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After School washes away their experience in “Shampoo” the MV

Ok, maybe it is just Raina!

On April 27th, Pledis Entertainment released After School‘s comeback single’s music video, “Shampoo“. This song is one of the few tracks from their new album “Virgin”. The girls manager/choreographer, in the MV, is completely entranced by the rookie Raina and is determined to make a star out of her.

Is her “virgin” talent good enough? Will her hidden potential shine through? Will the choreographer ask her out? 

Discover the answers to these questions  in “Shampoo” the MV.

Source: Pledis Entertainment/Loen Entertainment (Youtube)


13 Comments on “After School washes away their experience in “Shampoo” the MV”

  1. jenny says:


    whos the hot guy in the vid btw???

  2. HUUH says:

    A beautiful mv!! =D

  3. missy says:

    1. most aren’t vigins.. esp gahi… doesn’t feel like an appropriate title
    2. i wish it was smaller, the group.. there are 2 girls who i saw and was like ? WHO? I’m kinda bias. i love gahi, nana, lizzy, raina, uee, and the other rapper…
    but the others.. I didn’t know who they were…

    3. gahi is looking old, or something is really different.. she was prettier before, almost didn’t recognize her. O.O

    LIKES: d(^_______________^)b
    1. NO AUTOTUNE. I HATE HOW GIRL GROUPS now are talentless hiding behind autotune.. i like it… very natural and FRESH
    2. NANA <- LOVE HER. she got so many lines YEAHHH
    (..more but too lazy to write)

    • OOOOOOkay! says:

      lolz. the other rapper is bekah. and i totally love how they put to be continued at the end. just great.

  4. OOOOOOkay! says:

    I Love The Song! and that teacher is hot! i wish he was my friggin teacher, I would be forever passing!

  5. iowes says:

    Virgin Album?! Shampoo?! WTF?!
    The song is not bad, let’s hope their tap dancing is better than what they showed in the MV!

  6. ara says:

    the tittle is just too much. virgin shampoo….. -_-”

    at least they sings well live on stage. which makes me think, good girlbands who sings live and sound good only consist AS, Secret, BEG… er… and sometimes missA. Co-Ed does well too. wow. what a really few of them… or probably i’m just left behind the news.

  7. ashley says:

    Shampoo is a weird title for a song and I actually love the song Virgin even though it has a weird name too lol

  8. ashley says:

    oh and I just realized that they now have 9 members wow….

  9. Aya says:

    well hello mr. hottie………………haha..bekah and kahi are so pretty ^^

  10. umm says:

    what i like about this mv is that they actually don’t try to act cutesy or childish or stupid like some other girls. the mv makes them look respectable and shows that you can be both young and normal (no need to try to emphasize being young by desperately sounding and wearing clothes for four year olds).

    what i wish they would have modified about the mv is that they looked like girls in a dance school but their dances are 0.0 …. it’s like tap dance that’s not even tap dance…people don’t need to go to school for those dances and it kind of puts down the atmosphere because at first they were stretching and it kind of makes you anticipate that they would break into some really cool dances. it would have made this mv awesome if they showed some professional dance moves.

  11. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    i love the song

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