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JYJ sues Avex

This new lawsuit has nothing to do with SM Entertainment.

[The Backstory] JYJ scheduled a charity concert in Japan. Their former entertainment agency in Japan, Avex, pressured the group to cancel their show. Why? According to Avex, the band has no rights to promote their concerts/music after the company ended their contract with them in September of 2010. Following the contract ending, JYJ is not legally allowed to perform in the country without Avex‘s approval.

What does the band think about all this? They want to continue with their show despite the current opposition. JYJ‘s people, CJes Entertainment, has helped the group file a lawsuit in Tokyo District Court against their former company, so that the show can go on.

JYJ wants to continue to be apart of their Japanese fans lives and they hope to win their case so they can reach out to all of their Cassies in Asia.

JYJ is one tough band. When they feel they have been wronged, they fight back! I don’t know the private relationship between the two entities.So, it would be wrong for me to pass judgement on either side because of this missing information. However, I hope justice prevails and the band can continue to promote their music worldwide.

Can you decide? Whose side are you on, JYJ or Avex?

Sources: MDToday and Nate


65 Comments on “JYJ sues Avex”

  1. kissMEE says:

    Look at them. They look so different.

    I don’t mean to be rude, but if they wanted to be with their fans, they should have never left. Why is it when they were on the top, they decided to leave. Do they know money can’t bring happiness. There are alot of people who would like to be in their shoes, to be part of DBSK. If what they say about sm not payng them enough or working them too hard is true, then why don’t all the artist of sm leave too.

    • isabella says:

      i know what you mean, i’ve just thought about that. But maybe other members have changed their agreement after this situation. Because the SM didn’t want to lose another artists. Anyway, no one knows ^^

    • orange_fun says:

      because other SM artist don’t have the courage

      • ashley says:

        yeah and in their contract all of the artist contracts it said that they have to pay a huge fee if they try to leave… I think that’s one of the reasons why the rest of their artist choose to stay. Another reason I think most of SM artist don’t have a big enough fan base to make it on their own and they don’t want to be blacklisted from performing in Korea.

    • zhia_aala says:

      they’re not suing SM for money…..even Hangeng leaving Super Junior (also under SM) on the same basis and in the ’90, SHINHWA first IDOL band of SM leaving SM for the same reason…please check back the SM history…….we don’t really sure what happen behind the scene, just hope for the best for them…….

      • orange_fun says:

        You are absolutely right, I totally forgot about that and didn’t Fly To The Sky leave SM too?

        • alice says:

          yeah alot left SM and i’d say those who can afford the fee of leaving SM are the minority, JYJ, Hankyung from SJ, FTTS etc… it may be also after all these (rated as rather top artistes in their agency) left, SM do not want history to repeat and a change of the contract agreement was made, or reimbursement or whatever that should have.

          seeing these artistes leaving SM is a huge pity, and at the same time a huge loss to SM itself as well. i hope SM would be on a watch-out and not continue their old ways… i certainly wouldn’t be good on both sides (agency and artiste) should this kinda conflict occur… moreover, SM produces one of the best artistes, like BoA, SNSD, SJ, DBSK etc… hence i think SM should be on a clear mind before doing anything nasty to them, think it through thoroughly first. once these top artistes leave SM one by one, SM is gonna fall like UNO cards.

          • hapacalgirl says:

            Groups like Fly to the Sky and Shinhwa didn’t have to pay a fee for breaking the contract because their contract had ended and they made the choice not to renew as many of the top SME stars had made the same decision (SES,HOT, etc. all had members opt to not renew which led to the groups’ disbandment) Shinhwa’s Eric used his own money to gain the right to use the Shinhwa name though.

            Part of the reasons SME’s contracts are so long is because they know they cannot keep their artists otherwise and like everyone has said, the penalty to break the contract is quite high and only ones at the top can even think about going to the courts against SME

      • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

        yeah ur right.

    • Kims says:

      First of all, you said it yourself “why is it when they were on top, they decided to leave?”. If they were really for the money, they wouldn’t leave since they were on top. You are contradicting yourself=.=”…And other SM artists don’t have the balls to leave. JYJ are not stupid, they know the risk that they are taking. Do you think they have so much of money to sue two biggest recording companies in Korea and Japan? They know what they are doing.

