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[MV] Nam Gyuri’s Comeback as a Singer: “Starlight Tears”

Nam Gyuri, riding on a wave of popularity for the currently hot drama “49 Days,” made her comeback as a singer for the remake of “Starlight Tears” (별빛눈물).

For those of you who find the song sounding familiar, “Starlight Tears” was originally sung by Kim Yoo-kyung for the “Boys Over Flowers” soundtrack (OST). The music video is, more or less, a video slide show of the singer, but the remake brings a refined, mature feel to the “Boys Over Flowers” hit. Nam Gyuri’s expressive voice brings the right amount of sadness to fit the remastered composition.

Nam Gyuri remade the song for music producer Oh Joon Sung‘s compilation album, “The Works (Oh Jun Sung Masterpiece) Part. 1,” released on April 26th. Oh Joon Sung is considered somewhat of an OST master, producing songs for also “Prosecutor Princess” and “My Girl,” amongst others. Drama fans are excited for the compilation release.

The former Seeya member, Nam Gyuri, definitely has the voice to go back to the singing world, but it seems like the “49 Days” heroine will continue to pursue acting.

What do you think of the “Starlight Tears” remake? Better than the original?


3 Comments on “[MV] Nam Gyuri’s Comeback as a Singer: “Starlight Tears””

  1. wispergal says:

    I like Kim Yoo kyung’s better. this one’s too soft in the voice.

  2. oo says:

    I hate that she still gets to sing after the whole Seeya fiasco, and the other members don’t (one quit and one’s in limbo)

  3. jhj says:

    Her voice I think is, yes, more suitable for the song but the KYK’s version has a better tempo. The hard beat, I think, wasn’t appropriate for the song. I like her in 49 Days, though. 🙂

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