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[Rumor] Gu Hye-sun and Seo Taiji in Love?

Oh my…

Shortly after the revelation that Seo Taiji and Lee Jia were in fact married and divorced, soon rumors started spreading like wildfire that Seo Taiji and Gu Hye-sun are lovers. Not only that, but the story came out as they were settling their divorce so that Seo Taiji could officially announce his engagement to the young actress/director/author. What does Gu Hye-sun say about this?

She pretty much says “Mind your own business.”

On her personal Twitter account (@koohs) today, Gu Hye-sun left the message, “It seems like a story from a far away world.. I was in the position of staying quiet and praying. Things between them are for them only! So that they can have good closure. Let’s think about it, do we all have to help them through our feelings? It’s their lives. [We] have to recognize that it’s exclusively theirs.

This kind of message certainly doesn’t put Gu Hye-sun out of the rumor mill, but instead a representative made a statement about the Seo Taiji-Gu Hye-sun love story, “Gu Hye-sun has been training from a very young age, so she couldn’t have known Seo Taiji [well]. It’s just a hot story. It’s a complete rumor that feels too ridiculous to even mention.”

The rumors followed this kind of logic: The story about Seo Taiji’s divorce came out now because Seo Taiji is having some kind of woman problems. Woman problems = Seo Taiji is seeing someone. He also is building a huge house these days, a house to share with a family? Upset, Lee Jia filed a suit over property. It was said that YG introduced Seo Taiji to a female fan in 2004, when he returned to Korea, and that fan was Gu Hye-sun. It was stated that  in an unreleased 2008 interview, Gu Hye-sun mention the K-pop idol, “Following Seo Taiji, I want to go to Buk-gong High School,” but YG Entertainment completely denies this as a fabricated interview.

If this rumor is true, then it implies that Gu Hye-sun is why Seo Taiji and Lee Jia broke up, which would explain Lee Jia’s actions. Netizens are trying to dig up more evidence on the couple, but POPSEOUL thinks they should listen to Miss Gu and mind their own business.

Lee Jia and Seo Taiji were married in 1997, in America. Lee Jia filed for divorce officially in 2006.


28 Comments on “[Rumor] Gu Hye-sun and Seo Taiji in Love?”

  1. mrs moon says:

    No! Don’t! Fine, Seo Taiji is huge star…but Goo Hye Sun deserves better. She’s intelligent, cute n bubbly…

  2. Kttn says:

    That’s would be one unexpected couple. But yeah, let’s mind our own business. What’s so fun about digging info about their issue. Everyone has relationship problems. Let them solve the problems by themselves.

  3. Nan88 says:

    What’s more intersting if this is true is that Goo Hye Sun knows Jung Woo Sung, and one of the reason why i believe the rumor is not true is because she knows jung woo sung, wouldn’t she say something to him if she knew about lee Ji ah, like warning him that his career might be over?

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  5. xox says:

    this is getting lame.
    plus I don’t think it explains anything except implies that Lee Jiah is pretty selfish if she’s jealous of this “so called relationship” causing her to sue, while dating Jung Woo Sung.
    Tsk tsk media today.

  6. DIA says:

    She isn’t and she recently-that is before you even posted this gossip-stated how pissed off she was that people would actually say that

  7. YGagent says:

    Actress Gu hye Sun’s statement is all true. So please let’s stop all the rumors. Actor Seo tai ji has his own life as well as Ms. Gu and as one of our talents, she has her own plans and continuing to pursue her goals. She has a peaceful and quiet type of life so let’s keep that.

  8. LOVEY DOVEY says:

    I think some unthinking person or persons are doing things without any consideration for other people’s reputation. It is sad enough for Seo Taiji, Lee Ji Ah and Jung Woo Sung to be entangled in such a manner. Please do not drag another celebrity into the mess just for fun! I believe Ms. Gu is not involved as she has established a good name for herself in the Korean Entertainment industry. I hope the whole sickening rumour will dissipate into thin air soon.

  9. Kasey says:

    I don’t know, if it is, none of our business, but dang she can do better than that.

  10. Oh my. I can’t believe this is happening. Poor Lee Jia. 😦

    • cecee says:

      Umm. Not Poor Lee Jia since she was the one who decided to sue Seo Taiji AGAIN. Plus it also stated that she is sueing again to get more alimony. They married in the US and divorced in the US so why is she sueing him in Korea!? I think that is weird especially when she first filed in 2006 and was FINALIZED in 2009. Why even file again unless you want more money which seems to be her case. So no I do not feel sorry for her at all. None of this would have been publicized if she left it ALONE.

  11. claire says:

    no way! it’s just rumor. Gu hye Sun deserves someone better.

  12. saritra says:

    poor lee min ho…………..

  13. saritra says:

    i really thought that there were dating lee min ho and go hey sun???????

  14. saritra says:

    the guy is so ugly… ewewwwwwwww

  15. sheila says:

    this is soooo very cheap rumor,don’t believe it…good Hyesun is handling it with flying color,whoever is responsible for this kind of lies is a loser.Well,hope the guy will be gentleman enough to deny the allegations towards Hyesun.Why on earth that nobody (friends and family)defends her.How come people be cruel sometimes…^.^..

  16. Judyannlou says:

    Yes indeed a very cheap rumor and if ever you buy it, then for sure you are considered cheap. Maybe the person who originated this kind of rumor is a derailed person with multiple personality. Wanna be one of the members of this derailed person?

  17. hye sun no1 african fan says:

    Ms Gu is better that that. People should realize that no amount of hating or shading this gentle lady is going to bring her down. She is strong, talented and successful. she doesn’t need this kind of false petty rumors. Leave Hye Sun out of it.

  18. lonelyboy says:

    It is just a rumor.

  19. Dorothea says:

    No please Seo Taii’s a leyend He is the one that deserves better than this

  20. yuki says:

    ha…..this taiji suks he s lye bajay i mn lyk granpa ha ha ha ku hye son n lee min ho is da bst!!!!’

  21. Trsa says:

    Eh?!Wads ds????Its bttr if Ku Hye Seon n Jang Guen Oppa pair up dts far bttr den ds phaboh ahjusssii…..¤_¤
    Nan chincha chuah Hye Seon da chincha Eppada!! ^^*

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