    • timelessluv1220 says:

      it seems like that had really tried to negotiate. but obviously there became too man hard feelings. how were they supposed to know they would be banned of performing in a whole country ever, even if not for profit. its ridiculous

    • Innie says:

      That is a pic from their video message to their Japanese fans after the earthquake/tsunami. They aren’t supposed to look happy if that is what you mean.

      Other SM artists don’t leave because they are cowards like you. They think having people recognize them as they walk down the streets is enough payment. I’d like to see who will recognize Yoona or Yuri 20 years from now when their looks dry up? They won’t be performing because SM churns out idols not respected artists. They will be shoved to the side once a newer, younger and charismatic group comes along. Do you see any HOT/Kangta fans numbering what current groups like Super Junior or After School have?

      And why do you speak as if they didn’t bust their asses working for the DBSK name like Changmin and Yunho? They sued SM for being abusive. And unlike SM/Avex they have not interfered with the two member TVXQ. They could legally stop all their activities because the TVXQ name belongs to all five of them NOT to SM as some of you may think. That means that JYJ could file an injunction against the two member group and force them use another name. They didn’t do that. They let Homin perform in peace. Why can’t SM do the same?

      Also, JYJ don’t want to go back to DBSK. Where are you getting that impression from? Dumb cassie fans? What they want is to perform in Japan and Korea without interference. If you aren’t a fan or are following their case you need to shut up because you don’t know shit. Quit talking out of your ass.

  2. Jenny says:

    I was never a fan of DBSK or JYJ but I admired them for their hard work in Japan and that they were seen as japanese artists and not as korean artists just singing in japanese as the other groups are doing now.
    Thinking about how Max Matsura and Avex turned their back on the boys and spoke badly of them I think it’s the right choice to fight back. I think Avex should terminate the contract and allow the boys to work in Japan again under another label.

  3. bye-bye-avex says:

    they are really tough. no fear, no doubt. and prove by all their actions that they will stand to the end for what they believe in. there is no way not to respect them. thank you for your brave example and shame on people who want to belittle them in order to save their own comfy life. with great respect and love

    • orange_fun says:

      Totally agree, and i’m so tired of people putting them down and saying that JYJ should have never left SM and only betrayed them for money. What SM and Avex is doing is wrong, and if there was anyone who was only interested in the money it’s them not JYJ. I’m just glad people like you would actually agree. ^_ ^

    • Mary says:

      totally agree, and the people saying that JYJ should have never left SM, they’re really stupids

  4. missy says:

    what the hell kind of contract says that when it end,s you can’t promote yourself in japan anymore without permission

    of course they should sue.
    BUT. JYJ WILL RUN OUT OF MONEY. I’m sorry but they are in so many freaking lawsuits.
    I believe they need to get an american lawyer to work with them (american lawyers work oversees FYI for d=those who don’t know) the american lawyer can work with the korean and japanese lawyers.. and get this overwith.

    this is so not right. people in japan should go against AVEX, and people in korea should realize how SM truly treats the artist they love.

    I’M HAPPY JYJ LEFT. homin whateva reason they stayed is probably not worth it.
    JYJ are finally paving a path to make the asian music industry even better…

    cuz right now it a complete hoax with all of the girl groups they have (almost 70 girls grups alome)… at thios rate 50% of korean young adults and teens will be in that industry…
    I hope it changes

    • luckylinda says:

      I agree with U too!! But if they ever run outta money, it will be cuz they donate soo much to charities!! But with all of their JYJ FAMILY behind them, on the sides of them, and in front of them loving and supporting, i don’t think they’ll ever hafta worry about that!!

    • Innie says:

      What? They were in ONE lawsuit that SM is dragging out in the courts. How is one “many”? The courts ruled in favor of JYJ and SM kept stalling the courts’ time by arranging to bring “witnesses” for their next court date. Finally the court put a stop to that. They have decided that they have enough information to pass a verdict which they’ll decide upon sometime this month. Both parties have the right to appeal the courts’ decision in one week. If they don’t it is case closed. Some fans worry that SM will appeal the decision since it is unlikely that it will be in their favor.

