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Are Hyun-bin and Tang Wei in love?

What do you think of HyunWei?

Does Korea have a new international love connection? Word on the netizen street is that Hyun Bin and Tang Wei are dating. The “Secret Garden” actor is on his very first military vacation and the Taiwanese actress recently traveled to Korea for a Seoul screening of their movie “Late Autumn”. Netizens believe that Miss Tang Wei purposly cleared her scheduled to travel to South Korea during her “secret” man’s vacation time to spend time with him.

What is the truth?

Hyun Bin‘s agency insists it’s just a coincidence. Her schedule has nothing to do with their star and they hope everyone refrains from continuing the rumors. His female co-star was in town for the movie and to film a CF. Hyun-bin,on the other hand, has been spending his time off with family and friends.

I believe them….Just because two people act as a couple in one movie together and share a steamy on-screen kiss does not mean they are dating, right?

Source: Seoul NTN


50 Comments on “Are Hyun-bin and Tang Wei in love?”

  1. dramaville says:

    can it be hyun bin and ha ji won? die hard fan of the two.

  2. Kai says:

    I doubt if there is anything between the two. They don’t even share a common language.

    • Sera says:

      I don’t know or care if they are dating or not but to follow your logic, then there would never be inter-national dating. Ever.
      Hmmmm…. Yeah…
      Ever heard of the saying that love transcends all age, race, or language?

      Also ever heard of body language? LOL

      • bd2 says:

        Uhh, most of such international “relationships” where the couple can’t even communicate well is all about the $$, usually w/ the disproportionate inequity in the favor of the male.

        • whatevs says:

          @bd2 Nobody knows what the hell you’re talking about.
          Have you looked around you lately?
          – expats marrying locals
          – mixed-race kids
          – globalization
          Maybe you live deep in the jungles of who-knows-where, away from civilization?

          Have u ever heard of learning a different language than your own? It’s not that hard, really. You should give it a try and open up your horizons.

        • jo says:

          bd2’s finally exposed him/herself as a narrow minded Korean. Before it was a hint, this time it’s all out.

  3. Mona says:

    Tang Wei is from mainland China, not Taiwan.

  4. zed says:

    That would be cute, international couple but in my opinion

    Chinese actors >>>>>>> Korean actors

    IMO Korean actors exaggerate their emotions too much and try to look good rather then playing the part

    • Dood says:

      True. And the “Hot steamy kiss” was probably a touch to the lip in an awkward way. Korean guys don’t know how to kiss.

      • JundyuLover says:

        You should watch the kiss in Goong and Coffee Prince then. Or maybe that’s just because Yoon Eun Hye goes for the kill

      • bd2 says:

        Give me a break, that’s in certain types of shows where the sexual content is kept on the light side.

    • bd2 says:

      That’s just in certain types of melodramas.

      Hey, I can overgeneralize as well – (mainland) Chinese actors tend to be under-expressive makign their projects overly bland.

      • jieun says:

        it’s about cultural difference. Chinese people tend not to overact in daily life. I notice korean actors like to do this thing with their mouths when they’re acting angry agitated. They open it , flare their noses and make a face like they’ve smelt something bad. That’s really the only exaggeration I can’t stand

        • karly says:

          lol that’s a joke a lot of international kdrama viewers do when pretending to be Korean (the-open-your-mouth-and-look-like-you-smelt-something-bad-face) because so in many korean movies/dramas they do that. ironically I don’t think I’ve meet any Korean in real life do it.

      • erica says:

        yeah it’s cultural difference. Japanese and Korean actors tend to over do it when acting. Personally I think it’s unnecessary since the camera goes right up and they behave as if they were on stage like people are far away or something. Probably why Hollywood relates to Chinese movies more. The acting is more subtle. I remember that Arashi member who kept being told off by Clint Eastwood for overacting and that was one of the hardest things for him to change, cause they do things differently in Japan.

  5. Melissa H says:

    if so he moved on quick.

  6. hesadog says:

    if he is well he is a dawgg song hye kyo all the way………

  7. comet says:

    I don’t believe this at all! These rumours are always initiated just to promote movies.

  8. angelica says:

    hope its not true…wish that hyun bin would get back to song hye kyo…

  9. mq says:

    i also think it is just a coincidence or a ploy to gain some attention for their film.

