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Isak releases “Spring Awakening” poster!

The 19th Century German play about discovering sexuality will finally make its debut in Seoul!

Isak’s “Spring Awakening” stage play will run from June 3rd until September 4th, 2011 at Seoul’s Du San Art Center. This will be the former Pops in Seoul‘s VJ newest gig since her television departure. Did you miss her?

Well, the play’s debut in Seoul is almost here and Ms. I-Awakening herself tweeted the official poster!  Below is her message:

“our OFFICIAL poster and cast pix 4 SPRING AWAKENING uploaded on my cyworld pg!!! spread the word!!!”

Click here to view the poster and here to see the entire cast

Are you ready for “Spring Awakening”?

Source: @realISAK


9 Comments on “Isak releases “Spring Awakening” poster!”

  1. Kt live! says:

    Thanks for everything!

  2. ashley says:

    she looks Japanese in that picture lol

  3. dan says:

    she just needs to give up. she has no talent and is just barely hanging on to what minute celebrity status she had. her partner from the duo group went on to bigger and better things while ISUK was kicked to the curb doing menial Arirang stuff.

    • ashley says:

      actually Lana went on to be in CSJH and they did not do that good in Japan or Korea even though that group was the most talented girl group in S.Korea.

  4. lullaby says:

    haha ‘Frühlings Erwachen’ (aka ‘Spring Awakening’) is the biggest shit ever! Had to read it in school and believe me, it is simply stupid -.-.

    • närvusägu says:

      I miss Isak, especially on her pop in seoul program on arirang tv. Hope to see more of her in the future.

      I had to read “Frühlings Erwachen” as well. But compared to the other books it was still an interesting one. The other books were just lame.

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  6. […] My first guess is much more logical,but the second would explain the distance between the actresses. The photos above and below were uploaded by Isak on May 19th via her twitter. The Korean-American DJ and singer will become a stage actress this summer in “Spring Awakening“. […]

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