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“Take Off” with 2pm and ride home with SNSD’s “Mr. Taxi”

2pm and SNSD have just released the full MVs for their Japanese singles.

The two bands have been working hard on their foreign language skills and practicing new dances moves all for their international Hottests and Sones.

“Mr. Taxi” is going to drive Asia’s doll group to the very top! SME‘s nine goddesses has released teasers and dance version videos of their international track and April 28th was the day to unveil the original product.

2pm’s single “Take Off” ,on the other hand, will make a complete landing in stores in Japan on May 18th. The video below is the first complete music video for the upcoming single.

Do you think their timely “generation” appropriate songs will soar to the top, or drive its way through the charts?

Sources: Its2pmTime and yuri0sss (Youtube)


39 Comments on ““Take Off” with 2pm and ride home with SNSD’s “Mr. Taxi””

  1. trex says:

    The 2pm single is pretty bad compared to jays new single. This is actually the first I’ve been glad that jay isn’t in 2pm anymore.

    Snsd’s was good

    • icon says:

      no! 2PM was better off without Jay Park… Take off isn’t the best expected from 2PM… but it was an ok song…. to be compaired with Jay Park song’s… i prefer 2PM.

  2. Melissa H says:

    I think snsd is ruining jpop…

  3. icon says:

    well… i believe that 2PM was better withought Jay Prak… to be exact…. take off was pretty ok… it isn’t the best… but it’s better without Jay prak…. SNSD’s song was a little wierd… but it’s very catchy…. so i like both song… hopefully both song make it to number 1 in Japan…

    • missy says:

      i agree. 2pm is better with jay park.
      not hating on him, but i never noticed him, and i feel like the group functions better now as a whole, and jay is dong well going solo

  4. OOOOOOkay! says:

    i like both of the songs. taxi taxi taxi! something jeukshi jeukshi jeushi! that was fun, and if anything 2pm and jay park cant be compared they arent even on the same page. both 2pm and jay park were good! jaebeom is better tho in my opinion. but people have different tastes so that comparison is whatever.

  5. janey says:

    Love love love “Taxi!” So excited to finally see the full MV and I can’t wait to see them perform it on stage!

  6. Super_Junior_Soul says:

    Wowo .. 2pm !!!!
    Nice song ^^
    hope u become superstar like super junior ^^

  7. lian95 says:

    To be honest… I just don’t like it when they sing Japanese… they don’t even pronounce the words that good….
    But both are catchy!!

  8. leah5 says:

    SNSD already #2 on oricon and #1 on Daum and Bugs!
    I really love both songs and can’t wait to see them perform it live!

  9. caroliya says:

    Take off reminded me of Tron.

  10. 0330 says:

    2pm <33
    i like it but no hd?
    all of snsd is so pretty!!!
    YOONA is so pretty.
    love the yellow outfit.

  11. Steffi says:

    I actually like Taxi and I like how they’re not going to release a Korean version because I feel like it would just be a bad attempt

  12. eboy07 says:

    This song is not that good.

  13. kimmyno9 says:

    Both songs seems to lack something I just cant point it out :/

  14. missy says:

    just a stupid green screen.
    same with 2pm.. just another Green Screen..
    nothing special. actually SNSD’s was just plain Awful.
    I wish they were a little more high budget.

    SNSD needs to stay in KOREA
    same with 2pm.

    JAPAN IS DEALING WITH A TSUNAMI AFTERFFECTS AND ALL KOREAN GROUPS ARE HEADING OFF TO JAPAN, FOR WHAT? money? what money? shouldn’t japan be fixing the nuclear leak? that’s what japan’s money should be for at the moment. of course people can spend their own money but, TOO MANY GROUPS IN JAPAN. IT’S RIDICULOUS.

    so as soon as DBSK5 disappears from japan, someone wants to feel their shoes…
    you have snsd.. 2pm…shinee.. kara… beast….4minute..bigbang…super junior..homin (reinvading)..
    invading japan
    JYJ (forbidden by AVEX as a favor to SM in exchange for snsd, shinee and suju)
    ^- this explains why snsd and suju and shinee are in japan
    but why the others… I wonder…

    This is because too many people in korea think they can sing, dance, and entertain.
    so they have like 60 girl groups…and 40 boy groups…
    so with all of these newbies, SNSD and others are just going off to japan..

    • y says:

      great way to show off your ignorance!

    • cecee says:

      Umm did you know that all SNSD Mr Taxi proceeds goes to JAPAN RELIEF!