  10. DIA says:

    Much better than nasty faced Song Hyokyo. I would totally be fine if they were dating

    • jaaaz says:

      nasty face? moahahaha you really are wrong
      if with that face that you say she is in the # 18 most beautiful face in the world and earn much money, and is the most beautiful in Korea. I know that many would like to have that face,
      anyhow you have bad taste or the worlds is crazy

      which seems more reasonable?
      respect the tastes but do not have it insulting

  11. jaaaz says:

    nasty face? moahahaha you really are wrong
    if with that face that you say she is in the # 18 most beautiful face in the world and earn much money, and is the most beautiful in Korea. I know that many would like to have that face,
    anyhow you have bad taste or the worlds is crazy

    which seems more reasonable?
    respect the tastes but do not have it insulting

  12. chaimoon says:

    At least HB is still getting media mileage even if he is serving in the military. That really proves his popularity. Way to go idol!

  13. lanwookie says:

    they are not meant to be..please just stop this crap rumors..shes not even worth for hyunbin…arghh i feel sick when heard this rumors..cut it off

  14. LAlaine says:

    Hyun bin is totally damn handsome man!!! After Song hye gyo , now to Ms. Tang wei!!! Whoah! I can’t Believe it!!!!! Ha ji won is only for Hyun bin !!! and not tang wei!!!!!

  15. tiaramgl says:

    Sorry guys what about Song hye kyo and Hyun bin. When they broke up? I hope they still dating? Or am i wrong?

  16. Chuchu says:

    Forget about the rumor, what about the fact that he is wearing more lipstick than her? And why is his face so much whiter than his neck? I wish these guys would go lighter on the makeup because it looks bad.

    • Hannah says:

      ” what about the fact that he is wearing more lipstick than her? “, FTW. LAUGHING OUT LOUD with your comment!

  17. JJ says:

    I really liked Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin ..
    Made a lovely pair T^T

  18. Christine says:

    I agree! He is wearing more lipstick than her. Why? And I don’t like his look, he looks sort of feminine. Sorry.

  19. Christine says:

    I still like hyun bin though. I can’t enough of my Lovely Sam Soon and Secret Garden!

  20. umm says:

    haha, i just noticed the redder lipstick and white face when someone mentioned it

  21. Popcorn says:

    It’s impossible for this pair, HB & TW since she’d mentioned once that he’s reserved man when they’re filming. No close relationship between them showed out even during the premiere of LA. Besides, if he splitted up with SHK due to time conflict, this’d become worst.

    I’d rather cheer up HJW with him considering from their great chemistry in-out, their support, and etc.

  22. Hannah says:

    Sorry but I will still be cheering for Hyun Bin and Me! Hahaha!

    Kidding aside, I will be a Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo fan forever though HB and HJW were really amazing in SG. 🙂

    Bottom line: i love him ❤ i know you guys love him too! Hihihi!

  23. rhealyn says:

    i don’t think so, i am for his ex-girlfriend, hope they will date again.

    Christian Dating Reviews

  24. Vaia says:

    Man , this is insane how can you buy something like that , They may have sleep together , have some great sex since they lived together for about 4 monts in seatles and tang wei has a feel for him she even say that many times but Dating ? give me a break , They can’t communicate with each other , yea they can communicate in english but none one of them are coonfortable in english beside that , tang wei live in Hong kong ,and they have a completly different shedules in different country .

    And i have never heard of someone who begin date a woman a week ago and leave for his mendatory for two years what kind of nonsense of that :’ ) , Just wait until he comeback and wait and see.

    And about his broke up with Song hye Kyo there is the most mysterious relationship i have heard of , they never show up together in public , they dont live together , and they never have a picture of both of them beside the filming and Press conference , i dont know if becoz there is not persistent Paparazzi in korea or they dont met each other that’s a mystere , Well whatever the most important thing that is i like his acting i find him attrative and yea i can understand all those co-star having a liking for him im missin him alrready.

  25. hazel says:

    hyun bin is only for ha ji won not tang wei right ?? =)

  26. hazel says:

    hyun bin is for only to ha ji won not tang wei

  27. hazel says:

    i dont like tang wei to hyun bin i like ha ji won to hyun bin

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