      And an American lawyer? Are you stupid? What the hell would an American lawyer do for JYJ? 1. The Korean and Japanese courts have their own laws and courts.
      2. If you actually bothered to inform yourself you would know that JYJ are doing well in the courts. The problem is SM stalling tactics.
      3. Just because Americans are “quick-acting” doesn’t mean an American lawyer’s presense will speed up the case.

  5. zhia_aala says:

    JYJ hwaiting!!!! hope your guys stay strong on what you believe….truth always prevail at last!!!!!
    JIAYOK!!! JIAYOK!!!!

  6. nozomi05 says:

    I totally admire JYJ for leaving SM. They had the courage to leave, for whatever reason it may be. If they left because they were not happy or for monetary reasons then its their choice and we have to respect it. I admire them because they knew that they were going to experience hard times and go through a lot of troubles but they still left. They fought for what they wanted rather than stay and take the easy way out.

    I just wish that the companies “SM and avex” would just back off, let them perform and let the fans see them.

  7. leeMa says:

    I support JYJ 110%. They are in the business, they know what is going on and I love them for fighting for what they want. My prayers are with JYJ to win. We who love you guys will stand by you.

  8. Melissa H says:

    they like to sue everyone don’t they -_-

    • LuckyLinda says:

      No, they only sue those that R trying to prevent them from performing after the courts ruled that they were not suppose to be blocked from performing. Now they’re getting blocked for giving a Charity Concert for those poor ppl in Japan who have absolutely nothing. Why, in the name of all that’s Holy would they wanna prevent them from being able to help the Japanese ppl, that they love?? If U figure it out, pls tell me!!

      • Melissa H says:

        I don’t think the poor people in Japan will have time for them. They’re too busy rebuilding their lives. Also it’s not like the poor will even be able to see them perform.

        • luckylinda says:

          I think U better read my comment again!! the purpose of the CHARITY is to AID the ppl that have NOTHING and need money to rebuild and restart their lives!! the MONEY will come from the FANS that go to the concert, that MONEY is then GIVEN to the ppl that are desperately in NEED!!! JYJ LOVES ALL the ppl of JAPAN ^_~

        • Innie says:

          You don’t use your brain often, do you? The proceeds (meaning the money the fans pay to attend the concert) will go to the Red Cross and other organizations that are helping the victims of the earthquake/tsunami. Get it now?

          Who is everybody? Why do you and all the other morons think JYJ are suing 10 to 50 groups and people? They are in the courts with SM/Avex ONLY!!!!! Can you comprehend that!!!!! They are there because SM/Avex are not allowing them to perform.

      • jewelleng says:

        holy cow! dont step on your brain girl. put it in your head! i wonder if you even get the picture here. tsk tsk tsk….

    • soojin08 says:

      They sue those who are supposed to be sued.
      Mind the misuse of your words, please.
      Simple logical answer to your question: Did they sue you? Exactly, — NO.

      • Melissa H says:

        Just saying avex has a lot of singers under them… first band to go file a lawsuit against them happens to be them and they haven’t even been under avex that long.

        • Melissa H says:

          Also in case of any misunderstandings, it’s the first band i’m “aware” of to file a lawsuit at avex. They should just stick to korea SIMPLE.

          • feaw says:

            avex only went against jyj and stuck with homin cause they wanted to stay on sm’s good side. they missed out on snsd just when the kpop girl band obession was getting popular in japan and they didn’t want to lose another just when the hype was big.

          • luckylinda says:

            @Melissa H ~~~
            i think ur simple!! I will never spend any money or support ANY idol under avex!! not even Junsu’s bro!!

          • Innie says:

            Okay. I thought at first that you were probably stupid but it seems that maybe you are unknowing of certain things.

            When JYJ had problems with SM and filed the injunction they were not allowed to do anything in Korea. They stayed in Japan and worked under Avex who gave them projects to do (the W album, Jaejoong’s acting in the drama, Hard to say I love you etc.) Things were going ok until JYJ proposed a contract for when their current one with Avex would expire. Avex did not accept their proposal and actually introduced JYJ to CJeS, the company that manages JYJ now.

