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Park Hae-jin “marries” Blue Chip

Korea’s Hallyu Star has landed a Chinese drama and a new endorsement deal!

The strong actor/singer is slowly overcoming his personal challenges to continue his rise to the top! The creation of LIVEX has made Chinese Ad agency,Blue Chip, chose Park Hae-jin as their representative model. His current “soft image” in the public was the winning factor in their decision.

In addition, the “Hot Blood” actor will play the leading role in the upcoming Chinese drama  titled  “The marriage record of Qian Duo Duo”. The love story between a career woman and rich man will premiere in China in November.

Congratulations to Park Hae-jin!

Sources: MTStarNews and Nate


3 Comments on “Park Hae-jin “marries” Blue Chip”

  1. erick says:

    well this is weird. not a SNSD fan tho, but POPSEOUL! haven’t post a single post yet abour SNSD japan release “Mr. Taxi”. but i do admire their dance routine. not easy with all that 18 leg cramped in one little space mingling around here and there. the songs was OK though..

  2. zhia_aala says:

    miss him so much!!!!!! glad he’s doing good…..hope his future carrier will be brighter…Jiayok! Jiayok! Park Hae-jin-ssi…….

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