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BoA gets thirsty on the set of COBU

(Actual Caption) – BoA: “Enjoy your Friday night!!!! Cheers 😉 “

This weekend, BoA tweeted her Canadian Adventures from the filming location of her first Hollywood movie, COBU 3D.

The movie is scheduled for a 2012 release, but the K-pop queen is living it up way before that! She has been tweeting all her special personal moments via her twitter account.

What did she share recently?

Check out her additional photos and captions below:

“Icecream ate me up!!”

“Niagara falls!!!!! It was so cold.. But so awesome!!”

What do you think of her recent COBU tweets?

Source: @BoA_1105


13 Comments on “BoA gets thirsty on the set of COBU”

  1. xyer says:

    i love BoA !!!!

  2. Kergy says:

    Who is that old lady?

  3. nostylez says:

    best beer on this planet !
    Good choice !

  4. cdnpoint says:

    Glad she is sightseeing during free time. Niagara falls-check; Toronto haunts-check. CN Tower will have to be an upcoming one.

    Is the beer photo from a place on Front St or The Esplanade?

  5. Chuchu says:

    I have never liked her. Never. This movie will be a flop just like Rain’s movies.

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  7. ashley says:

    wow that drink looks good too bad it’s beer? I think lol I hope she has fun in Canada.

  8. dan says:

    the glass is taller than her

  9. sakura says:

    Hoegraaden haha nice. Beer from Belguim

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  11. Amy says:

    Hha Hoegaarden best beer from Belguim ;D

  12. ariana says:

    Wait… shouldn’t she be eating the ice cream and not the other way around?

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