      • missy says:

        i’m so happy that SM is now not paying their artists..who already don’t make any money… as shown in court with the JYJ trial…

        I don’t like SM anymore…everything they do is just for show….
        AND NOW SM is holding a concert the same day as JYJ’s charity concert..
        why block jyj’s charity concert using their relationship with AVEX.

        i’m not going to lie…. but it’s dangerous to be in japan.. the nuclear leak is no joke. it’s in the water system already.
        the effects aren’t going to be now, but in years later..
        (i’m a premed student.. and trust me… in 30 years what diseases may pop up from the horrible nuclear leak is just awful).. sometimes i wonder what was japan thinking…. why ddn’t they keep up maintenance on the stupid nuclear plant.
        why must my best friends living in japan right now suffer bc of the government’s poor decisions…

        besides that.. i think it’s just plain stupid everyone is running over to japan, they can’t make any money in korea??? O.o

        • JD says:

          You should really familiarise yourself before making childish claims.
          1. If you HAVE watched the bts filming of mr taxi, you know that if wasnt blue screen at all.
          2. Regarding SM and JYJ – Like Heechul said, if JYJ was in fact ‘under a slave contract’ how are they able to drive ferrari’s, buy buildings, etc etc.. and why didnt Homin go with them? Whether you like it or not, without SM there wont be JYJ. It’s all about loyalty. Dot.
          3. Expanding to Japan means they’re growing, why would they run away? SNSD conquered both Japan and Korea at the same time, with Hoot and Gee. I cant see any other artist that has done that before. It doesnt make sense. If these newbies can get 9 weeks in a row as number one, then you can talk.
          4. SNSD (as well as other SM Artists) are past the point where they need to prove a point to an exteremely biased person like you, who doesnt know anything about the kpop industry. Their successes speak for themselves.

    • Kim says:

      first of all, no offense to you, but you sound kind of ignorant. I know you have good intentions (maybe) towards Japan, but snsd were promoting in Japan before the earthquake even happened and it’s not their fault they have to sontinue promoting. It is wrong to be ambitious and it’s hard for them already without all the bashing. Their schedules are controlled by the company and they constantly have to fly back and fourth from one country to another and learn new languages and new song, etc. If you have so much free time to bash them, then go out and start a charity for Japan or something. Do something productive and don’t take out your anger on snsd or other groups.

  15. Lynn says:

    I really like 2pm’s song better. Mr. Taxi is eh. Sounds smooth and fun. Mr. Taxi just doesn’t fit soundly into the Jpop mold. I think the lyrics would sound better in Korean.

  16. Aya says:

    my jpop era is over (this an exception for nakashima mika, hirai ken, and l’arc en ciel they’re forever haha)…so i’m not feeling it, although i like the fact there’s not much emo-ish guyliner going on

  17. HappyLyn says:

    SNSD’s Mr. Taxi is really an amazing song & for sure it will again garner top awards & top position/place in the music charts!!! Another sure ball for you, girls!!!

  18. orange_fun says:

    How do we know that 2pm is with out Jay Park. I think he left too early for us the make that decision.

  19. eboy07 says:

    The only good thing about MR taxi is Kim Hyoyeon.

    • winwoot says:

      yup , and i dont understand why SME dont give hyo more chance to appear in their mv . she’s the best dancer after all .

      • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

        becuz she’s not very pretty…….

        • ana says:

          Strictly your opinion, which you’re entitled to. I disagree with you, but opinions are opinions and should be respected. 🙂

      • ana says:

        SME should really stop practicing the whole “person in the middle” is the “face” of the group and therefore deserves more screentime, because seriously, they’re really missing out on the opportunity to showcase the other members.

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:


  20. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Why does MR. TAXI have korean lyrics in it???
    they say “da shi bo ja” and “jeuk shi jeuk shi jeuk shi”


  21. JD says:

    Strictly put. Without Jay, there would be no 2pm.
    Before leaving he was the most popular member, and sought out member of variety shows.
    When he left, a HUGE chunk of 2pm’s fanclub members left.
    Whether any of you like it or not, Jay is selling MUCH better than 2pm.
    And its not even arguable because the numbers dont lie.

    With SNSD. If you dont love all 9, dont call yourself a fan. Please.

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  23. […] Let me just mark my calendar….wait, are you still reading this article? Ok, here are the facts: The six member band is gearing up for their return to the Kpop market on June 21st after months in Japan with their “Take Off” release. […]

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