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Jay Park releases his “Abandoned” MV!

Would you break up with Jay Park? If you are a member of 2pm….don’t answer that! This is for all the ladies and former cool boss JYP to answer.

Recently, Jay Park released his “Take A Deeper Look” album. Even though this is not his first solo album release, it is the very first time he has given fans all new solo tracks in a K-pop album.  “Abandoned” is his heartbreaking single that has been reinterpreted on the YouTube screen. The video was released on April 27th, and now you can enjoy the English Subtitled version right here on POPSEOUL.

Watch the music video, and don’t go anywhere… wouldn’t want Jay to feel “abandoned“!

Source: LoveKpopSubs2


25 Comments on “Jay Park releases his “Abandoned” MV!”

  1. OOOOOOKay!!! says:

    i sure as hell wouldnt break up with him!!! lolz. ugh! and this song and his voice go so well!!! ahhhh!!! i love jay park! ,so dont mind this crazy person here. ^.^ !

  2. hi says:

    this is much better than i expected.

    aside from expectation, this was good. the song is catchy and has a good feel to it that current kpop songs don’t have. i think it’ll be popular.

  3. Mary says:

    Im SOOOOOOOO loving this song!!!!

    >where did u go ooo ooo… where did u go ooo oo<

    I love Jay, too..

  4. JJ says:

    It’s not bad. But the girl in the MV is bigger than JPark. Little people should pair up with other little people. Yes. J, you are a little person…. but with some talent. Your style is a bit old though.

  5. lukewarm.oasis says:

    It’s better than what I expected. I can at least say that it isn’t bad.
    JP sure does remind me of a younger Rain.

    • katie pie says:

      Not a younger rain. A Mighty Midget Rain, or Want-A-Be Rain. J really doesn’t have his own style. That over sized HAT, Crew Up hair with razor lines on the side is OLD SKOOL. Short dues are out. Most idols are now tall with long girly hair and make up. J’s living and singin in the past. Korea Music scene is too fast for him.

  6. zhia_aala says:

    welcome home……Jay Park…’re still the best!!!!!!

  7. dan says:

    gotta love wannabe gangsters from da projects in the ghetto

  8. roxyisferox says:

    Hmmm… better than I expected…. better than JYP/2PM music!

  9. Aya says:

    just like the rest, it’s a lot better than the teaser, and have to say, i also like the choreo. Good job, J.

  10. shaz81 says:

    Jay has more originality in his little finger, then most so called K-pop, WHICH IS ALL a watered down version of US urban music anyway.

  11. jwlena says:

    Jay keeps it real 24/7. enuff said

  12. Crazyworld says:

    I’m impressed! Jay Park surely mad talented. Look at that choreo and his dance, so slick and effing amazing!

  13. bt. says:

    he’s awesome anyway. who’s with me? :):)

  14. NFSQYM says:

    This is what R&B should be like…plus it oozes Jays style and originality from how it starts off slow and increases in tempo..
    As for the mv, the clothes, the sets, the choreography, the dancers Andrew, Daniel, iLL and Wassup , Dok2’s rap…were practically perfect.

  15. mlibraoktavia says:

    jay park is the best, he was amazing. i replay the mv many times, i love the song and the dance….he much talented than others.

  16. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    the song is ok… but i like tonight better

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