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Dari leaves Dalmatian….

to join the military.

This was short notice!

Dari’s agency, Enter Media Group, announced to the press that he started his basic training on April 25th for his mandatory [two-year] military service. The boy band member will begin his duties as a public service worker four weeks after his basic training.

What happens to Dalmatian?

His animal band will continue to promote their wild music as five members.

POPSEOUL wishes Dari the best and we anticipate his return in two years.

Source: Newsen


5 Comments on “Dari leaves Dalmatian….”

  1. gtl says:

    Irrelevant member of an irrelevant group going to army….
    no one will notice

  2. Just wany says:

    what ! how could u say that ! !
    of course everyone will notice him . .
    all of his fans are praying for him rite now . .
    we will never forget him and will wiat for him to come back again

  3. ashley says:

    wow for minute I though he left the group for good because a lot of new groups have more members jump ship that older groups idk y though……Anyways I kinda saw this coming because a few of their members are a little to old to be in a boy band, like I know one of them is in their 30’s Dari must be the second oldest so yeah…….

  4. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Was he the rapper guy in Dalmatian??

  5. Sphinter says:

    Well maybe he decided to join the military seeing that his group and kpop overall is not going to go higher.

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