fromb2utywithlove says:

      So many bands use auto-tune. K-Pop consists of ELECTRO pop mostly, therefore, the usage of auto-tune.

  18. saejung says:

    Seriously, they are a boring group.
    Groups that stands out inevitably are groups like Big Bang, TVXQ (regardless whether are they the past quintet, or present duo) etc etc.

    SS501 is another boring group, sorry to Kim Hyun-joong’s die-hard fans out there. I thought of SS501 all of a sudden because the above group reminds me of them. But if not for Boys Over Flowers (which Kim Hyun-joong starred in) that garnered widely known attention, SS501 would not be even heard.

    It may hurt some, or alot of “SS501 and Kim Hyun-joong’s fans” but I’d just go ahead with saying this — It’s a good thing they disbanded. It’s better if they spent time being a soloist and do what they do best. Rather than being together on stage, but the performance lacks power, lacks chemistry, and everything’s just mediocre.

    If you want a good performance… Go for something like Big Bang or TVXQ. To me, they are the only A-rated group (maybe a few more but nothing comes to mind now) and maybe Super Junior comes in close second, in a B-category. I’m not even a fan of Big Bang nor TVXQ anyway, as in I’m not in their ‘fanclub’ but if you want me to speak the truth from the bottom of my heart, not based on some bias fangirl’s opinion but strictly and entirely on whose performance’s worth a standing ovation… It gotta be Big Bang and TVXQ.

    Vocal wise, I’d have to say it’s Fly To The Sky.

    My conclusion would be, entertainment agencies should seriously put a stop in producing newbies and rookies, and then putting them together to form a band. What they should do is… To polish up the bands they’ve already created. Although there’s no guarantee they’d stand out firm like the two I’ve mentioned above, but at least, their performance would be worth a watch.

    Producing new groups every other day, and neglecting the one you’ve created, say, a month ago, would NOT do a single ‘good’ for your company.

    Just polish a few with skills you’ve talent-scouted, make them outstanding, coach them on their stage-presence, train them on their connection with live audience, teach them how to shine on stage. And there you go… A star is born. 🙂

    • lol! says:

      There should be more people like you in this world, sir or madam (or in-between). 😀

      But then again, lets admit it, Korean agencies are mostly after the money (fame could come a close second). And if a trend has started, they will use and abuse that trend until it has lost all of its meaning. You know, kind of like “let’s follow the crowd”.

    • ashley says:

      Yes! I agree, your sooooo right its scary, this group is boring like SS501, for older groups TVXQ and Big Bang are the best on stage. Their are some new groups that are good like infinite and MBLAQ but the are not that popular sadly.
      Saejung……. more people need tho think like u lol : )

  19. ara says:

    the legs are awesome.
    haven’t heard nor saw their videos before, so this pic is the only thing that catch my eyes. say it’s an average, yes, i do agree.
    still, the figure are awesome. so much bishounen like.

  20. haikal khir says:

    another boring ss501 like groups… hahahaha

  21. kimmyno9 says:

    They are not that good to me, they should be more original like big bang, super junior and tvxq these bands standed out because of there originality and talentedness.

  22. KPop4eva says:

    Still need more exercises and experiences… But as a new comer, it’s still okay, just okay, no more 🙂

  23. KPop4eva says:

    Still need more exercises and experiences… But as a new comer, it’s still okay, just okay in MY opinion, no more 🙂

  24. Jessica says:

    wuw i didn’t know some people thought of X-5 in that way. I don’t see how they’re boring like SS501, i know get it. Both X-5 and SS501 aren’t even the same and they both are certainly not boring! X-5 have great vocals, powerful dance moves and extremely talented in both languages and instruments. What exactly is wrong with people these days :/

    To be fair, i did think of SS501 as boring at first but i totally loved their Rebirth and Destination album!

    I mean, obviously people have different veiws and opinions, so i guess i’ll respect that 🙂
    I’m just going to hope that these guys will put on an even better performance and show everyone wrong.

    I knew of these guys from the allkpop website but also because of The Boss who i adore (i love their songs)! X-5 do seem to be talented though (both languages and instruments) I noticed some mentioned the autotune, but i think thats just the intro song. Their debut single was performed well on stage, they showed powerful dance moves and sang well 🙂

    Just one last thing is that i do agree that TVXQ is like the best in the world, they are like my favourite band and they were the ones who got me into k-pop in the first place! 😀

    Good luck to X-5. Fighting!!!

  25. kaykay says:

    I saw their performance last night at Kimchi Concert. And allow me to say that they definitely mediocre!

    Look wise, they are all tall and good posture but too much plastic wand waving here and there. The leader, i must say, has the best look. He doesn’t look that plastic and he has good abs! Say thanks to fan service for opening his shirt for no reason. And yes, their dance is okay.

