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Choi Ji-woo and Lee Jin-wook are over…..

What happened?

There is no detailed explanation. However, news heating up the internet today is all about the break up. The two actors broke up early this year, after the constant media attention their relationship was receiving. It is believed that the media is the main reason for their split.

Lee Jin-wook‘s agency admitted the break up news true,but declined to give a reason for it. Choi Ji-woo’s management company has not made any comment about the current news. Netizens are sad ,but they are accepting the actors’ decision.

This is shocking! I thought they would remain a great couple. After Jin-wook was released from the military I was almost certain they would consider marriage.

How are you taking their break-up news?

Sources: MK Star News and Nate


7 Comments on “Choi Ji-woo and Lee Jin-wook are over…..”

  1. benny says:

    well its a pity. They looked good together. … Any new dramas out?

  2. Kttn says:

    Oh, had no idea they were a couple but that’s sad, especially if the media is partly responsible…

  3. cdnpoint says:

    I had hoped that they would see their years together as a couple after the military duty was over. Sorry to read the news. May they each find someone else.

  4. comet says:

    No, I’m not sad that they broke up. Don’t see them as a compatible couple. Both of them will move onto other more suitable partners. Good Luck, Ji-woo and Jin-wook.

  5. Nordelm says:

    I was shocked that Choi Ji Woo & Lee Jin Wook broke up. I believe the media was the culprit, too .It’s sad. I thought they would eventually get married after Lee Jin Wook’s military service. It’s really hard to be celebrities especially in S. Korea, not much in U.S.A. Celebrities in the USA do what they want to do no matter what the media says. I wish them good future in their professional & personal lives.

  6. Nelda says:

    THX that’s a great asnewr!

  7. driesahe says:

    Very sad to see their relationship does not go the distance. i dont why, but most south korean celebrities dont seem to date much ( when was last chun jung myung had official girlfriend? , how does someone his last that long, i dont know), and when they do, you kind of wish it would last.

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