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“Thor” becomes “god” of the box office

The god of thunder made his presence known in the South Korean box office this week.

The mythical tale about a Asgard warrior sent to Earth topped the box office this weekend! According to KOBIS, Australia actor Chris Hemsworth’s movie attracted 543,075 people over the past few days and 624,982 total. “Thor” is the greatest defender of humans and he can definitely defend himself against hot Korean movies.

Who completed the top three?

2. Vin Diesel’s Hollywood action movie series  “Fast Five”  moved to second place. The film brought in 312,165 moviegoers and had an overall grand total of 986,266 since its April 20th release.

3. Ryu Seung-bum‘s Korean movie about a successful insurance agent who is accused of assisting a suicide, titled Suicide Forest, completed the top three with 138,039 viewers and 953,844 people since its release in theaters on April 14th.

Which movie was your favorite?

Sources: Sports Donga, IMDB, and KORBIS


12 Comments on ““Thor” becomes “god” of the box office”

  1. benny says:

    I need to watch it

  2. sweetgirl1990 says:

    these movies haven’t even come out over here. Thor comes out May 6 they always show these movies Internationally first. But I really want to see Thor don’t care about Fast Five

  3. Cindy says:

    I already saw Thor it was a campy funny movie as expected in the same vein as the first Iron Man. I recommend it for a fun evening out movie. I saw it internationally in DR. It will come out this coming weekend in the states.

  4. OOOOOOkay! says:

    didnt come out yet. good thing it comes out once i move out this dorm!!! wooooooo!!!! moooovays!!!!!

  5. comet says:

    The plot is too fantastic to be believable. Didn’t like it much at all.

  6. eboy07 says:

    Cheap cover.

  7. Superfreak says:

    It’s really a good movie…the scenes of Asgard are just sooooo beautiful. If you can, watch it on IMAX 3D, well worth the extra price tag. Thor looks good both 2D and 3D, but IMAX 3D enhanced everything about it. It’s really worth all the positive feedbacks it is getting… and Kenneth Branagh is a genius. Chris Hemsworth nailed the role, and is the perfect choice as Thor. Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins and Idris Elba were absolutely brilliant.

  8. omonawtf says:

    Fast Five! ❤ Vin Diesel ❤
    Thor… Hm. The lead actor has a hot voice. But otherwise, not too interested

  9. Stephanie says:

    Es una pelicula increible !

    It’s an amazing movie.

  10. […] 3. Last week’s god-like production “Thor”, lost its superpowers ranking third this week with 121,325 moviegoers. […]

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