    But sadly, their voice is no no! They did lipsync for Fantasy and their second song, more ballad, is a disaster. Their live vocal needs more training. Maybe another 3 or years!

    Compare to Super Junior who also performed last night, X-5 can throw themselves in the ocean if they want! Suju performed super well. No lipsync, original and super charming. Though Suju might not have the look of X-5, Suju came home holding the Star of the Show! And the dance move, Suju is rocking!! Donghae and Eunhyuk were amazing. Kyuhyun too.. his voice is superb..

    Enough me rambling about Suju. bottom line, X-5 needs to get themselves back in the training barrack if they want to be a band to be remembered.

  26. GO says:

    wow … so many ANTIs here…. newbie is commonly mocked my scary noona like u all who judge ppl by their first look…. u even haven’t seen them for years but u act like u knew them for ages. u see what im saying?
    every new boy band wont that great at first like u say TVXQ or Bigbang … (im not their anti) they been running in this industry for years, but FYI many of Antis mocked TVXQ when they debuted…. and they COMPARED Shinwa and them..
    but now, when u see TVXQ as big as they were last year? u say they good in everything …
    that’s happen with these newbies thing…. poor them if they meet Antis like u..
    they are here for their DREAM to became “IDOL’ because they have something for ‘the sincere Fans’ out there. they have their look, talent,ambition and hard working.

    so if u mock them or insult of what they haveN’T prove to u because they are new band, u are the one who have the heart of JEALOUSY…. do they even care what u say or what u think? there’s more ppl in this universe who care for KOREAN WAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. mysan says:

    looks, height, dance and vocal skills, I say the group has potential. they need good discography and promotional tactics to be really noticed. they need to work hard including establishing communication network with fans (like twitter or facebook) and tons of luck to succeed & remain in the industry. when shinhwa started in 1998 there was not much competition compared to today like there are more than 50 boy/girl bands. it’s tougher now; glad and proud shinhwa is still around as a group of six men. when the TheBOSS started in march 2010 they also took a lot of punches, x-5 will definitely be not exempted from this. but i hope these 2 rookies (the boss & x-5) will be like dbsk in terms of outstanding vocal abilities and like shinhwa in terms of teamwork, group success, longevity (14 years & counting), decency, brotherly affection, consideration, & respect toward one another. this way these rookies will be able to stay together to do whaterever they must to better their craft and therefore bring much laughter and happiness to the fans that have decided to stick with them come what may. to all the rookies in 2011, goodluck!

    • Ze says:

      First of all, GOD BLESS YOU. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but all these comments like they should just gtfo again because they don’t have any skills or anything of that like started to piss me off. /le sigh
      Anyways, I agree! I can’t wait to follow the boys’ development through out the years.
      As for the communication with the fans.. well, they SERIOUSLY need to work on that. They have me2day and I’m not sure if all the band members do, but Haewon has a cyworld too. Yet, NEVER have they ever replied to any of their fans comments. They don’t have Twitter either, so many of their international fans can’t talk to them because they don’t know how to join me2day. As for their daum.. well, as far as I know, they never replied to any of their fans there either. :I

  28. Yoon Eun says:

    stop arguing about plastic surgery TT Its not our buissness its their buissness, its they own life so why do we care?!~~ People who hv plastic surgery is everywhere in the world~~AND Yes we know (Korean) people in here hv many surgery~ so just live with it…

    X-5’s only new Band so they not really good yet but you dont hv to saying their sucks…
    All K-pop in here (Korea) started with an ordinary show…TT but still they learning so hard
    for themselve to be a K-pop!!

  29. Hannaaaa says:

    i acually like them. i think they’re good…

  30. Ploy Fazeral says:

    I agree with GO & Yoon Eun how can you compared them between a new boy band and old boy band huh ? how can you know that X5 are look too much plastic huh for exp let take a look at Zin oppa ( rapper ) so how do you think about his nose ? is plastic ? NO I thought , let compare his nose and other popular Korean boy bands nose you will see whom more than Zin oppa emm if Haewon oppa I think he did with his nose . anyway they are all perfect cuz they new .

  31. Ploy Fazeral says:

    Belt up ! ANTIS don back bite anyone about their appearance ! if get a plastic surgery who care ? their beauty not yours . you guy just a fan blah blah not their MOM/WIFE why need to care about their appearance huh

  32. Jane says:

    Why do you have to say those things ?? Why do you have to talk about them having plastic surgeries ??
    I mean no one’s perfect anyways…. So why can’t one use plastic surgery to enhance their appearance ??? And … they DO HAVE TALENT ! It’s just covered with all the make up their make up artists put and the surgeries their company wanted 😛

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