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SISTAR19 releases “Ma Boy” Teaser

SISTAR19 is the first unit group from the girl band SISTAR. Members Hyo-lyn and Bora are joining forces to promote their upcoming single “Ma Boy“. In the video above, that is becoming a hot topic online, the two girls are living life in the fast lane. Whether they are speeding in their sport cars, or enticing male fans, the two young women know how to grab everyone’s attention.

After watching the MV, I’m not too anxious to see it. We have enough sexy female singers…how about we try something different for a change? What possible concept hasn’t been used yet? Brainstorming news ideas could be the key to a successful comeback.

What do you think of ┬áthe “Ma Boy” teaser?

Source: Starship TV and TVDaily


2 Comments on “SISTAR19 releases “Ma Boy” Teaser”

  1. missy says:

    so they are gonna go slutty.. cuz they are of legal age..
    well if raina can do it so they can they.

  2. OOOOOOkay! says:

    bora has a sexy style so this video suits her, hyolin is super pretty she can pretty much blend in with any concept. i do agree tho that some girl groups do need to change concepts.

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