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Kim Soo-hyun goes on a Digital Adventure…..

His popularity in Japan is growing…..

and Soo-hyun has signed with the D.A. to make an official debut. The actor’s agency mates Bae Yong-joon and Kim Hyun-joong‘s Japanese management company, Digital Adventure (aka D.A.) is a driving force in dramas and all sorts of media. The company owns DATV and Korea’s top celebrities.

His Korean agency,KEYEAST, acknowledged that Soo-hyun‘s has many fan clubs in the country and they are certain he can be the next Hallyu star when “Dream High” hits the small screen overseas. The star’s talent in acting and singing will also take him over the top.

Soo-hyun could be a “Giant” in entertainment with his “Kimchi Cheese Smile”, but can he “Dream High” enough?

His current movie “Thieves” is still in production.

Source: Newsis


4 Comments on “Kim Soo-hyun goes on a Digital Adventure…..”

  1. jinja says:

    way to go young fellah!

  2. pat says:

    DA needs to sign up JYJ in Japan.They need allies

  3. eboy07 says:

    Is he realy popular in Japan?

  4. kpopfollower says:

    I love Soo-Hyun oppa! He’s soooo cool~<3 I can't wait for his new movie. I feel that he'll have a very long and successful career. 🙂

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