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Lee Ji-ah discontines her lawsuit against Seo Tai-ji

After the former husband and wife released messages to the media, Lee Ji-ah dropped the lawsuit against her ex  Seo Tai-ji. Why did she do it?

The “Athena” actress didn’t want to subject her family and everyone close to her to the emotional pain and psychological damage.

Below is a summary of their ideas expressed to the media:

Tai-ji described their 3 year marriage and 6 year separation and stated the following about the aftermath: “After [the divorce], I couldn’t reveal to the public about my wife who I had already separated from. So.. everything remain a secret. I had to keep to myself.”

Ji-ah acknowledged that she hurt her family, friends, and everyone close to her with keeping the marriage a secret. She regrets her actions and hopes she can return to work sometime in the near future. She dropped the case to move on with her life and relieve some of the stress her private life has placed on the ones she loves.

If you are curious about my thoughts on this issue, click here

Sources: Sports Seoul and Nate


9 Comments on “Lee Ji-ah discontines her lawsuit against Seo Tai-ji”

  1. y says:

    They were married for 3 years and separated for 6?!
    Just wow!

  2. why not? says:

    Maybe they’re really just one person and that’s why its been a secret. Stick a wig on seo Tai Ji’s head and it could be Lee Ji Ah. Have they ever been seen together? Are you sure they’re two separate people?

    This silliness is to keep me from saying what I really think. Who gives a rat’s ass. I don’t know why she’d start a lawsuit and then give up. She’s already started a shitload of controversy. She can’t unbake that cookie. I’m just tired of her dumb ass. Seems she makes one bad judgement call after another. I hope JWS has saved himself and headed for the hills. A lot of crap for a booty call.

  3. comet says:

    Does it mean that even her parents didn’t know? How is that possible? Anyway, everyone, (especially JWS) has been badly hurt by this revelation. But I’m sure they must have reached an out-of-court settlement.

  4. Chuchu says:

    Why start something like this that caused such a big scandal and then don’t follow thru on it? That’s stupid and it doesn’t make sense. No matter what, I could never be married to someone that would hide me away. When young people get married (especially women) they want to shout out to the world that they are in love and they want everyone to know. To ask someone to hide away and not anyone know, just makes the person feel bad….like there is something wrong with their relationship. I would have been very angry and I know that I would not have put up with this. Buttttt…when you are young and in love… do all kinds of things. I hope she gets through this with help from her friends and family.

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  6. cdnpoint says:

    This matter had to see daylight for whatever reason. Let’s hope that both sides have reached a consensus to let the matter be part of their past. Time for contemplation and recovery.

    Friends and family can be hard to cope with when having to shoulder public curiousity about someone’s private lives.

  7. Akira says:

    what make me puzzled is NOBODY in korea ever see them together? at least ones?
    what happen to enertaiment reporters and paparazi?…

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