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SHINee debuts in Japan

The boy band’s 2008 hit single “Replay” will be …..

re-released in Japanese as a ringtone today and the official song will be available in stores in Japan on June 22nd.

It’s Official! SHINee will make their international debut this year, even though it is not my hometown, we have to cheer on the successful K-pop band overseas. In celebration of their debut, the EMI Music Japan band will be the very first Asian group to perform at the Abbey Road Studios in London, England[on June 19th] before their premiere on stage.

Just to make things a little brighter, they will bring their rays of brightly colored clothing to their July tour. Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka and a few of the cities they will perform in for SHINee World Japan.

Will you be cheering for their success in Japan? Do you love their Juliette inspired clothing, or do you want to take them shopping again?

Sources: News Prime and Nate


11 Comments on “SHINee debuts in Japan”

  1. ting says:

    yeah im the 1st one ^^

  2. OOOOOOKay!!! says:

    good luck trying to get replay out of your long has it been and im still annoying people and singing replay? its so good! thank you for shinee now u can share them with japan.

  3. Christine says:

    Shinee always has some sort of bright colored clothing, this time the ballons are brighlty colored instead of their skinny pants!

  4. OH MY GEEz says:

    Minho is HOTT…..

  5. dan says:

    have fun getting radiation poisoning over there.

  6. Jinyoung (: says:

    Taemin ♥

  7. […] step in their official debut in Japan has come! The catchy yet not quite clear version of “Replay” (aka Noona, You Are So Pretty) is ready for audio enjoyment anytime a cell phone rings in Japan.  You don’t live […]

  8. shineemax says:

    Congrats! SHINee final world tour in Japan even though I’m not in Japan. I’m still cheer for them. Good luck and have fun!
    Love you always,

  9. eboy07 says:

    And again a kpop group is going to Japan.

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