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Netizens: “[SHINee’s] Tae-min gained weight!”

Does the baby of SHINee look healthier to you?

G.o.d member, Danny Ahn, uploaded a photo of himself “with SHINee [members Tae-min, Key, and Min-ho]” on his “Danny’s Music Show” website. However, the singer’s  KBS Cool FM  April 22nd broadcast was the last thing on netizens’ minds when they  saw the image. They commented on Tae-min‘s weight gain, SHINee‘s friendship with Danny, and their Male skin care.

Tae-min has always looked a little too frail in the past, but I have to admit he appears every bit the healthy happy “baby” in the photo. What do you think of his current (cheek pinching) weight?

Source: TV Daily


26 Comments on “Netizens: “[SHINee’s] Tae-min gained weight!””

  1. Jing says:

    He looks good,much cuter with that extra cheek plump…

  2. OOOOOOKay!!! says:

    AWWW!!! TAEMINNIE!!! how did u get so cute!!!! i ❤ him!

  3. Kttn says:

    Oh he looks so much more cuter and healthier and cuddlier and better. He looked way too thin and fragile before. I hope he keeps eating and looking good like this. (:

  4. Mapy :) says:

    He looks so cute >w< . BTW is it just me who thinks he wants to get abs .. lol ' cause you have to gain weight to get muscles! 😀 *pinches cheeks* 😀

  5. k-pop luver! says:

    oh taemin you are so beuatiful!!!!!!!!!

  6. ashley says:

    yeah, he reminds me of a cute chick-monk, now all the 누나 will want to pinch his cheeks. : )

  7. jess says:

    looking good 😀

  8. ShereeN says:

    Cute…Cute..Cute…That All I Can Say…Love Them All…

  9. Dovey says:

    He looks fine. But I bet if these were girls standing there instead and one of them looked like him, people would be like…

    “She looks fat!”
    “Look at her chubby cheeks!”

    And all that irritating stuff…

    • ara says:

      nice taken. now that you wrote that, perhaps there’ll be some news about some girl band gaining some extra cuddlier cheeks, and we’ll see.

  10. hyorae says:

    …reminds me of kibum when he put on weight in absence of SJ’s activities.

  11. mq says:

    I’m glad to see some weight gain. They’re too skinny!

  12. shineemax says:

    Dear Taemin,

    You gained weight more on your cheek than anywhere else.
    Maybe you had too much salt in your diet.
    I think its the salty snacks. Please try to cut down the salty snacks then your cheek would be less chubby.
    Fan that care more about your health than your look.
    Love you 4ever!!
    Toronto, Canada

  13. DIA says:

    Good! Now give all SM artists more food! They deserve it more than those faggot managers and the CEO

  14. 0330 says:

    lol so cute.
    i really like taemin with short hair.
    when they sang a.mi.go or love like oxygen.
    key is so cute

  15. chaimoon says:

    He is healthier and that’s good for a growing boy like him! 🙂

  16. catherine says:


  17. tiaramgl says:

    He looks so good better than before. More cute. Just keep this way. Really fitting your image.

  18. HUUH says:

    He is better!! A true man! =DDD

  19. Mayra says:

    He’s tooooooo cute =D

  20. eboy07 says:

    Why are the comments the same? oh wait thats kpop for me.

  21. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    daannnnggg! i love g.o.d and i always will~
    Danny was my second fav member~~

    taemin does look a bit chubbier, but he’s still cute!

  22. YULIA says:

    i thought he;d be gaining weight flesh/muscle wise. but i guess he only gained fat. another sign this guy has way too much oestrogen in him.

  23. Chelai xoo on FB (: says:


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