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BoA watches “Billy Elliot” with COBU

Hollywood’s dance movie,COBU, is in the filming stage, and the cast of the production took a break to learn the basics from an underage master!

Who can dance better than “Billy Elliot”? Well, BoA and Dancing With The Stars’ Derek Hough probably can, but that didn’t stop them from enjoy a great show. The SME queen tweeted a photo of herself and her crew in Canada attending the internationally renowned dance play “Billy Elliot”.

BoA tweeted the message below [and image above] on April 25th, about her outing with COBU:

“Billy Elliot with COBU People!! Was Great show, great Easter!!”

K-pop’s princess spent her holiday with co-workers….How did you spend your Easter weekend?

Source: @BoA_1105


6 Comments on “BoA watches “Billy Elliot” with COBU”

  1. cdnpoint says:

    The musical is at the Canon Theater in downtown Toronto. Had no idea that Boa was already in Canada as I thought she was stateside.

    Wish Boa would tweet her North American management company to update her site already-only action there has been the message board by fans in the past 14 months.

  2. gtl says:

    which one is her translator for Engrish to English?

    she needs to do a comeback quick

  3. vegaspink says:

    I love her clothes. How tall is she? She looks really short compared to the others..

    • ashley says:

      I think she is around 5’2 not really sure……. but I do know she is really short even when she is standing around other koreans

  4. catherine says:

    Billy Elliot? I’ve watched that before! 🙂 it was CLASS!

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