            Avex decided to drop JYJ. On top of that they also forbade JYJ from performing in Japan until they cleared up their case with SM in the courts. SM conviniently dragged on the court meetings so JYJ could not appear on variety shows in Korea and to help Avex keep them from doing anything in Japan.

            They have been doing this for some time and will continue to do so until the public forgets about JYJ. JYJ have decided that enough is enough because they no longer have a contract with Avex. Avex’s excuses are stupid. The CEO of Avex Max actually said Mr.Baek, CEO of CJeS had a criminal record (and he does, he served his time) and that is the reason, along with their dispute with SM for why they could not allow JYJ to hold their charity concert. Here is the kicker: Max knew this about Mr. Baek when he introduced JYJ to CJeS. That is what is pissing people off.

            It doesn’t help that Max tweets his temper tantrums like a teenage girl instead of acting like the CEO of a company. Other artists that work under Avex stay there for their own reasons. I actually think Avex treats their artists well but tried to play JYJ because they were in a vulnerable position with SM. When JYJ didn’t play along and (because they wanted to profit from Changmin and Yunho who were having their great comeback as well as other SM artists) Avex decided to block them off.

            Now they are claiming that JYJ still has a contract with them from their days in DBSK. They claim that JYJ must follow their orders until that contract expires. JYJ know they can’t keep doing this so they decided to sue Avex to get them to back off so they can perform again. I know it was a long ass reply but this might clear up some confusion for you.

  9. Steffi says:

    My opinion is that the company should have just continued the show in order to end things on good grounds, the group should have had the right to still perform if the company does this and cancels after their termination of contract that’s just going to make the company look bad

  10. mekjj3jrainija says:

    Yes, We can argue among ourselves and give our thoughts and opinion on how we think or thoughts on how these boys shouldn’t have left SM or how yes they were correct on leaving and making a new. But NO, no one can change ones thoughts of how they feel about the group! My thoughts: I have great respect for these boys! I love the music they produce! I enjoy listening to all the old and new songs that the two groups have done! I have their music on repeat on my laptop, Ipod, and phone! I can’t get enough of their music. My siblings and friends don’t like them or know them very well, and get irritated that I talk about them but that doesn’t stop me from loving them and listening to them! I have their music playing in my car on blast that when I am at the stop light on the street, the people outside will stare at me!!! I just feel so in-sync with their music!! I do agree some of their new songs could be work on a bit more but EY, I still love them because they can truly produce music that I just do absolutely enjoy listening to!

  11. JYJ i'll always with you!!!!!~ says:

    yeah, they totally prove themselves, by what they’re doing
    ~ hahaha~

  12. JYJ i'll always with you!!!!!~ says:

    SM entertainment sado-masochist entertainment XD~

  13. omonawtf says:

    They are certainly not having it easy. Hmm. I like them, I like the music they produce. I like Avex’ artists, but I do hope JYJ wins.
    They’ve got balls, gotta respect that.

  14. Jessica~ says:

    i hope JYJ wins.
    though i would still respect whatever decisions they or HoMin made,even though there are ppl who strongly disagrees with HoMin’s decisions to stay with sme.
    hope one day the lawsuits could come to an end and JYJ to be able to freely promote their music.

    i don’t trust Avex,esp Max Matsuura who twitted stuffS about Changmin when JYJ was still on a happy working term with them,then when JYJ chooses Cjes over them,he twitted nasty stuffs on JYJ.
    Funny how the president of such a professional company turned out to be so childish..

  15. Chuchu says:

    I HOPE THEY WIN!!! I’m so sick of AVEX and SME. Both are horrible companies. Don’t they have ANY decent entertainment companies in Asia?

    • ashley says:

      sorry but all companies are a little shady there are No perfect companies but some are better than others when it comes to different things, maybe some day they will get better……

  16. Rina says:

    If they continue to sue every company they’re in, sooner or later no one will want them. And let’s be honest no one of them can make it solo! Junsu has that really high voice (an album full of that eh…), Jaejoong’s voice makes me sleepy and Micky it’s always the same deep low voice.

