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[MV] “Let’s Step Up” with After School

…and get our tap dancing on!

As the continuation of their recently released Shampoo” MV, the music video for the introduction song of their first album “Virgin” showcases the tap dancing sequence that they were practicing. Like the “Let’s Do It” drumroll choreography, After School will surely be showing off their newfound tap dancing skills during future live performances.

After School never fails to bring a little extra something to the party that the other girl groups don’t even think about. No one expects them to be professional at it, but it is nice to see the girls put a little extra effort to learn something new.

Ga-hee, as always, takes the lead and starts off with dynamic solo routine that only she could effectively pull off. Rapper Bekah is not included in the MV because she sustained an injury during practice, but hopefully, she’ll be well and ready for their comeback stage.


19 Comments on “[MV] “Let’s Step Up” with After School”

  1. ashley says:

    I love how they try to do things a little different than regular kpop groups, first Bang drum line now tap dancing very unique < (I hope I spelled It right) lol XD

  2. missy says:

    cuz they aren’t that good.
    why play the music. they are suppose to make the music.

    why not try a new style of hiphop.. why THIS?
    or ballet at least.. or JAZZ, or MODERN, or CHARACTER
    unless this was the easiest to fake
    the other ones are alot harder..

    i still love nana and the rest

    • jj says:

      I agree, Tap Dancing is just a gimmick, just like the drums. I drummed in Drum Corp, they cannot learn drumming overnight as well as tap. My sister did tap. They just perform basic water downed movement and lay a sound track over it. If they do it Live without a Sound Track during the initial dancing I’d be impressed but I doubt it.

      • ashley says:

        No they actually did learn to drums they practiced for more than 5 months so they didn’t fake it, I’m not to sure about the tap dancing but I definitely know that they Did lean to play the drums for Bang mv and their live performances.

    • ETph0nes says:

      I’m not trying to show you up or anything, but they don’t fake it. Obviously, on music shows, whenever there is a live band or live performances like this, they always put a layover track, otherwise the sound wouldn’t be crisp enough to broadcast.

      They aren’t at the same level as people professionals or people who trains specifically for these skills, but they do take the time to learn it themselves too, even if it is just this one routine.

      • missy says:

        i don’t care… IT’S STILL WEIRD…
        why bother learning something you’ll never perfect..
        they aren’t even ALL GOOD AT HIPHOP

        GAHI is the only one tap dancing, and the only one good at hiphop..
        they need to perfect hiphop as a group instead of doing this bizzare gimics

        • ashley says:

          hey at least they are trying to be different and not do the same old boning things.

        • Rebecca says:

          Some people learn things for fun, enjoyment and personal fulfilment. Example, how many people do you know are ‘perfect’ at the piano like Beethoven or Mozart?. People do things because they love to, and that’s how it should be.

    • Rebecca says:

      If you’re challenging After School with these ideas, why not challenge this with other k-pop groups?

      From what I know, k-pop artist don’t even make their own music, the closest most have ever got to making their own music was writing their own lyrics. Also, playing the music is referring to playing some sort of medium that produces sound right? My knowledge tells me ‘voice’ is classified as an instrument as it has its own role in the music just like any other song. So playing the music and singing is practically in the same category.

  3. Aya says:

    ha? in my eyes, only kahi did the tap dance? loving the super leader though……aa and bekah 😀

  4. lollipop says:

    hehe so cheesy

  5. OOOOOOkay! says:

    oh shit! i didnt notice but who r the new peoples?

  6. lishuys says:

    WOW! . . . so COOL!!!! . . . i especially love the drums too . ..

  7. chichang says:

    does anyone else think thats its funny that it says After School Virgin? LOL

  8. Kpoplover555 says:

    Omg after school I love them and I love them tap danceing wow they can tap dance

  9. ara says:

    it’s always good, imho, to watch AS dancing. they look like a group of girls who is in a good health. none of them are too skinny (at least that’s how they look) – all in good proportion. and they move a lot, using lot’s of strength and concentration. the same as when i watch Secret. but in contraire with when i saw SNSD.

  10. Rebecca says:

    LOVE IT. As listeners, we should try and take into account their effort and not just what is presented. I know very well how difficult it is to tap dance and/or drum. The fact that they took the initiative to try something new, approach a whole new world, is pretty amazing in the k-pop scene. Ask yourself, do you see other girl groups drum? tap? Well yes, other groups have their own individual styles and not all k-pop groups need to do this, but this is AS style and we shouldn’t criticize groups for their style correct? This song overall is quite intelligent with the use of synthesizer sounds along with traditional tap dancing tone colours. It provides the song more variety to listen to with its different textures creating a whole new genre in itself. The composer and producer has done a great job bringing out the girls talents & abilities. Overall, it doesn’t matter if they don’t perfect what they’ve learned, we have to appreciate & respect what they HAVE learned and produced for responders to listen to and view. From what i see, what they have produced is more than fantastic.

  11. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:


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