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[Before They Were Stars] Maya Was “Apkujung Hwangbo”

On the April 27th broadcast of MBCGolden Fishery – Radiostar,” pictures of singer Maya‘s past revealed her youthful beauty of days gone by.

Maya revealed, “Before I started singing, I had the nickname ‘Apkujung Hwangbo,'” because of her resemblance to the Chakra singer (and “We Got Married” star). She mentioned, “When I was a little more tan and would tie up my hair, I would resemble her more.”

Wheesung, who was also present for the episode commented, “She looks like an actress. It seems like she was really popular [back then].”

This broadcast brought together some of the better solo vocalist in the current Kpop world with K. Will, Wheesung, and Maya as guests.

The 37-year-old’s current single is “It Hurts, I’m Sad.”

What do you think of Maya of the past? Does she really resemble Hwangbo?


2 Comments on “[Before They Were Stars] Maya Was “Apkujung Hwangbo””

  1. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    She sorta does look like Hwangbo when she was in Chakra

  2. dan says:

    yeah they kinda resemble it’s just that hwang bo unni is still more gorgeous than her.

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