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“High Kick Season 3” is Halfway with Casting

The third season of the popular daily comedy series “High Kick” is halfway through casting, according to the production team. Who will be in the spotlight this season?

There are already actors who have had the initial meeting with production and are awaiting the casting results, including Yoon Kye-sang (“Triple”), Ki Tae-young (“Royal Family”), Hwang Shin-hye (“My Sweet Home”), Kang Sung-yeon (“Wife Returns”), and others. There is also a planned cameo for Jin Ji-hee, child actress from the second season.

In an interview on April 27th, the production stated, “Casting can change for any number of reasons, so we will announce the names officially at a later time.”

Probably, the most attention is still focused on who will be the leading young stars in the “High Kick 3” family. High Kick’s first season “Unstoppable High Kick” brought immediate stardom for Jung Il-woo (“49 Days”) and Kim Bum (“Boys Over Flowers”). The second season “High Kick Through the Roof” brought the popularity to Shin Se-kyung and Yoon Shi-yoon, and a little for BEAST‘s Lee Kikwang. Season Two also brought about plenty of popularity for some of the “older” members, including Hwang Jung-eum (“Giant”), Daniel Choi (“Cyrano”), and Yoo In-na (“Secret Garden”).

Stay tuned for the big casting reveal!


3 Comments on ““High Kick Season 3” is Halfway with Casting”

  1. I love ? says:

    Can’t wait for third season!!! I loved both first and second season!!

  2. Jae In says:

    I can see Lee Gi kwang and Kim Takgu(Bread love and dreams) but where is Kim Hye Sung? I miss him

  3. dianne verlene avenir says:


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