    • tvxqfangirl85 says:

      Sorry but you’re wrong.

      The reason Avex only suspended the contract instead of canceling it (which they were supposed to do) is because they knew other Japanese companies were trying to get them as soon as they left Avex. There’s a rumor that Johnny’s Entertainment wanted to sign them.

      This way, Avex has complete control over them and can make them disappear in Japan.

      For those of you who aren’t familiar with the situation, the whole point of this is to force the boys in a corner and make them go back to SME through TVXQ.

      CEO Masuura and CSO Chiba keep tweeting that they will be returning TVXQ has five once the lawsuit is over.

      How do you think they intend to do that?

      By getting read of JYJ (which was created by Avex in the first place).

      You need to understand that the boys are suing both SME and Avex right now because both of these big companies refuse to let them go.

      They know that once they leave, their money and their huge fanbase will leave with them.

      Keep in mind that TVXQ comprises 40% of Avex’s profits.

      Avex has stated already that “JYJ belongs to Avex in Japan”

      They hate that JYJ are signed to C-Jes (who Avex introduced to in the first place).

    • Innie says:

      Neither does Homin. That is why they are a duo. Yunho is definitely the worst singer in the bunch (he is VERY good-looking though) and Changmin has a high-pitched singing voice which is weird because he sounds perfectly normal when he speaks. They pulled it off though. Yunho has improved.

      JYJ sound good together in a group but Yoochun might surprise you. I’ve heard some of his singing, he can lift his voice when he wants to. He is pretty lazy there though…. He is more of an actor. Jae’s voice makes me sleepy too. He sings softly and needs to step it up with the energy in his voice. Junsu can afford to deepen his voice a little bit but his vocal range is impressive.

      I think all 5 of them are good. They each have their strong and weak points, hence why they were placed in an acappella group, to strenghten and balance each other. They all have improved. And if you have a bias for one of them then obviously you’ll stick to them and laud them more than you should. I have met a lot of Yunho fangirls who say he has the best singing out of all of them which is laughable…..fangirls.

  17. tvxqfangirl85 says:

    For those of us JYJ fans who have been following these developments between JYJ and Avex, we can’t honestly say we didn’t see this coming.

    Despite all the cockblocking that Avex has subjected them to since last year, they tried not to sue or retaliate.

    But now that Big East (their Japanese fan base) are upset about this concert which sold out all 7, 000 tickets within mintues…the boys feel they have to do this for their fans.

    It all started when Avex wanted JYJ to sign a new contract.

    JYJ didn’t want to sign another exclusive contract like the one they had with SME which would give Avex total control of them.

    So they asked to bring in a third-party company. A Korean one.

    Avex’s CSO Chiba knew the CEO of C-Jes, so he had the boys sign with that company.

    However, as JYJ started planning to expand outside of Japan with their international activities, Avex wanted more control over them.

    They asked JYJ to not include C-Jes in the new contract deal.

    And guess what? JYJ agreed to cut C-Jes out of it.

    However when they were presented with the new contract, it was awfully similar to an exclusive contract.

    They refused to sign it.

    Avex then told them that they would terminate their current contract if they didn’t.

    The boys told them to do it.

    However, Avex didn’t terminate it.

    Instead, they merely suspended it which means that the contract still exists but will not be carried out. Which pretty much leaves JYJ in limbo.

    Despite this, JYJ didn’t take legal action against Avex.

    It seems they are still very close to several staff and executives (many are their friends on twitter). They are also still close friends with Avex artists such as Ayumi Hamasaki, May J and Attack All Around (who has defied Avex’s CEO and supported JYJ).

    And here we are now.

  18. ChuuChuu says:

    Fuckin hell, who are they going to sue next?
    Has sueing people becoming a new fad for these three?

    Seriously, for christ sake guys, STOP IT. It’s becoming annoying to hear nothing but JYJ sueing anybody who doesn’t let them have what they want.
    Like fuck, they’ve become spoiled and greedy.

    • LuckyLinda says:

      if U don’t know what ur talking about, keep it zipped. If U wanna learn some true facts, i suggest U read the previous posts~~and if U don’t wanna, that’s ok too, cuz all u r is a hater!! prolly one of them slimy “ho”tels, huh? huh? huh?

    • ashley says:

      LOL! I’m sorry even though that was rude of u to say I have to admit that was funny reading because that’s what it seems like to people who don’t know what’s really going on.

      • jewelleng says:

        i agree. reading that comment was indeed funny. like im watching some kind of joke or something. it was really funny. seriuosly

    • Innie says:

      You stupid ho….tel girl are you serious?!!! They are not allowed to perform and they can’t leave SM/Avex either. They have talked it out before! It didn’t work so they had to sue. And why are you exaggerating? Avex is the Japanese counterpart of SM. They are not “all these people.”

      Also how is it that you are angry at JYJ for suing Avex and not that Avex would rather screw over JYJ then allow them to help their fellow citizens in Japan’s time of need? So Avex’s charity concert is ok and they can stop anyone else from having one and that is not greedy? You are really stupid.

      What a clown you are and the news isn’t “everywehere.” I’ve noticed some of you have that tendency to exaggerate. Why is that? You can’t take the time to properly inform yourself so you rely on exaggerating what little you do know? Why the fuck are you even here then? …..little jackass.

  19. umm says:

    it’s truly sad how JYJ is always persecuted by these big companies. it’s actually a bit surprising that such a thing that seems to only belong in a tv drama script really exists! hope everything turns out okay

  20. hale luana says:

    Does anyone know if Junsu’s new dvd has any connections w/ Avex or SM? I want to get it but not if Avex and/or SM have anything to do w/ the release. Any infor. will be appreciated. Thanks in advance

  21. noi says:

    avex’s matsuura is really annoying, such a guy being a president of avex, i still can’t understand =.=

  22. addikan says:

    FAME has really gotten to them. i cant even look at them anymore. their coming to san Jose for a concert? i’m glad i spent my money on the Hollywood bawl instead.

    i hate how everyone is always telling those who disapproves of what JYJ is doing to STFU bc they dont know the TRUE FACTS. like how do YOU GUYS know the true facts? words can mean alot of things. and words DONT have to mean alot of things. like i’ll say, i support them all the way but i know that i CANT and WONT bc i still feel betrayed by them.

    really people, dont believe ANYTHING. like i said, words can or doesnt have to mean anything at all. ACTIONS speak alot.

    • ashley says:

      True I hate when fans go too far by cussing people out just because someone said something they didn’t like. I understand that they are mad but they need to calm down and be more civil.

    • tvxqfangirl85 says:


      We fans may not have all the “TRUE FACTS” but we definitely know more than people who just casually read about JYJ’s situation then form their opinions.

      Can you honesty say that you’ve been reading about what has been going on between JYJ and AVEX since last year?

      Did you read the statements by AVEX and JYJ plus their companies?

      Did you read what the production staff of 3VOICES revealed through twitter about AVEX trying to block their DVD?

      If not, why bother commenting because you probably don’t have a clue.

      I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinions but not to their own facts.

      The fact is that AVEX has been blocking JYJ’s activities in Japan. This is something that their CSO Chiba has admitted to via twitter last week.

      If you’re not going to take the time to figure out what’s going on, then it is foolish to give your two cents.

  23. tvxqfangirl85 says:

    BTW, the charity concert has been declared back on!!!!

    [INFO] ZAK Corp Announces that JYJ Japan Charity Event Will Be Held on June 7 As Planned!

    Yay for Big East^^

    But now, Avex CEO Max is pissed at JYJ. He’s been talking crap about them on twitter again.

    • LuckyLinda says:

      I was sooo happy when I heard the Charity Concert was back on!! Just cuz i told mad max that he was full of BALONEY, first he followed me for a few days, then he figured out he hit the wrong thingy, so now he blocked me!! i laughed till tears were rolling down my face!! ^_~


  24. […] When JYJ comes home from their world tour, they will be apart of a ceremony by the Self-Governing Province of Jeju [Special] to officially recieve their new title. […]

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